Best places to visit in Europe : Armenia

Armenia is among best countries to visit in Europe

Are you planning a journey around Europe? Then you should know that one of the great countries to see in Armenia.

Armenia is not exactly in the middle of Europe, in fact, is a region between Asia and Europe but this doesn’t make it less attractive as a travel destination.

There are plenty of interesting things to see in there, but before we start our virtual trip to this charming destination we shall mention some of its highlights. If I have to describe Armenia with a sentence I would say ” A historical place with traditions, delicious food, and warm and interesting people”.

The Christian religion became the religion of the state in the fourth century, which profoundly marked the identity of the country and makes Armenia the first Christian country in the world.

The different civilizations that conquered Armenia have left their marks in the traditions and the architecture of this beautiful country.

With the Armenian cuisine is pretty much the same and Persian, Arab, Mediterranean and Russian influences, above all, are clearly perceived.

Food tasting is a fundamental part of every cultural trip. Thus, you can enjoy a huge variety of grilled meats or fruit sauce such as pomegranate or apricot. Vegetarians will also have options with salads and cheeses.

Why travel to Armenia?

Discover the rich history of the first Christian country and explore one of the oldest countries in the world. Armenian culture has existed since antiquity and was forged over the centuries with the influence of the different civilizations that dominated the region during more or less long periods of time.

Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Byzantines, Turks …they all have left something in the rich cultural traditions of Armenia.

This rich and millenary history can be seen throughout the country. It appears on top of a plateau overlooking the Greek site of Garni, in the middle of a plain in front of Mount Ararat with the monastery complex of Kor Virap, or even around a corner in Yerevan, between the Soviet buildings and the Blue Mosque of the city.

What you need to know when traveling to Armenia

You are about to discover a charming country, halfway between East and West, marked by much history. This is reflected in its numerous stone monuments and roads that crossed the Silk Road.

If you have been interested in this destination, surely you like natural landscapes or hiking, something that will not be missing in your trip to Armenia.

Best time to travel to Armenia

In general, the best time to visit Armenia is in autumn.The temperatures are pleasant in almost the whole country so you can make a varied journey.

In winter and summer, the weather is quite extreme, and in spring you will see everything flowered, but you will find heavy rainfall.

It is advisable to select the dates of your trip according to your interests or itinerary to be made. Check out some of the weather forecast websites for more detailed information before you arrange your trip to Armenia.

What to see and what to do in Armenia?

Places to visit

A trip to Armenia can be a trip of disconnection to nature, a trip to the past between its emblematic constructions, or a trip of immersion in this unknown culture, impregnated with kindness, good gastronomy and cognac, and many stories and legends to tell.

These are some of the best places to see in Armenia.

  • Dilijan: known as ‘the small Switzerland of Armenia’. A typical retreat place for local inhabitants, for its beauty nature located in the national park of Dilijan. It is perfect to relax, thanks to its mineral waters, to walk among the wooded landscapes or to delve into the medieval culture.
  • Goris: a small stone city located between the mountains. You should visit the surroundings whose interest is especially focused on the ancient troglodyte village ( Khndzoresk) with the caves carved into the rock and its huge suspension bridge, as well as the 4th-century Tatev monastery and situated at 1600 meters high.
  • Lake Seván: it is one of the highest lakes in the world, and in the country, it is considered ‘the sea of Armenia’. It is the perfect place to relax or practice water sports, but also to visit in the surroundings the  Sevanavank Monastery and its beautiful views of the waters.
  • Yerevan: authentic historical city of Armenia. Surrounded by the imposing mountains of the Caucasus, the capital offers a trip to the history of the country between museums and gastronomy of oriental touch. You will find a pleasant and lively atmosphere between its cafes and theaters.

What to do while in Armenia?

  • Visit the numerous monasteries of the country, from the Khor Virap under the magnificent Ararat Mount, the monastic Haghpat complex, to the ruins of the Zvartnots temple or the pagan temple of Garni.
  • Make hiking trails and find hidden villages and monasteries among great mountains and valleys.
  • Go into the Caravan of Selim, important trade center in the famous Silk Road.
  • Marvel at the hospitality of the Armenians, who will invite you to spend time with them.
  • Taste the typical cuisine of the country and the drink par excellence, cognac.

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