Best places to visit in Europe : Bulgaria

Beautiful view from Nessebar,Bulgaria

Although today it is easier to travel, part of Europe still retains a certain mystery: Bulgaria. The country is famous with its fields of aromatic roses, tasty red wine, the amazing choices of food specialties and its culture. And it is precisely here where I’ll accompany you, to discover the beauty and the mysteries of this small, lovely East European country full of history, amazing nature and interesting spots to visit.



What you need to know when traveling to Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a destination that captivates every traveler. With an extensive historical past, dating back to the Neolithic, it knows how to satisfy the most demanding travelers who seek cultural visits. Due to its enclave, making a way between Europe and East with Turkey at its doors, Bulgaria has a rich cultural heritage mix of various civilizations. On the shores of the Black Sea and the Balkans, it is also a very interesting destination for nature lovers who are thinking of traveling to Bulgaria.

Best time to travel to Bulgaria

The best time to travel to Bulgaria is between May and September when the weather is warmer and more pleasant. The rest of the year, especially in winter, the weather is cold and humid. Check our website to know in more detail when traveling to Bulgaria.


What to see and what to do in Bulgaria?

Places to visit

Bulgaria is a very varied destination. On the cultural side, it is characterized by the number of religious monuments of different ages and styles. As for natural landscapes, it has from the coast and interesting beaches to leafy valleys by the Balkan mountain range. The good atmosphere and the emotion will not be lacking in the big cities. These are some places to see in Bulgaria :

  • Sofia: Indo-Europeans, Greeks, Romans … all of them wanted to stay a while in the Bulgarian capital. Currently, it is a modern and avant-garde city, with a vibrant atmosphere and a rich cultural heritage. Besides wandering among historical buildings, you have to visit the Banya Bashi mosque, the synagogue, and the  Sveta Petka church. You will be surprised by the Byzant and Ottoman aesthetics of many areas of the city.
  • Rila: visit the famous Rila monastery, of great importance in medieval times, having been inhabited by more than 300 monks. The architectural style and decoration of the facade are very striking, but also inside you can find colorful original frescoes and the Church of the Nativity.
  • Varna: a port city with Mediterranean-style beaches, you will be surprised by the historical and cultural monuments of what is now one of the most modern and fashionable cities in the country. The Varna cathedral with its golden domes and the Roman archaeological complex are just some of the treasures you can enjoy on your trip.
  • Plovdiv: the ‘city of the Seven Hills’, with Roman, remains under its current constructions and evidence of Neolithic settlements, is the second oldest city in Europe. Stroll through the old town and enjoy the aesthetic of the Bulgarian Renaissance, full of colorful houses and surrounded by nature that inspires.

What to do?

  • Explore historical Bulgarian cities such as Veliko Tarnovo, also known as the ‘city of Bulgarian tzares’ (kings).
  • Enjoy nature and make trekking routes through the Pirin National Park, through the striking Valley of Roses or between landscapes of the Balkan Mountains.
  • Disconnect a few days on the beaches of Bulgaria in the Black Sea, especially in the aforementioned Varna, Burgas or Nessébar.
  • Visit Bulgaria at your leisure in a rental car and you will be able to know more in-depth and extensively the country, from the zone of the Central Balkan, the South with the Rhodopes and the East with the Black Sea.
  • If you are a fan of winter sports and want to spend an active holiday, Bulgaria is a good destination for skiing. It has several ski resorts and lovely villages around.
  • Discover cave art in the Magura cave, whose origin goes back millions of years.

Bulgaria is one of the most interesting countries in Europe and a popular but not overcrowded yet tourist destination. Find why you must have it in your bucket list

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