Best places to visit in Europe : Russia

A beautiful photo near the Red Square from Moscow, Russia

With one part in Europe and another part in Asia, Russia is the largest country in the world. There is no doubt that a trip to Russia or vacation there would be a fascinating, one in a lifetime experience.

To travel and see all this huge, fascinating country full of history and natural beauties you will need years. This is why today we will go on a short virtual trip together and try to cover only the most interesting spots you can visit in Russia.


What you need to know when traveling to Russia

Travel to Russia and discover the country of imperial buildings, of cathedrals with colorful domes, of fairytale cities where even subway stops look like museums.

When you travel to Russia, you will also discover an extensive country with an intense history, such vast and unknown territories as Siberia, a country that connects the West and the East and has the privilege of having the longest railway in the world.


Best time to travel to Russia

The best time to travel to Russia is mainly summer, as the days are longer and the tourist places have longer hours, but there is a big difference between the north and the south of the country. Russia is known to be one of the coldest regions in the world.

Summer and autumn offer a perfect climate for outdoor activities and to enjoy all the possibilities offered by the south of the country. If it is advisable to avoid spring since during the winter most of the country is frozen so it is thawing season and the country is submerged by mud. Visit our website to know in more detail when traveling to Russia.


What to see and what to do in Russia?

Places to visit

Russia is such a huge country that you would need several trips to get to know it in ‘depth’. However, in every trip to Russia, you can not miss the main imperial cities or the cities of the Golden Ring. In all of them, you will admire the beautiful architecture of the time, huge squares witnessing historical landmarks, and much classical art valued by its inhabitants, such as the painting, ballet or opera. These are some places to see in Russia:

  • Moscow: capital and historical city, Moscow will surprise you from the first moment you set foot on Red Square, which has witnessed so many important events. Here you will find the Kremlin and the Cathedral of St. Basil with its domes of shapes and colors, among many other monuments. Stroll through the Izmailovo Market, which seems to be taken from a story, and find the best Russian souvenirs.
  • Saint Petersburg: City of the tsars, beautiful architecture and much historical value. Visit the Palace Square with the Winter Palace of the Russian tsars, the Church of the Savior on the spilled blood with its ornate and colorful style, and admire the precious works of art of the Hermitage Museum, among many other monuments.
  • Novosibirsk: capital of Siberia and third most populous city of Russia, it is a must stop if you are traveling on the mythical Trans-Siberian. You can visit what is considered the ‘scientific city’, the Orthodox cathedrals, the Lenin Square and the huge opera house.
  • The Golden Ring of Russia: near the capital, you can enjoy a dozen historical towns of great relevance for the country, such as Súzdal with its beautiful churches and monasteries and its medieval wooden houses, or Lavra and its monastery with golden domes.


What to do while in Russia?

  • Besides the beautiful cities of Russia, you should visit the great Lake Baikal, between Siberia and Mongolia, it is the oldest known lake. You can sail in its extensive waters or make hiking trails in the surroundings.
  • Active holidays and adventure sports in the Urals,  mountains that separate Europe from Asia and extend over 2,000 km, perfect for hiking, biking, skiing or even rafting in spring.
  • Access the Moscow metro, not only to move but to admire what they call the ‘underground palace’ for its beautiful stations with the appearance of a museum.
  • Visit all the monuments of the big cities, such as the Cathedral of Christ the Savior (the highest Orthodox church in the world) or Kolomenskoye, the former suburban residence of the Russian Tsars.
  • A cruise on the Moskva River and see the city from another different point.
  • Attend an opera or ballet performance at the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg.

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