Best places to visit in Europe : Turkey

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Why travel to Turkey?

What you need to know when traveling to Turkey

Halfway between East and West is your next destination. When you travel to Turkey you will discover a country of enormous cultural richness, marked by the passage of history. A country between tradition and modernity. Whatever your type of trip, you will find more than you expected: from archaeological remains of enormous importance, music and culture, vibrant cities and very original nature.

Best time to travel to Turkey

The best time to travel to Turkey is during spring or autumn; It is when the weather is more conducive to visit it. Especially in autumn, since you will find cheaper offers and fewer tourists.

Summer is the most suitable period for tourism and according to the regions the climate can get really hot. Depending on the region, a lot of climates can vary, so it is best to check the weather forecasts to know when to travel to Turkey according to your interests.


What to see and what to do in Turkey?

Places to visit

A meeting place for civilizations, Turkey preserves natural treasures and a culture that must be known at least once in a lifetime. The atmosphere and charm of the country are provided by its inhabitants, and here you will discover a hospitable and cheerful society. These are some of the places you have to see in Turkey :

  • Istanbul: the only city in the world located at the same time between two continents, which brings indescribable magic. See the color of the sunset fall on the Blue Mosque. Have the best views of the city from the Galata Tower, which used to be a lighthouse. Get lost in the Grand Bazaar, the largest market in the world. Or simply relax in its streets drinking a delicious tea.
  • Smyrna: the pearl of the Aegean. A coastal and multicultural city, with  Greek, Persian, Armenian and Jewish heritage. You will discover a great atmosphere in the Clock Tower. Visit the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus, a key point in the Silk Road. The Library, the Amphitheater, the great Avenue, will take you to a past of amazing civilizations.
  • Anatolia: one of the most extensive and diverse regions of Turkey. The sites that you can not miss are the Cappadocia, known for its geological forms and for being a World Heritage Site. Here also settle underground populations, caverns, fairy chimneys, valleys with these formations and the Göreme National Park.
  • Pamukkale: or literally ‘Cotton Castle’ in Turkish. A true whim of nature. Terraces that seem to be covered by soft snow covers, where you can walk and even bathe in its thermal waters. From here you can also visit Hierapolis and its archaeological remains, highlighting the well-preserved amphitheater.

What to do when visiting Turkey?

  • Discover the beaches of Turkey, from those bathed by the Mediterranean to those hidden in the Black Sea. Do not forget the extensive beach of Patara, with archaeological remains, or the mythical turquoise blue Fethiye beach.
  • Fly over the aerostatic balloon churches and monasteries of Göreme in Cappadocia.
  • Visit the Black Sea tea fields in Rize.
  • Explore legendary cities of Turkey such as Troy or Pergamum, with ruins witnessing the Greek civilization.
  • Visit the countless monuments of Istanbul, such as the Basilica of Saint Sophia, the fortress of Rumeli Hisarı on the Bosphorus or the Mosque of Süleymaniye.

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