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Simplest Ways To Eat Healthier

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If you are looking for simple tips on how to eat healthier we have exactly what you need.

In just a few steps you will discover that you can have a healthy diet without doing too much effort. How simple you can change your life for good and make it better you will find after reading these 12 useful tricks.

Use your imagination when serving food

It all starts with the serving. Have you noticed how the food is served in good quality restaurants? Not necessarily expensive, but good restaurants where things are done with style.

Delicious food served on a plate
The way how the food is served on the table matters and helps to enjoy the food [Pixabay]

The way how the food is served on the table really matters. This is because the way of serving and all arrangements provide a better atmosphere on the table, which helps to enjoy the food and its taste.

To enjoy the food we usually eat slowly, which is a healthy way to consume it.

A Tip. When consuming meals slowly and enjoy their taste, we usually tend to eat less food.


Do not eat more than you put on the plate

All of us, whether we admit it or not, we often tend to eat more than it was really necessary.

It’s very easy to get caught in this trap, especially if you have the empty plate, and there are still other dishes with food on the table. You just don’t realize how much you’ve eaten.

A Tip. If you renounce the habit of eating more than you have on the plate, you will see that it will be much easier for you to keep your body weight or even to lose some weight.

Don’t go shopping hungry again

We all have bad habits, but you must know it’s a big mistake to go shopping when you’re hungry.

You’re going to have the tendency to put in the basket everyone you see and it looks appealing to you. Also, the chances of buying unhealthy snacks are big enough because you will want to eat as soon as possible.

Fortunately, on this list of simple tricks to eat healthily, we have the solution.

Shopping food
Avoid going shopping when you are hungry. This will help you to avoid buying unnecessary food [Shutterstock]
Before going shopping, just take a snack.

Maybe a few fruits, a vegetable salad, or even something more consistent. Just make sure you do not get into the grocery store or supermarket with an empty stomach.

Thus you’ll focus on what you really want to buy, and lusts will not bother you.


Do not give up your favorite foods

Just as with desserts, if you completely give up on your favorite food, your body will suffer.

Even if you manage to abstain from the recipes you are in love with, sooner or later you will give up, and the result will have bad effects on your body.

You’ll get abused in a moment of weakness.

So, it’s much better to leave some room for your diet and your favorite meals. Plan your menu so that you do not cook or buy unhealthy foods too often and, last but not least, make sure you eat smaller portions than normal.


Enjoy the Food

To establish a healthy way of eating, it would be a good idea to put the portion you want to eat on the plate and enjoy it while eating it slowly. Enjoy the food, feel its taste and try to do it slowly.

I really mean slowly.

Eat what you have on the plate without hurrying, and you will see that in most cases you do not need another serving.

A happy family eating in a restaurant and enjoying
Eat healthier but enjoy your favorite foods. Eating healthier doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice. [Shutterstock]

Cook in larger quantities

On the weekend, leave yourself for a few hours to spend in the kitchen.

Cooking in large quantities will help you keep your diet and you will always have healthy food when you are hungry.

After cooking and letting the food cool, put it in plastic boxes and leave it in a freezer.

Then, for the next few weeks, you can defrost prepared portions when you need it. Also, this is an excellent way not to throw good food into the trash.

A Tip. Don’t leave the food in the freezer for too long. If it’s been over two weeks since you’ve cooked your chances of going back to her, they’re pretty small.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

You surely buy vegetables and fruits, but they usually get spoiled, because … you simply forget to touch them.

So, to have a healthy diet you have to find a way to eat more vegetables and fruits. They are great sources of vitamins and minerals.

Although it sounds weird, you will have much more success if you eat them cut. For example, you’ll enjoy more of a fruit salad than if you were eating them separately.

The same is valid for vegetables.

Girl and its mother eating fresh vegetables
To eat and live healthily we need to consume more fruits and vegetables [Shutterstock]
A Tip. You can make delicious fresh salads, or cut slices and eat them with healthy toppings.

Think about what you have in the refrigerator

If you want to cook healthy food you have to look at the ingredients you have in the refrigerator (if there is nothing fresh in it it’s time to go shopping) and plan the menu according to what you find.

For example, if you have a lot of tomatoes, but you have no appetite for salad, you can make a delicious tomato sauce that goes perfectly with chicken, pasta or fish.

A Tip. You’ll find countless recipes to inspire you. So start from the ingredients you have and see what you can do with them.

Preserve the remaining food

You’ve been cooking dinner for family or friends, and there’s still good and delicious food left. There are two things you do not have to do if you want a healthy diet.

Firstly, you do not get to eat what’s left after you’ve finished your serving. You are certainly no longer hungry, and the remaining remains are the extra calories your body does not need.

Secondly, you do not have to throw away the remaining food. This is one of the best simple tricks to eat healthily. What’s left, you can put into an air-tight casserole and leave it in the fridge.

The food will still be perfect for lunch the next day.

Arrange to have healthy food at your fingertips

To always have a good diet you have to make sure you have the proper ingredients.

Yes, this means exactly what you are thinking of –  delicious and still healthy foods.

Arrange your fridge so that the best and healthiest food, is in front of you, in places where it is easy to see.

As for calming temptations, and I mean those foods which are not that healthy – hide them as best they can.

Organized refrigerator with various foods
Keep your fridge organized and have healthy food at your fingertips [Shutterstock]

Set up your menu for a week

Among the best simple tricks to eat healthy include the weekly menu preparation. So, at the weekend, you have to decide what you want to eat in the next week.

This is also a good way to balance your menu in such a way that you do not lack anything. Once you’ve set up your menu, make a list of the ingredients you need and buy nothing to eat from what’s not on your list. 

A Tip. You will see that this method will not only help you maintain a healthy diet, but you will spend less.


Do not give up the desert

Yes, it seems hard to believe, but one of the most important simple tricks to eat healthy urges you not to give up the dessert.

It is true that you will eat small portions and you will not be able to enjoy dessert every day, but when you are fond of something sweet you can choose something you like.

A delicious desert -ice cream with fresh fruits
Don’t give up on your favorite food and desserts [Shutterstock]
Of course, if you keep a strict cure then you have to follow the steps of the nutritionist.If this is just a healthy diet that you follow as a part of your lifestyle, then you can spoil yourself from time to time.

If you don’t do that,at least from time to time,then you will not be able to enjoy healthy food.

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