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When you love fitness and can’t go to the Gym but don’t want to miss this important part of your daily routines, then don’t worry. You can do intensive and useful workouts even when you are at home.

I love fitness and sports, in general, and follow strictly my weekly schedules for the Gym. For good or bad it happens occasionally something important to pop up on the horizon, so I have to cancel my session in the Gym. Although there are days to prepare the gym bag there are others in which you do not even have the time to think about it.

For this reason, I selected some quite useful exercises that I can do at home, every time if I skip my routines in the Gym and I call them “Exercises for busy Girls“. Have you heard about bodyweight exercise? Bodyweight workouts are useful for people who have little time. They are also suitable for those who are starting with the sport.

Check out this sequence of simple fitness workouts that won’t take much time of your daily schedule and every woman can do at home. The good news is for this set you don’t need gym equipment to get real results. The better news is…you need to spend only about 15-20 minutes of your time.


What are the bodyweight circuit exercises?

Bodyweight exercises

The good news is you can bodyweight gymnastics from home. In fact, you can do it anytime and anywhere without the need for machinery or special equipment and in a very short time. Bodyweight exercises are workouts that use your own bodies weight as a tool. This is why I mentioned you don’t need special equipment to get your exercise done.

Bodyweight circuit exercise

A few minutes of intensive exercise is better than nothing, and it can still have lasting benefits. When it comes to obtaining results in fitness, as it is with some other real things from our lives, the worst enemy is the routine. Effective pieces of training are the ones that are challenging for us and our bodies.

Bodyweight circuits provide structure to your bodyweight routines and basically means placing one workout after another, with minimal rest between the different exercises.

To advance our goals, it is important to provide new stimuli to the body, and for that, it is convenient to change the circuit as often as possible. Or at least when we feel comfortable performing it. The idea of bodyweight circuit exercises is simple: when you notice that you have this exercise under control, it means you need a new one.


Getting Ready for Exercise

This total body home exercise circuit includes a variety of classic bodyweight exercises to work your body from head to toes. Before starting the circuit we have to warm up the body. The same as we do in the Gym before starting the training exercises.

Young woman holding yoga mat , getting ready for fitness exercise
Before starting the circuit we must warm up the body, as we normally do before an exercise [Shutterstock]

Workouts at Home for Busy girls

Spend about three to five minutes to perform joint mobility exercises designed to activate the muscles and the joints. Squats can be performed at a slow pace and then placed in a quadruped, with knees and hands on the floor, and doing push-ups from this position. Afterward, you can start with the 7 exercises that make up the circuit.

Are you ready?

The Reverse Lunge Exercise

UpMixed : How to perform reverse lung exercise ?
The reverse lung exercise should be repeated 30 times. [ © Shutterstock]
Stand up and with your legs aligned with the width of your hips. Then, stride back until you form a 90-degree angle with it, supporting only the tip of the foot, not the heel. Then repeat the same movement with the other leg.

Times to repeat Triceps push-ups Exercise:  30 repetitions

Watch the video on how to perform properly Reverse Lunge exercise

The Bodyweight Thrusters Exercise

UpMixed : How to perform bodyweight exercise at home
The thrusters bodyweight exercise must be repeated 30 times. [ © Shutterstock]
You start standing, with your feet and shoulders aligned, and lower your hips until you perform a full squat, then placing your fists at chin height. Although it looks similar to a squat, the difference comes when, when raising the hip, you stretch your arms completely toward the ceiling.

It is very important to keep the abdomen tense throughout the exercise.

Times to repeat Bodyweight Thrusters Exercise:  20 repetitions

Watch the video on how to perform properly bodyweight thrusters exercise.


The Triceps push-ups

UpMixed : How to perform triceps push ups exercise at home
The triceps push-ups exercise must be repeated 20 times as a minimum. [ © Shutterstock]
Stand on your stomach and use your hands (under the shoulders) and your feet as only support points. Descend with your elbows until you flex and try to keep your arms as close to the body as possible. Remember not to arch your back when you go up or when you go down.

Times to repeat Triceps push-ups Exercise:  20 repetitions

Watch the video on how to perform properly bodyweight thrusters exercise.

The Supine push-ups

Upmixed: How to perform supine push-ups exercises at home
The supine push-ups exercise have to be repeated as a minimum 20 times to be useful. [ © Shutterstock]
Lie on your back, with your knees bent and your heels resting on the floor. Rest your arms on the ground, forming a cross with your body, and bend your elbows so that your hands are elevated. Supporting only on the elbows and keeping the back straight, raise the torso carefully. Then, return to the starting position.

Times to repeat Supine push-ups Exercise:  20 repetitions

Watch the video on how to perform properly supine push-ups exercise.

The Commandos exercise

Upmixed: How to perform Commandos exercises at home
The Commandos exercise has to be repeated 20 times. [ © Shutterstock]
From the initial classic plank position for push-ups (face down and supported only by the palms of the hands and the tips of the feet), change the weight of the right hand supporting the right elbow. Then, do the same with the left hand and elbow, until resting on both forearms. Then he returns to support the right hand and then the left to return to the starting point. Always keep the abdominal area in tension.

Times to repeat Supine push-ups Exercise:  20 repetitions

Watch the video on how to perform properly Commandos exercise.


The Glute Bridge

Upmixed: How to perform Glute Bridge exercises at home
For optimal results, the Glute Bridge exercise has to be repeated 20 times. [ © Shutterstock]
Lie on your back and bend your knees until your feet are as close as possible to your buttocks. Then, support the soles of the feet to the ground and squeeze the buttocks while elevating them from the ground to form a bridge. The expert warns: “It is very important to push with the glutes, not with the lumbar ones!”.

Times to repeat The Glute Bridge Exercise:  20 repetitions

Watch the video on how to perform properly Glute Bridge exercise.

 The Abs Plank

Upmixed: How to perform abs plank exercises at home
For best results, the abs plank position must be kept for 40 seconds. [ © Shutterstock]
To finish the circuit, go to the classic plank position for push-ups and keep the body aligned and in tension for forty seconds. When you finish, I recommend to do a second round of all the exercises and, if you have strength and time, try with the third.

Time to perform Abs Plank Exercise:  40 seconds

Watch the video on how to perform properly Abs Plank exercise.

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