Best places to visit in Europe : Italy

Italy is one of most visited tourist destinations in Europe

Do you fancy a trip to one of the most interesting and popular destinations in Europe? Some say that Italian is the language of poets and it is difficult, once you’ve been there to say the opposite. Italy is a country rich in history, culture, style, romantics and … delicious food.

What you need to know when traveling to Italy

Some people like to say that Italian is the language of poets and it is difficult to say the opposite. Of course, there is a reason behind. Actually, there are many reasons behind.  The majesty of the volcanoes Etna or Vesuvius or the ancient ruins scattered throughout the country – Pompeii, the Forum of Rome. The untold timeless masterpieces of the Vatican like the Sistine Chapel, or Tuscany with Florence and Pisa.

Italy does not live in the past, proof of this is the modern and attractive cities of Turin and Milan, which have managed to meet the challenge of the turn of the 20th century with determination. Whatever the goal of your trip to Italy is -just try to see as much as you can.


Best time to travel to Italy

Italy can be visited at any time of the year, although it is best to adapt the date of your trip to the region you wish to visit. Spring and autumn are the best seasons, not only to find more pleasant landscapes for the colors and the milder climate but also because there will be less tourism. In summer it can be very hot depending on the region and in winter very low temperatures in the north.

To know more in detail when traveling to Italy consult with the latest weather forecast.


What to do and what to see in Italy?


Places to visit

Italy is made for everyone and there are so many places to see. For lovers of classical art, for the eternal romantics, for the dreamers, for the archaeologists, for the adventurers and explorers of nature … Any city, any town, the landscape…All these will captivate you. The gastronomy, the Mediterranean colors, the joy of its people. These are some of the highlights of what you must see, once you visit Italy.

  • Tuscany region : it covers large cities such as Pisa, Sienna or Arezzo, but its great charm is found along the path between stone villages, green and yellow fields, cypresses and flowers … Discover the typical Italian landscape and taste the products of the area. This region is perfect for traveling by car through Italy.
  • Bari: feel the spirit of southern Italy in this coastal city. Stroll through its tranquil beaches or sail through the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. The old town and the marina is one of the most charming places of the place.
  • Amalfi : the  dolce far niente is felt along the Amalfi coast. The colorful villages on the cliffs at the edge of the sea are simply special. Strolling with an ice cream with authentic flavor, the aroma of the flowers on the balconies, the Italian villas that transport us in time, are essential in this visit.
  • Florence : the jewel of the Italian Renaissance. Every corner is full of beauty and art. The cathedral of Florence, symbol par excellence, crowning the city. The Ponte Vecchio and the Piazza del Duomo. Having the famous Stendhal Syndrome in front of the Santa Croce Basilica. Be amazed by the golden color that dyes the Arno River at sunset and the legendary Galleria Ufizzi.


What to do while in Italy?

  • Visit each and every one of the classic cities of Italy , such as Rome, Milan or Naples, where abounds the life of ancient civilizations, art and Italian charm.
  • Explore the islands of Italy and relax on some of the best European beaches in the Mediterranean Sea, such as Cala Rossa in Sicily, the rabbit beach in Lampedusa, or the wild Fetovaia on the island of Elba in Tuscany.
  • Discover culture, beauty and art in equal parts in front of the emblematic monuments of Italy, such as the famous Pisa Tower, the Roman Colosseum, the Duomo of Milan or the Sistine Chapel. But also other fascinating less typical as the balcony of Romeo and Juliet in Verona, the ruins of Pompeii or the churches and bell towers of Lucca.
  • Going through natural landscapes or hiking trails and getting to know the Vesuvius, Etna or Stromboli volcano.
  • Take a cruise around Italy and visit coastal cities as beautiful as Civitavecchia, Venice and Taormina.
  • Spend an active holiday and ski in Italy in Ortisei or Passo Tonale, do cycling or trekking routes.
  • Travel around Italy by car and stop in hidden villages, climb mountains and relax in the middle of nature, or get lost along the Italian coast.
  • Travel to Italy with children  to discover and learn about Roman civilization and its magnificent buildings, Renaissance art, classical literature or varied nature. Art and culture for all ages.

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