The Social Network : All social media apps you need to know about Now

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The social networks are an integral part of our lives today. The number of Internet users continues to grow and now over than 2.5 billion people are using it worldwide.

Following this trend, the long list of social networking services is also expanding over the years. Social media and social networks allow us to communicate on various platforms and social applications, according to our interests. The development of mobile technologies will only help this process in the future.


People and Social Networking

People socialize one way or another with whatever media is available, and as we know, some people are more active than others. There are many different types of human relationships built on social networks, which is a result of the way how our communications have developed during the last few decades.

Today more than 1.6 billion social network users worldwide, and more than 64 percent of internet users are part of social networks.

The data for the future of social networks is even more interesting.

Chart representing Number of social network users worldwide
Number social network users worldwide [Source: Statista] 

Social networking is one of the most favored ways for us to spend our time online.

Thanks to Social networks we can keep in contact with our friends, families or colleagues. Thanks to social media we have easy access to news or other viral content.

In this blog post, I’m going to share a list of all popular social networking sites around the world. I have also included here all dominant social networking applications available today.

These records do not cover all networks because there are far too many local social networks around the globe. Such social networking sites are only trendy in some countries, but little known worldwide. Still, most of the significant social networking services are present here.

The list of social networks and social networking apps will help you to discover some new exciting places and online communities available today.

Statistic: Most popular social networks worldwide as of January 2019, ranked by number of active users (in millions) | Statista
Global chart: list with the most popular social networks. You can find more statistics at Statista

All significant networks you need to know about



Facebook is by far the most used social network on the planet with some active users growing to over 2,1 billion per month.

It allows for socializing with your friends, family, and colleagues but also to promote your company, business or brand via Facebook ads.

It also offers the possibility to access different Facebook applications aimed at selling products online. As a social media channel, Facebook generates more than 12 billion dollars of turnover each year.

Facebook is available worldwide but remains blocked in some countries.

Social networking sites similar to Facebook



YouTube is the most significant social network for video sharing on the planet.

It allows its users to view, upload and share videos, broadcast videos, leave comments, build playlists, subscribe to various channels and communicate with each other.

This network is available worldwide, however not in all countries. There are places where users are not allowed to access YouTube.

The present number of active users, registered on YouTube is over 1 billion.

Social networking sites similar to YouTube



Facebook decided to acquire this social network back in 2014. WhatsApp is an instant messaging platform with 1 billion users worldwide, for chatting privately or in groups of friends.

Among other features WhatsApp allows you to make free calls between users.

Social networking apps similar to WhatsApp


Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging app launched by Facebook, available for Android, iOS and Windows Phones.

The app allows its users to socialize and chat with their Facebook contacts. Messenger is just a way to continue chat and messages that are taking place on Facebook.

As it is the regular Facebook chat, the version through the app also allows you to send photos privately, animate the conversation through stickers and share your location.

Also, Facebook Messenger allows you to make free calls through VoIP technology and to send free messages via SMS, even to people who are not your friends on Facebook.

Social networking apps similar to Facebook Messenger



WeChat is a social networking service, a property of Tencent and also works with QQ. This Chinese social network has nearly 980 million users and is catching up with its competitor WhatsApp.

WeChat is a bit similar to WhatsApp, as it is also a messaging and calling app that enables you to communicate with family, friends or other people of your choice.

If you would like to learn more about this social network, then you can read this article about Wechat.

Social networking apps similar to WeChat



Formerly known as Tencent QQ, imQQ is a Chinese social network based on instant messaging. It currently has around 850 million users in more than 80 countries.

QQ offers an integrated translator allowing you to translate your discussion into the desired language. You can use imQQ to communicate with your friends using messages, audio or video calls.

imQQ also offers the possibility to make financial transactions with its virtual currency “Q Coin.”

Social networking sites similar to imQQ



Photo and video sharing are The primary goals of Instagram. Facebook owns this social network now, and it is good to know that Instagram has no less than 400 million active users.

Instagram logo in front of red wall

Instagram allows you to capture the best moments of your life with the lens of your smartphone or camera and work your photos with multiple filters and upload them online.

You can easily share your photos on other beloved social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Social networking sites similar to Instagram



Yahoo acquired Tumblr in 2013. If you never heard or read about Tumblr before, you need to know this social network is a prominent microblogging platform.

This social network has about 794 million active users each month and allows you to find, track and publish blogs with different types of things, such as text, photos, quotes, links, discussions, videos, audio.

You will also be able to customize almost everything you need. Tumblr is also an excellent way to promote the launch of a new product.

Social networking sites similar to Tumblr



Qzone like imQQ and WeChat, QZone is one of the most popular Chinese social networks also developed by Tencent.

The online community makes possible sharing of photos, watching videos, listening to music, writing blog posts, and many more.

QZone also allows its users to customize their QZone web pages, by using a panel of accessories available for this purpose.

Today, QZone has about 568 million active users every month.

Social networking sites similar to QZone


Sina Weibo

This microblogging platform is trendy in China. It’s a mix of Twitter and Facebook.

Sina Weibo now has a community of about 376 million active users.

Social networking sites similar to Weibo



This social network allows you to send a tweet.

Tweets are the useful short messages of a maximum of 140 characters and can be shared and re-shared in an unlimited way. To follow the trend of online commerce, Twitter has made it possible to promote your business via tweets to sell your products.

Twitter has around 330 million active users per month.

Social networking sites similar to Twitter


Baidu Tieba

The Chinese giant Baidu is the owner of Baidu Tieba. This social network, known worldwide as the Postbar is a network of forums and it is directly related to searches on the Baidu search engine.

Baidu allows you to create groups of social networks (thematic message boards) on the subject of your choice or to join an existing group. Baidu Tieba has 300 million active users per month.

Social networking sites similar to Baidu Tieba



Now Skype is a property of Microsoft and has more than 300 million active users. All calls Skype to Skype are free, and those to mobile or landline are credited directly to your bank account via the system “Skype Credit.”

The strength of Skype is its ability to steadily manage VoIP communications, allowing you to talk to your callers via a microphone and a webcam wherever you are and with the ability to organize multiple conversations with its conference feature. Web.

Social networking apps similar to Skype



LinkedIn is the most used professional social networks in the world and has more than 260 million active users.

This social platform allows you to grow your network and get in touch with all kinds of businesses, recruit candidates for your job offer and more.LinkedIn is available in more than 20 languages.

Social networking sites similar to Linkedin



Viber is a voice over IP application and social platform available in more than 30 languages and is used by 260 million users every month. It allows to exchange instant messages and to communicate by voice messages.

Viber also offers the ability to share photos, videos, and audio messages. You can also call non-Viber users with its feature called “Viber Out.”

Social networking apps similar to Viber



Snapchat is an email platform that allows you to chat with your friends by using images.
Today about 255 million users are active on Snapchat.

You can explore real-time news and stories from around the world. The platform is available in more than 15 languages.

Social networking apps similar to Snapchat



With Reddit, you can publish different content, such as links and images, plus videos. This social network includes 250 million active users. All content posted on the platform will get more or fewer votes from users, which causes them to move up or down in the rankings.

The classification of the contents is according to groups of interests, also known as “subreddits.” Today about 250 million users are active on Reddit

Social networking sites similar to Reddit



I can bet this one is new for you. Line is a social network and social networking app for sharing messages, videos, photos, audio, and other files. The Line network now represents a community of approximately 203 million active users and is available worldwide, but widely used in Japan.

Line also allows you to make video and voice calls anytime.

Social networking apps similar to Line



The Pinterest community has about 200 million active users now. Pinterest is well known public social media for sharing and branding photos and graphics.

This network is an exciting source to get new ideas and inspiration for your projects whether it is related to design, decoration, travel ideas, blogging, etc.

Social networking sites similar to Pinterest



YY is a Chinese social network for organizing group discussions with video. More than 117 million users use YY every month. Users can then earn virtual currency and convert it later, in real money.

This online platform can support more than 100,000 connections in the same group. On YY a single person can then present and share a video with tens of thousands of participants.

Social networking sites similar to YY



This instant messaging platform is similar to WhatsApp. However, Telegram has always focused on the privacy and security of broadcast messages. Thus, users can send messages with images and videos, encrypted and self-destruct.

These features are present since its creation, unlike WhatsApp.Telegram is available in more than eight languages. One hundred million people use Telegram actively.

Social networking apps similar to Telegram



VK, also known as VKontakte is probably the most significant social networks in Russia with around 100 million active users. VK appearance is very similar to the old Facebook.

Social networking sites similar to VK


On BBM you can share ideas, opinions, passions, and thoughts on different channels.

BlackBerry Messenger currently has around 63 million active users and can be a definite asset if you have a BlackBerry device and want to exchange instant messages with other owners of Blackberry.

BBM lets you share and chat with speed, control and privacy you can’t get on other instant messenger apps. Getting your message across is fast and easy, because of the technology used in the development. Amongst some of the exciting features of this social app are the stickers and the option for pinging someone.

Social networking apps similar to BBM



With this instant messenger app, you can send free voice notes, messages, photos, videos, and your location.

KakaoTalk makes chatting extra fun with an array of sticker collections and emoticons. Forty-nine million people use Kakaotalk actively.

Social networking apps similar to KakaoTalk


Google +

Google + was a social network created by Google and used by about 300 million active users worldwide. Google + allowed to enlarge your circle of knowledge and to share your publications, messages, photos, videos, etc.

Google announced the network is closing due to security breaches. As per other sources, Google+ didn’t succeed as a social network, and this was the main reason behind the decision.

Social networking sites similar to Google +




This social network and multi-author blogging platform allow those who feel the soul of a blogger or writer, to express themselves through the publication of articles all classified by tags and categories.

On Medium It is possible to interact with the other bloggers and authors of posts, share and follow them.

Social networking sites similar to Medium



This social network app allows you to publish your photos with text about your mood or other personal statements. You can also communicate with people from all over the world or even nearby.

Whisper’s concept is users to remain anonymous.

Social networking app similar to Whisper



Flipboard is a social network aggregation company and a news aggregator, and its goal is to let users choose the streams that interest them on news sites or social networks.

On this social network, users can create their magazine. Flipboard is available on IOS, Android, and Windows.

Social networking apps similar to Flipboard



This social network allows you to create and share slideshows and presentations online. You can diversify your current content by offering a slideshow version to reach a broader audience.

Social networking sites similar to SlideShare



Taringa is one of the most used social networks in Latin America allowing users to share their experiences, content and more. More than 75 million users participate in this social platform.

Social networking sites similar to Taringa



Tagged is a social network based on dating and friendships.

In 2011, Tagged acquired hi5 which is another social media for dating.

The number of active users is up to 25 million.

With Tagged, you can socialize with others through games, browsing user profiles, sharing common interests, and more.

Social networking sites similar to Tagged



While it was the most used social network in the United States in the past, MySpace has less than 20 million active users. This social network is focused on music promotion and allows the creation of an interactive net of friends.

MySpace also offers access to blogs, images, videos, personal profiles, etcetera.

Social networking sites similar to MySpace



Badoo is a social network dedicated to dating, operating in more than 200 countries.

Badoo is eminent mostly in Latin America, Italy, Spain, and France with around 20 million active users. Here you can find profiles of users who are close to you and those you have met in the past.

Social networking sites similar to Badoo



StumbleUpon is an intelligent platform that can find content and recommend it to these users. About 10 million people are actively using StumbleUpon.

You can discover web pages, images, videos, etc., and write them according to your tastes.

Social networking sites similar to StumbleUpon



Foursquare is a social media using geo-localization that allows you to find hot places according to your location and what other people search for. There are 40 million active users.

The functionalities of this social network are also present in the Swarm Web application. Foursquare and the mobile app Swarm provides a list of the best restaurants in the area, evenings, entertainment, etc.

Social networking apps similar to Foursquare



Diaspora is a social network with features similar to Facebook.

Nonetheless, the difference between Diaspora and Facebook are the decentralization of data, the freedom to choose anonymity and the protection of the data. You can pick for example, on which server to store your data.

There’s no need to provide your real identity during the registration, and the data belong to you. Besides, you can choose, who will have access to your data.

Social networking sites similar to Diaspora



Ello is a social network where fundamental principle is similar to other social networking services, which is to create a user account, publish content, view the publications of others, or find followers, friends, and people with common interests.

However, the difference apart from the above mentioned is simplified, and minimalistic design. On this social network, there is no advertising or paid promotions. Unlike its competitors on Ello is allowed the free sharing of ideas and the creations of its users.

Social networking sites similar to Ello



Formerly known as myYearbook, MeetMe aims to create new friendships. MeetMe is very trendy among young people, and it has several million minor users.

Social networking sites similar to MeetMe



Twoo social networking service targets young people. Twoo’s interface is into 55 languages.

Social networking apps similar to Twoo



The social network MeetUp was created initially to discuss politics but then became a social place to cover all kinds of topics.

This online community allows you to find and join groups of people with the same interest as you, close to home, anywhere in the world.

MeetUp also allows group meetings, offline.

Social networking sites similar to MeetUp



Skyrock is one of the most popular online networks in France dedicated to socializing and sharing of information.allowing the creation of blogs, user profiles and the exchange of messages. It is available in 6 languages.

Social networking sites similar to Skyrock



Delicious is a bookmarking site for discovering, registering and sharing Internet pages of different brands. Registered users can tag these bookmarks with keywords.

Social networking sites similar to Delicious



Kiwibox is a social community designed for teenagers and young adults. It offers a web magazine targeting young people via fashion tips.

It also allows young adults to share their skills and interests, such as photography, writing, etc.

Social networking sites similar to Kiwibox


Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is a social network for travelers and explorers. This social community focuses on travel-related content.

On Trip Advisor, which is also the largest travel website in the world, users can publish and read reviews about interesting spots, hotels, restaurants, museums, and destinations. It also includes interactive travel forums and provides the members with the possibility to make bookings from the website.

TripAdvisor is one of the pioneers in using crowd-sourced (user-generated) content, followed by other popular brands, such as Yelp.

Social networking sites similar to Trip Advisor


Yahoo! Answers

One of the most visited places, well-known from the past.

Yahoo Answers allows the exchange of questions and answers between the members of the social network.

The best responses are put forward thanks to a system of votes attributed by the users.

Social networking sites similar to Yahoo! Answers



Using a similar idea to Yahoo! Answers. Quora is an important social platform for any user to ask questions and answer questions from others.

Quora is nowadays one of the most popular social places online, where people can find answers to almost any question and discuss hot or trivial topics in social communities.

Social networking sites similar to Quora is a social network of 131 million active users worldwide.

Here users have the opportunity to receive questions from other identified users or anonymous users.

Social networking sites similar to



Available in 7 languages and used by more than 50 million members.

Viadeo is a social network for professionals, initially created in France and used primarily in Europe. One of the competitors of LinkedIn, Viadeo makes it possible to build relationships aimed at finding partners, customers, employees, employers, etc.

Social networking sites similar to Viadeo



A professional social network that has features similar to LinkedIn, Xing is not brand new.

The users are located mainly in Switzerland, Australia, and Germany. Xing allows creation of closed discussion groups between members of the same company.

Social networking sites similar to Xing



Giphy is a social photo sharing platform that allows its users to create, upload and share an unlimited amount of animated GIF files and stickers online.

Social networking sites similar to Giphy



One of the most famous networks, Flickr is a place for photo-sharing where you can upload a large quantity of very high-quality images taken by photographers or people who love photography.

This social network has several millions of photos deposited every day. Flickr is also a useful platform for managing and sharing photos on the Web.

Social networking sites similar to Flickr



Quite popular online place, this is another photo and video-sharing and hosting social network for personal or professional use. Photobucket hosts more than 10 billion images from over 100 million registered members, who upload more than four million videos and pictures every day.

Social networking sites similar to Photobucket



DeviantArt is the most significant community platform for artists or art lovers, that encourages his members to give their opinion on the works of other artists.

DeviantArt allows its users to take pictures of their artistic achievements and share them with other enthusiasts.

Social networking sites similar to DeviantArt



Fotolog is a social photo blogging platform known in 200 countries. Most of its users, however, are based in South America.

Social networking sites similar to Fotolog



Buzznet this social media provides the opportunity for its members to share different content related to their interests. This content can be videos, photos. Buzznet integrates with Facebook.

Social networking sites similar to Buzznet


We Heart It

Used by more than 20 million members We Heart It is public social photo sharing platform available in more than 20 countries and is ideal for your dose of inspiration and daily motivation.

WeHeartIt allows its users to see, organize and share inspiring images with their friends.

Social networking sites similar to We Heart It



Path is a social network based on sharing photos and messages, available in 20 languages. Users can share up to 50 pictures with their friends or family.

Social networking sites similar to Path is a music discovery platform that provides personalized recommendations based on the music users prefer to listen.

The software detects the activity of the users, thus making it possible to propose songs that each user is likely to like.

Social networking sites similar to



ReverbNation is the perfect social platform for artists and music professionals to connect and communicate with each other, and the opportunity to manage their careers.

It offers different options and tools for musicians to manage their careers and access partnership opportunities, and to interact with their fans.

Social networking sites similar to ReverbNation



Crokes is a social community for book authors, book writers, and book lovers. It allows them to connect with other writers and authors, to reach potential readers and promote their books and experience.

Social networking sites similar to Crokes


Gaia Online

Gaia Online is an avatar social network which is anime-themed, and it’s useful for those you would like to participate in forums, create avatars, customize games, virtual worlds, and other virtual objects.

Social networking sites similar to Gaia Online



BlackPlanet is a Social dating network for the African-American community.BlackPlanet has similar functions of many other networking sites and forum for work and policy-related discussions.

Social networking sites similar to BlackPlanet



Care 2 is a platform for human rights and animal protection. This social networking website helps activists connect whether they are individuals, companies or organizations that impact society.

Care 2 encourages people to live a green and healthy lifestyle.

Social networking sites similar to Care2



CaringBridge is a social platform allowing the between help between people during stressful or difficult moments in their lives.

When there are problems with health or the loss of a loved one, users can confide in, and get support. You can publish your journals or blogs on CaringBridge.

Social networking sites similar to CaringBridge



This social media is a community platform intended for moms or future mothers wishing to obtain or share advice on a multitude of topics.

Users of CafeMom can read and learn about maternity, fashion, dietetics, health and many other subjects.

Social networking sites similar to CafeMom



Ravelry is a social network targeting people interested in the art of textile fiber, such as knitting and crochet, spinning, weaving, etc. The enthusiasts can share their ideas, their collections, learn from others and build partnerships.

Social networking sites similar to Ravelry



AsmallWorld follows the principle of an elite private international social club.

AsmallWorld is a social community for Travel and Lifestyle, dedicated to people with high social status, where users pay for the membership.

Social networking sites similar to ASmallWorld



Nextdoor is a social network that focuses on the neighborhoods located in the United States.

The goal of Nextdoor is to allow users to connect with people in their geographic area and provide help to each other, participate in discussions or get an idea or advice.

Social networking sites similar to NextDoor



Internations is an online Social community for expatriates that connects global minds. If you are an expatriate, you can create your account and user profile and get in touch with other users.

With the help of Internations, you can meet other expats and locals located in 390 cities around the world, thanks to very regularly organized events.

Social networking sites similar to Internations



Wayn is a social network dedicated to travel and lifestyle allowing its users to discover new destinations, give ideas to each other of what to do in different places and possibilities to meet people with the same passions to exchange ideas and experiences.

Social networking sites similar to Wayn



The idea behind CouchSurfing is to create friendships through an economic model of sharing.
The social network makes travel affordable by connecting users seeking a place or sleeping during their trip with users offering accommodation, thus helping to build new relationships.

Social networking sites similar to CouchSurfing



TravBuddy targets to connect travelers.

The network allows its users to find co-travelers, to upload travel photos, to create blogs and give opinions on places, hotels, bars, restaurants, and various attractions.

Social networking sites similar to TravBuddy



Cellufun is a community platform which objects are the video games. With its mobile social network, users can socialize with each other, play games, create avatars and buy virtual items.

Social networking apps similar to Cellufun



MocoSpace is another mobile social network dedicated to mobile games and HTML5 for mobile.

Social networking sites similar to MocoSpace



The Chinese version of Youtube, Youku is a real clone that today has 500 million active users, mostly Chinese, since its available only in Chinese.

Social networking sites similar to YouKu



Dailymotion is another social video-sharing platform similar to YouTube.

Apart from the opportunity to watch videos, Dailymotion offers the same features as its competitors, such as creating a live stream, video sharing, creating video channels and playlists, adding comments, etc.

Social networking sites similar to Dailymotion



FunnyorDie is a comedy video social website where you can upload, share and rate videos.

Social networking sites similar to FunnyorDie



Vimeo is another video sharing online website and a social platform, similar to YouTube and Dailymotion.
Vimeo allows users to upload, share and view videos and it was the first video sharing website to support HD (high-definition) video.

Social networking sites similar to Vimeo



Mixbit is a video sharing platform that has been created by YouTube co-founders.

This online social community is a competitor of Dubsmash, Periscope, and Instagram in the video-sharing market.

MixBit allows users to create and edit videos dynamically. You choose the clips, photos, and music you’d like in your video and MixBit combines them.

After this, you can share your videos directly via Facebook, Twitter, or an Email.

Social networking sites similar to MixBit



As a pioneer of the video alternative to GIF revolution, Gfycat is a social place for user-generated short video hosting, where users can create, discover, and share short videos and GIFs.

On Gfycat you can upload a video or GIF or share a link from Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, etc.

Social networking sites similar to Gfycat



Coub is a video sharing website where users can create and share looping videos up to ten seconds long by using as a source of their files or get existing videos from YouTube or Vimeo.

Users can add music as background to the looping videos, known as coubs.

Social networking sites similar to Coub



Twitch is a social video sharing platform for video game players. Players can stream live their games by sharing their screen and commenting on their mic.

Social networking sites similar to Twitch



With Peeks, you can share live or saved video from your smartphone and be rewarded with cash by your audience in the form of tips.

Social networking apps similar to Peeks



Periscope is a live video streaming app, acquired by Twitter. Thanks to Periscope you can film via the mobile application of Periscope and live broadcast on social networks what you want.

You can play guitar, piano, give a cooking class, etc. The videos can be saved and stored online for 24 hours. Users can interact with the creator of the video.

Social networking apps similar to Periscope



Gab is an alternative to the reputed social network for microblogging Twitter and one of the competitors of Tumblr. As per its founders, Gab is a social web grounded in the freedom of information, expression, and speech.

Social networking sites similar to Gab is a community of independent microblogs, where you can share posts as it is on Twitter. The social community is built on open standards so that you can share the short text posts on your microblog, has a timeline to follow friends and discover new blogs and supports Webmention and Micropub specs.

Social networking sites similar to



Twister is a social microblogging peer-to-peer platform, which is a distributed system like BitTorrent. The network is entirely decentralized, which means that no one can shut it down since there is no single point to attack.

Because of its specific design, no one can censor the system, and since the cryptography is employed end-to-end, no entity can spy on your communications.

Some features of Twister include sending text posts, limited to 140 characters, finding users and browsing profiles, follow or unfollow, retransmitting and replying posts, navigate through post threads, mentions, hashtags, and directing private messages.

Social networking sites similar to Twister



This social networking platform is known as the world’s biggest decentralized, free microblogging network.

Mastodon is free and supports direct messages, known as private messages between users. Unlike “tweets” posted on Twitter, you can adjust the privacy settings of each message post -confidential to the user, or the followers, and public across a network, or on a specific instance.

The decentralized network Mastodon currently is available in 11 different languages.

Social networking sites similar to Mastodon



Habbo is a virtual community that allows users to play games, choose from avatars, create hotel rooms, meet new friends, chat with other players, and more.
The site is present in 150 countries and is the most significant social network in Finland.

Social networking sites similar to Habbo



Xanga is a social hosting platform for weblogs, profiles and photo blogs, which has millions of members in its community.

Social networking sites similar to Xanga.



In this social network, you will find reviews and opinions for all kinds of businesses and places shared by a large community of users. Do you want to go out to dinner and do not know where to go or can’t find an excellent workshop for your car?

In Yelp you can find all the necessary information, as well as the comments of the users of the community. There are other crowd-sourced websites around, but Yelp is among the pioneers of social networks, built around the idea for collecting useful data by crowdsourcing.

Yelp helps you to discover business and guide you when deciding. You can share with your friends what you post on your wall, as well as follow their activity on the social network.

Other useful functions for you as a registered user would be the possibility to find spots that interest you, post your reviews and check-in on the businesses you visit through the mobile app-restaurants, hotels, bars, beauty salons, clinics, wellness centers, attractions and anything else.

For those who own a business, Yelp is one of the online directories where every company should be present.

Social networking sites similar to Yelp



Plurk is a social and micro-blogging platform allowing users to send messages or links containing up to 210 characters. Most users of Plurk are from Taiwan.

Social networking sites similar to Plurk



Available in 31 languages LiveJournal allows its users to maintain a blog or diary.

This social network is a place where users can keep and promote their blogs, journals or diaries.

Social networking sites similar to Livejournal



Mixi is a Japanese social network with about 20 million active users. Mixi helps you to connect with your friends, your loved ones, or find new friends based on shared interests.

Social networking sites similar to Mixi



This Chinese social media provides features for members and non-members.

For non-members, it offers the ability to search for reviews and ratings on any books, movies or music.

For members, Douban allows you to record information and create content related to music, movies, books, and events taking place in China’s cities.

Social networking sites similar to Douban



Renren is a Chinese social network. It is very famous for young people, because of its similarity to Facebook.

Renren it also allows users to connect with others, quickly share thoughts and publications and even update your mood status.

More than 30 million active individuals are using Renren every month.

Social networking sites similar to Renren



As the name suggests, Classmates allow users to find, find and stay in touch with friends and classmates.

Social networking sites similar to Classmates


Copains d’avant 

With more than 15 million members, the famous French social network Copains d’avant (Buddies from before) allows its users to find their acquaintances-friends from childhood or schoolmates.

It also allows searching by class photo and by an establishment.

Social networking sites similar to Copains d’avant

The social network Trombi allows you to find your old classmates and photos of the time.

Social networking sites similar to Trombi



MyHeritage is a social platform dedicated to genealogy, available in 42 languages.T he goal is to create family trees, upload family photos and walk from branch to branch to manage history and family photos. The platform MyHeritage can be used to find and learn about ancestors or to create relationships with family members you did not know.

Social networking sites similar to MyHeritage



Odnoklassniki is a Russian social network, available in 9 languages that allow its users to find classmates and old acquaintances.

Social networking sites similar to Odnoklassniki



NK or formerly Nasza-klasa is a Polish social media dedicated to students.

Social networking sites similar to NK



StudiVZ is another social network dedicated to students, but its German by origin.

Social networking sites similar to StudiVZ



Kaixin001 is a Chinese social network dedicated to video games. You can use Kaixin001 for social games, blogging and photo sharing.

Social networking sites similar to Kaixin001 is a Chinese social network with more than 50 million active users. The social community is a direct competitor of Renren, QZone, and Kaixin001.

Social networking sites similar to



Nexopia is a Canadian social network, based on forums with about 500,000 active members. As an active user, you can build a photo gallery, have a list of friends, keep a blog and write articles.

Social networking sites similar to Nexopia



Draugiem is the most extensive social network in Latvia with more than 2 million members.
It is also available in Russian, English, and Hungarian.

Social networking sites similar to Draugiem



Glocals is a Swiss social network dedicated to expatriates. Community members can meet, organize activities and share information.

Social networking sites similar to Glocals



Cyworld is a Korean social network with millions of members. He is also present in China and Vietnam.
Its users can create friendships by using avatars.

Social networking sites similar to Cyworld



Disqus is a worldwide networking platform for open discussions on different topics and blog comment hosting service for online communities.

The online platform includes handy features such as social networking, social integration, user profiles, spam protection, and moderation tools, mobile commenting, email notifications, etc.

Social networking sites similar to Disqus


About Me is a simple social platform where you can present yourself with a photo and a short text. For your username, you will get your profile address or URL:

By registering on About.Me it is easy to maintain your all-important online presence and social appearance from a single place.

By using social media buttons, users easily can link their Facebook, Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn, XING or Instagram profiles and other preferred sites, such as a personal website or weblog.

Social networking sites similar to About Me


Academia is a free social network that aims to connect scientists and researchers, offer them a platform to share their research and facilitate the monitoring of articles that are relevant to their fields of study.

This thematic social community consists of more than 18 million users and has more than 5 million scientific publications from around the world.

As a registered user in Academia, you can have followers and follow other researchers and study topics, and to interact with other researchers through messages on the same platform.

Members have a scientific profile that shows their areas of interest, their publications, contact data, links to other networks, coauthors, followers, activity in the social network and statistics.

Social networking sites similar to Academia


ResearchGate is a free academic, social network and allows you access to a library of information with implemented a semantic search engine. The search engine navigates central databases and university repositories. is used, mostly by universities and allow people to be visible on the web and to establish connection points and to share information with other authors of articles, which are of your interest.

Social networking sites similar to ResearchGate



CouchSurfing is a network that connects travelers from all over the world. The idea of this social community is to connect people looking for free stay or accommodation with those who provide such.

You can access Couchsurfing via a website or a mobile app. and share your home or find a place to stay for free if you travel.

CouchSurfing provides you with an opportunity to find some new friends, discover events and new places all around the world.

Social networking sites similar to Couchsurfing



Previously known as 43 Things (where users could set up to 43 goals), Drimsa is an online social network for setting and managing goals, encouraging, inspiration, support, and advice.

The idea of Drimsa is that you can use the goals of others for inspiration to set your new goals. As a registered user, you can choose your dreams or goals and manage them.

The implemented folksonomy allows members to connect to other member’s goals with similar ideas, based on tags.

Social networking sites similar to Drimsa



Badoo is well known as one of the most significant dating sites and a social network, has iPhone and Android applications, and like on all other dating sites; you have to register to access the profiles of other users.

You can view and rate the people that interest you and see who has rated you. Badoo networking service resembles a freemium model, so the registration is free, while of the features, such as VIP status or Super Powers are paid.

Badoo network is useful for people who search to find their love, look for new friendships, or want to chat.

Majority of the registered users are somewhere between 18 and 28 years old, and more than 300 million users from 190 countries around the world use this the social community.

Social networking sites similar to Badoo



Bebo is often described as a twist between Snapchat and WhatsApp, relying mainly on social messaging. Similar to other social networking sites, Bebo allows you to connect with friends, family, classmates or work colleagues and find new friends.

You can share photos, links, videos, and stories with others, even if they are members of another social network. As a registered member, you can choose whether if you want your profile to be public or private.

Social networking sites similar to Bebo



Minds is another open and free, decentralized network where users respect the right to use free speech. As a social networking place, Minds is different from others with its concept for gamification and use of cryptocurrency which nowadays is utilized by other social networking websites too.

The registered users are rewarded with crypto tokens or cryptocurrency for their contributions or useful activities they demonstrate in the community.

The concept for gamification and awarding users in a social-driven community for their contributions is not as new as an idea.

Still, the use of tokens or cryptocurrency is adopted as a concept by a relatively small number of social networking websites.

Social networking sites similar to Minds


Moi Mir

Moi Mir or My World is one of the most populated Russian social networks and takes third place after and Odnoklassniki.

All three of these social networks are part of portal. Russia has the largest Internet population compared to any other country in Europe and the sixth largest base of Internet users in the world.

Social networking sites similar to Moi Mir



FanDom is a global social and entertainment media brand, created to serve the fan passion. The fan-trusted source is a home to explore, contribute to, and celebrate the world of entertainment and pop culture.

The idea of FanDom is a community built around topics for particular subjects that any user can create, as it is on Wikipedia.

The difference here is all wikis on FanDom are focused around entertainment-the general topics are about games, movies, TV shows.

Social networking sites similar to FanDom

This long list of online communities, including both social networking sites and social networking apps will help you to find yours amongst many existing ones and learn something new.

By the way, what social networks are your favorites now?

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