Best places to visit in Europe : Romania

Have you been to Romania? There are so many amazing spots to be discovered. Vibrant colors, beautiful castles, epic sceneries, magical landscapes, delicious food, historical places and many more capturing things to see and try.

From the foothills of the Carpathians to the Danube Delta, Romania exhibits alive charm and real diversity. In fact, diversity is what makes this country one of the best travel destinations in Europe and around the World.

What you need to know when traveling to Romania

If you are looking for a different destination, where nature is always present, where traditions are still alive or where a surprise awaits you at every turn, you do not have anything far: Romania is right for you! A country to explore through the Carpathian Mountains, the castles and fortresses of the time, medieval treasures and the landscapes of the Danube Delta.

Best time to travel to Romania

The best time to travel to Romania is summer, so you can enjoy a pleasant climate, both for nature activities such as hiking and cultural tours, or to relax on the beach.

Spring, between the months of April and May, is also a good time and there are fewer tourists, although more likely to rain. In the winter months, the temperatures can be really low.

Bear in mind this if you want to go for a ski. Check online to know better when to travel to Romania according to the specifics of your trip.


What to see and what to do in Romania?


Places to visit

If you are interested in culture, here you will find many small towns and cities hidden in mountains, with colorful houses and medieval towers. If you are a nature lover, you will have many hiking trails through the huge Carpathians. Explore the most artistic side of the country in the Byzantine frescoes of monasteries and churches as well as in the Alegre Cemetery of Sapanta. These are sites you have to see in Romania :

  • Carpathian Mountains: is the longest mountainous system in Europe and hosts several ecosystems of flora and fauna. It is the ideal place to do sports such as hiking, skiing or climbing, or simply to admire the wonderful landscapes along the trip.
  • Bran: famous for its castle, immortalized in the mythical novel by Dracula. Built on a rock and surrounded by mountains, it is of curious beauty. From here you can reach the city Brasov, and visit its small historical center, stroll among medieval houses with orange roofs and cobblestone streets and visit the Gothic Black Church that survived the city’s fire in the seventeenth century.
  • Bucovina: a historical region which is known for its painted medieval monasteries. The frescoes cover the interior and exterior walls with religious scenes of intense colors still preserved. You can not miss the Voroneţ monastery or the Moldoviţa.
  • Transylvania: central region of Romania nestled between mountains. You can visit large cities such as small Saxon villages surrounded by nature. Discover the true Romanian essence by exploring this area on foot or by car, which contains stories passed by the influence of Germans, Hungarians or gypsies, and locals with traditional trades that are almost non-existent in other places such as shepherds, weavers or blacksmiths.


What to do while in Romania?

  • Explore the towns and cities of Romania, such as the unbridled capital Bucharest, formerly known as the ‘Paris of the East’, or Sibiu with its extensive plaza and the Council Tower guarding the entire city.
  • Contemplate beautiful landscapes of the country, as in the  Biosphere Reserve of the Danube Delta, refuge of fish and birds, or the rural landscapes of  Maramures and its peasant and folkloric culture.
  • Visit historical monuments such as the numerous castles, churches and monasteries and palaces.
  • Do ecotourism, Romania is an ideal destination for active tourism (skiing, hiking) and to discover a wild nature and stay in rural houses.
  • Travel through Romania by car, and move freely through the mountains and lost towns, reach cities and even the coast of the Black Sea.

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