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The most advanced All-in-One SEO tools you can buy right now

The best paid SEO tools bundles

The SEO tools are all those clever software gadgets which everyone who more or less is in the online business knows about.

If you think about it – almost every task can be a hassle when you don’t have the proper tool or set of tools around. SEO optimization is a complex task, and similarly to other demanding tasks, without proper software could be challenging. Especially if you just have started with it.

The good news is there are great SEO tools, full with extras and features to help with this tedious task. The better news is here you can find what you need among the best all-in-one tools for Search Engine Optimization.

The advantage of using an All-in-one tool for SEO

There is a bunch of free and paid SEO tools, for every single task you need in Search Engine Optimization, from Keyword research and SERP analyses to Website testing.

Choosing which one is the best is not that easy, even when you know what you want to achieve, mainly because of the tremendous number and varieties of software for engines optimization offered around.

At the end of the days, many tools provide either similar or the same functions and there are plenty of examples where some free tools for SEO do the job way better than the paid ones.

The first and main advantage of the SEO tools which have integrated multiple functions is their convenience. The all-in-one tools for SEO have most (if not all) of the gadgets you might need, placed conveniently into one control panel. The dashboard provides easy access, functionality and a feeling of control.

The second main advantage of using complex tools for SEO is pricing. In the common case, most advanced tools can be not only better but also a cheaper option.

All advanced toolsets for search engines optimization offer many more functionalities, compared to a specialized tool for a particular task, and of course, this is normal. However, to discover easily which tool you prefer and you would like to go with, you should compare not only what you can do with them, but also their pricing.

The complex tools we are talking today include only paid SEO software and in my opinion, this list includes all you might require. Regardless if you are a marketer, blogger or simply are making efforts with another kind of online business.

The List: Most advanced All-in-one tools for SEO



Trusted by many professionals and in-house entrepreneurs, involved in Search Engine Optimization or any kind of marketing, SEMrush has to offer all you might need in your business strategies.

I would describe it as an enterprise tool, built with sense in mind and the idea to serve different purposes. Think “flexibility”. This is why specialists love this all-in-one, intuitive, cloud-based SEO software.

SEMrush brief Overview or What does SEMRUSH offer?

SEMrush is an online SEO software bundle that contains 28 different tools, reports and features. The SEO Toolkit is built to help you in every single step of optimizing your website and as a result to obtain traffic from the search engines.

SEMrush is widely used by newbies and professionals involved in SEO, PPC (pay-per-click), social media, public relations, content marketing and more.

The main features of the software include six main categories that will guide and help you cover all requirements about Search Engines Optimization for a website: SEO, Content Marketing, Competitive Research, Social Media, Advertising and Management Toolset.

SEO tools overview : SemRush overview chart
SemRush at a glance: An overview of the main functionalities

SEMrush Pricing

SEMrush comes with Freeware Version where users can test a number of functionalities and integrated tools. Pricing of SEMrush’s paid subscription starts from $99.95 a month per user.

What makes SEMRush the right choice for an SEO all-in-one tool

If you have just started with your site optimization, SEMrush is one on the toolsets I highly recommend to test, before you take a final decision which one has an affordable price tag and works best for you.

In my opinion, SEMrush is loaded with one of the best competitive intelligence and keyword research tools which allows you to discover your competitors’ SEO strategies. You have access to one of the largest keyword databases offered on the market, on-page SEO analysis, rank tracking, backlink management tools, and a tool for Technical SEO audits.

Basically – everything you need.



2. MOZ

Moz Overview

Moz Pro is an advanced SEO cloud-based bundle that offers Page optimization, Keyword research, On-page Metrics, Search Engine Keyword rankings, Links on the web, Site crawl, workflow.

There are a few useful free tools for the registered on the site users.

This complex tool is mostly used by in-house marketing teams or SEO-focused agencies.

Pricing of SEMrush Starts from $99.00 a month per user. Moz Pro comes with 30-days trial for Free.

What Moz Pro offers

SEO Features of Moz Pro:
Content Management
Keyword Research Tools
Link Management
Rank Tracking
-A/B Testing
-Competitor Analysis
-Google Analytics Integration
-Keyword Tracking
-Mobile Search Tracking
-Revenue Management
-User Management

Web Analytics Features of Moz Pro:
Keyword Tracking
-Campaign Management
-Conversion Tracking
-Goal Tracking
-Multiple Site Management
-Pageview Tracking
-Referral Source Tracking
-Site Search Tracking
-Time on Site Tracking
-User Interaction Tracking

Website Optimization Tools Features of Moz Pro:

Keyword Research Tools
Link Management
Problem Area Alerts
-Competitor Analysis
-Content Management
-Performance Metrics



Ahrefs Overview

Ahrefs is an advanced web-based SAAS toolset trusted by many SEO and marketing professionals worldwide. As one of the best ultimate toolset bundles for SEO, Ahrefs crawls the web and stores data which can be used to empower link building, accelerate the growth of organic search traffic to a website, assist keyword research for content marketing, and aids many other SEO strategies.
The Starting Price of Ahrefs is $99.00 a month per user, but you can test it for a 7-days period free of charge.


SEO PowerSuite Overview

SEO PowerSuite is one of the professional toolsets which is designed to be installed on your PC and is quite helpful in SEO. Basically, PowerSuite is a toolkit made up of 4 independent SEO tools that cover almost every aspect of SEO. This includes competition research, backlinks, rank tracking, keywords, rankings, mobile SEO, analytics, on-page data, content data, and social media.
The Price of SEO PowerSuite starts at $0 and also there are 2 paid versions of the software. All tools from this bundle can be tested for 14 days, free of charge.



Raven Tools is a great SEO tool for freelancers, in-house marketers, media companies or agencies.

A powerful weapon in your SEO arsenal, Raven is a Software Toolbox with 45 awesome data and SEO tools. See below all features which Raven Tools offers.

Raven Tools overview
Raven Tools Overview: The SEO features which the software bundle from Raven Tools has to offer

The software includes useful features as you can expect from such type of toolsets, such as Backlink Analysis, Site Auditing, Keyword Research, Competitor Research, Rank Tracking, Analytics and more.

One of the greatest benefits of using Raven Tools is the data pulled from different places such as Google, Bing, Moz, Majestic, Calais and IBM Watson. These useful metrics are then combined in a convenient dashboard.

Raven Tools Pricing

The Starting Price of Raven Tools is $39.00 a month per user, and you can test it for a 14-days period free of charge.

What is my opinion about Raven Tools?

The dashboard is user-friendly and the toolset has many useful metrics to utilize. Pricing is affordable and even with some limitations, you can understand by using the trial version how handy is this software and what capabilities it has.



Cognitive SEO Overview

Cognitive SEO is one of the advanced toolsets that put the focus on various important parts of the search engine optimization process. Whether you are an SEO Professional, Digital Marketing Agency, a freelancer or Brand owner this solid SEO software will provide you with all necessary gadgets in a single marketing strategy analysis or useful insights, required for your business to progress further.

Cognitive SEO Pricing

The Starting Price of Cognitive SEO is $129.00 a month per user, and you can properly test this SEO software suite for a 14-days period for free.

What is my opinion about Cognitive SEO?

Various functionalities integrated into the user-friendly panel make your life easier. Great tool, but for this pricing, I would choose SemRush instead.


SE Ranking Overview

SE Ranking is another All-Inclusive, cloud-based premium SEO software that offers a variety of functionalities, including detailed website audits, real-time keywords tracking, links monitoring, competitors SEO and PPC research tools, backlinks exploring, SMM analytics, SMM management and many more. SEOs, media experts, affiliate managers, and online marketing professionals use SE Ranking for a variety of projects and the software bundle covers most of what could be expected from an advanced all-in-one SEO toolset.

What does SE Ranking offer?
Among the most useful gadgets, part of this enterprise platform are : the keyword suggestion tool, keyword grouper, social media analyzer (auto-posting included), website monitor, traffic analyzer, search volume checker, MoZ DA checker, search index status checker, SEO reporting tool, snippets crawler, SERP checker and SERP tracker.

Pricing of SE Ranking Starts from €5.00 a month per user.


SeoProfiler Overview

SeoProfiler is All-Inclusive cloud-based SEO software, preferred by business owners, digital agencies, SEO specialists and everyone who is looking to get high rankings on Google and other search engines.

What does SeoProfiler offer?
As a full-featured website SEO toolbox, SeoProfiler offers everything that you need from all-in-one software bundle for professionals. Ranking checks and monitoring, automated weekly site audits, Web site optimization, link building, link management (including link disinfection tool) competitive intelligence, keyword research, social media monitoring, website analytics, white-label online and offline reporting, and project management are the highlights of SeoProfiler.

Pricing of SeoProfiler starts from €69.95 a month per user.


SearchMetrics Overview

Searchmetrics SEO Suite is one of the most prominent and advanced software bundles for SEO optimization, analytics, social and content marketing.

What does SearchMetrics offer?
This All-Inclusive cloud-based SEO enterprise software, mainly used by Enterprises, SEO agencies and marketing pros, offers many useful features such as SEO data, Competitive SEO analysis, SEO Visibility, Mobile Visibility, Paid Visibility, PPC keyword data, and competitive analysis, Keyword Research, Universal Search data, content Performance, Backlinks, Social links and Historical data.

The pricing of Searchmetrics SEO Suite is not publicly announced, so I am not allowed to share it but is available upon request. However, it’s good to know that among the clients of this enterprise software are names such as Ring Central, eBay, Yahoo Inc., and Trip Advisor.


Most advanced all-in-one tools for SEO have many common features and which one will be the most suitable choice for you or your business depends on what data and tools you would require. There are other factors such as the pricing, which also play a key role in selecting the best software for our SEO needs.
It would be a waste of resources to pay for SEO functionalities which are not under our sight of interests. In my humble opinion, the best way to find out what works for you, your agency or online business is to to use the chance and make a test-run of every tool might be interesting for you.
Do you know what is great news?
All enterprise SEO tools bundles presented on here have this option.

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