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The perfect pair of Jeans and six secrets about them.

the perfect jeans tips

Finding well-fitting pair of jeans is not always as easy as it sounds and the same is with the trousers.

Sometimes the jeans legs are too long or too short, sometimes the cut narrows or forms an unfavorable silhouette.

When buying jeans or trousers you should not only be guided by fashionable preferences.

Many women are finding it hard to find suitable jeans because there is no such thing as the perfect type. It all depends on which brands of pants fit best for your body and what is your body shape.


The six magic tips to find the perfect Jeans

With these seven rules, you will find a model at the next trouser shop that not only looks fashionable but is also comfortable and fits your figure type:


1. Convenience

Jeans that are easy to close at the waist but not comfortable fit will make you unhappy – especially if you wear them all day long. Make sure you have a comfortable seat!

Stretch models are more flexible than jeans made of pure denim and can be easily adjusted to any figure or movement (see the next point).

A girl lying on the bed is trying to pull on tight jeans

2. Freedom of movement

A pair of jeans should go with any movement even in a narrow fit, without narrowing or uncomfortable tension. Therefore, choose a model with elastane content – a look at the trouser label shows whether elastane has been processed in the fabric.

When worn, the body heat after a few minutes ensures that the elastic fiber expands somewhat and makes the pants so particularly comfortable to wear. The higher the spandex content, the more flexible the fit.

3. The right length

In particular, above-average tall or short women often have a problem with jeans or trousers buying that their desired model fails too short or too long.

If regular trouser lengths do not suit you, you should resort to a short or long size – because depending on the leg length also changes the required waist, so the part of the pants, which is measured from the leg to the waistband.

4. The perfect choice

A pair of jeans with the right fit can do a lot for your figure: Slimming pants with a forward side seam are especially slim – it stretches the leg and makes it visually slimmer.

For a firm butt, you should pay attention to where the back pockets lie when fitting. If they are positioned too far out or down, they will make the butt appear wide or hanging.

A figure-flattering design, on the other hand, lifts the butt visually.

5. Well packaged instead of crushed

A good pair of jeans should conceal problem areas on the stomach, hips or thighs instead of emphasizing them.

Too tight a waistband, for example, ensures that the small padding on the stomach and hips well and stand out as an ugly “muffin top” undershirt or blouse.

Much better: jeans or trousers in high waist cut, which advantageously packs and shapes the figure, without squeezing or narrowing. As soon as something tweaks or swells out: Stay away from these jeans! Otherwise, it is just uncomfortable in the long run .

6. Pay attention to the back

In the locker room, you should definitely pay attention to the fit on the back. Are the trousers flat or does it stand out?

Ideally, the model should be rounded on the waistband instead of straight cut – this ensures in the production for a higher material consumption and labor, but worth it: The jeans are clean, does not pinch unpleasant on the stomach and does not slide down when sitting down, so that the panties remain hidden.

Now you know what are the most important things to look at and you can find a model that is sexy and fashionable, but also comfortable at the same time.


One more thing I left at the end.

 Take your time for fitting and checking

When fitting, let the pants stretch slightly longer and move with them.

Then take off your pants and leave them for a while. Stay strong bumps back, such as the knees, low-quality spandex has been processed and the jeans will linger in the long run.

If it returns to its original shape, the so-called return is correct and the jeans retain their shape permanently.

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