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Make money blog : Find your niche

Make money blog : find your niches

If you are ready to make money blog then the first thing to do even before you have chosen a domain name is to carefully pick up a profitable niche.

To begin your journey in the land of bloggers who make a profit from their blogs you need 5 simple (or at least not that difficult) things to do:

  1. Find a suitable niche or niches for your blog and select your main topic (or main topics, if it’s more than one);
  2. Think up a branded name for your blog, and buy domain name based on it (or do it simultaneously, which I personally think it’s better);
  3. Select a suitable content management system (CMS) for your Blog;
  4. Find good web hosting and set up your blog;
  5. Make money blog;

Today we are going to talk about the best niches for your blog. What we are going to do is to :

  1. Discuss which blogging niches are most popular nowadays;
  2. Find out which niches are most profitable for blogging and explain why;
  3. Check which niche or niches are most suitable for you and your money blog ;

Let’s start.

Find your niche and make money blog

First of all, you should know what is a niche for a blog.

What is a Niche for a Blog?

When you decide to become a blogger you should pick up a topic or selection of topics where you feel not only comfortable to write about but also create helpful content, which people use.

Niche comes from French (niché) and literally means ‘recess’. If you look for niche synonym you will find out that one of the suggested words is ‘nest’(from the Latin word).

In the blogosphere, a niche is used to describe a group of topics or a certain topic.

Niche is the main genre or topic of every blog when a particular topic exists and it means basically what’s your blog about. To find a blog niche means to find a topic you’ll write about on your blog.

A side note: there are many personal blogs or life journals which have been started without a particular topic or idea for a niche. Some of them have evolved after time, some not.

Every niche has a well-defined audience, which sometimes could be very specific, depending on how broad is the blog niche.

Most successful niches for blogging
Some of the most successful niches for blogging.

For example, a broad blog niche is Games. If you choose this as the main niche of your blog then you can cover various topics related to games: car games, online games, girls games, cooking games, free games etcetera.

Within the main niche of your blog, in this case, Games can exist subtopical genres which could be racing games, shooting games spiderman games, fighting games, barbie games.

In case you want to choose a blog niche which is not as big as Games and where you are an expert, then you could select a narrower niche.

For example, you could choose something more specific to be the main niche of your blog and decide to write only about board games, pc games or game boy games.

This is something which we’ll look further at a bit later, but for the moment the important part was to understand the meaning of blog niche.

What is Niche Blogging?

After we explained what is a blog niche it will be easy to give a definition for “niche blogging”.

As you can probably figure out this is the process of creating content (blogging) for a specific niche. This specific niche serves a particular audience and can be related to a certain industry.

In the example, we discussed earlier Games niche is related to games and gaming industry, and the audience which this blog niche will be useful for are gamers or people interested in games, one way or another.

Niche blogging is the act of creating a blog with the intent of using it to market to a particular niche market.
                                                                    Source: Wikipedia


Which blogging niches are most popular now?

Depending on what you want and what you can, you have the possibility to choose a broad or wider niche for your blog.

You can decide also if you prefer a blog or an online magazine instead.

Whatever your choice is – there are a number of popular niches that are suitable to make money blogs and you can pick up any or many of them, but let’s, first of all, see what are most popular niches for blogging in general.

I do believe you can do the research yourself, but to save you some time I will give you an idea of how to check what are the most trending topics online and to help you with this important part of your blog, but first of all, see this.

A while ago we did a study about the most common words people use when searching online and I think the list with the 100 most popular unbranded keywords which we compiled can be helpful for you.

Another excellent starting point is to see what are the most followed topics on Quora at all times and then to see where are the “hot spots” and the largest communities.

This will give you a clue what are the most interesting and engaging topics and respectively good niches to choose for your blog.

Here are some of the most popular topics you can find on Quora and they are good to have a look at:

Make money blog : find your niche - tag cloud with popular blog niches
















Fashion and Style  






If these are not enough to make your imagination working, then have a look at the next group of topics that can inspire you and help you to find your niche in the blogosphere:

Finance, Marketing, Television, Fine Art, Literature, Entertainment, Journalism, Healthy Eating, Events in Technology, Physics, Medicine, Healthcare, Entrepreneurship, Nutrition, Science, Education, Mobile technologies, Songs, The Internet, Technology Trends, Recipes, Smartphones, Musicians, Hollywood, Novels, Fitness, Books, Politics, Mental Health.

Above niches include almost all possible popular blog niches you can think of. I said almost because probably there are few more that can be included there.

In fact, you can make money with a blog from any niche, but we are looking for those that will be really profitable.

No matter what you have heard or read by now, blogging consumes a reasonable amount of time… but… money blogging can be a profitable business.

So what’s coming next is how to find a blog niche which is profitable.

Which blogging niches are most profitable?

Any niche can be a profitable niche for blogging, but there are two small details to mention here.

The first one is that some blog niches are more profitable than others.

The second – everything depends on your imagination, experience, and ability to turn the common practice in a success. I call it wise entrepreneurship.

Now back to the point – what niches are profitable for blogging? I mean Profitable.

A profitable niche for a blog is every niche which has a good audience and has less competition.

Are there such blogging niches? Hmmm…I doubt it, but let’s see.

To find what are the blogging niches that worth your efforts and resources, you should spend some time reading and search.

Peter Baskerville compiled a list where he put all the most interesting topics on Quora and sorted them out by the size of the audience. Here is how this looks visually:

Chart : Most popular topics on Quora by number of audience
Most popular topics on Quora by number of audiences (in millions)

Learning is an investment. Trust me.  Especially if this is your first blog.

Profitable niche for your blog could be any of the mentioned earlier topics and genres.

Look now at the chart and tell me but which topics in your opinion should be more profitable than the others? Can you tell? No? Me too.

What I can tell is that Technology is a very attractive and popular niche for blogging. One of the most popular topics for a blog and an excellent choice for all who have decided to make a profit from their blogs. Same for the remaining 49.

The above niches are very general and you can better decide on how would you like to call or group them in the future, in case you choose more than one topic or niche for your blog. Here I would like to suggest you select some of these topics and then we’ll see why they are better than others.

You will find many suggestions for profitable blog niches, but these are the ones I would like to suggest now:

  • LIFESTYLE (a huge niche that covers almost every topic)
  • NEWS (covers everything)
  • ENTERTAINMENT (this can also go as a sub-niche in the LIFESTYLE)

Let’s see now how these topics or niches perform compared to others by using the free keyword research tool from Google called Keyword Planner or Google Ads Keyword Planner.

This tool is a good place to make a research for the main topics of your blog and an excellent choice when it comes to select the niche for it.

After registering you can input some of the words you think describe best your initial idea for a blog niche and then the tool will help you with some suggestions.

You can also use any of these 9 niches I suggested a minute ago. Let’s try with the first two- Lifestyle and News and see what happens.

Make money blog : find profitable blog niche with Google Keyword Planner
Usually, people use Google Keyword Planner to source suitable keywords for Google Ads

Both selected niches “News” and “Lifestyle” have a good volume of monthly searches, however, News has significantly higher volume monthly searches a month ( 1M-10M ) compared to Lifestyle (100K-1M).

This is just a comparison between the two keywords and doesn’t mean that if you select Lifestyle for your blogging niche instead of News you will make less money. No.

What we’ll do next is we are going to input the same two words “Lifestyle” and “News” in Google Trends.

This wonderful free software will show us what is the general interest over a topic, or in our case the keywords which represent our blog niches.

Make money blog : find profitable blog niche with Google Trends
Google Trends -comparison between popular words: Lifestyle vs. News vs. Sex vs. YouTube


Instead of only the two keywords Lifestyle and News, I added also the words “YouTube” and “Sex” which are words with very high monthly search volume, so you can see better where the initially selected two words stand.

As per the above chart, we can say that the word News is more popular compared to the word Lifestyle. Additionally “Sex” is more searched compared to “News”.

This still doesn’t prove that a niche related to Lifestyle is less profitable compared to News.

The good thing in Google Trends that besides the keywords you can compare also Topics. So if your preferred blog niche is Lifestyle, you can spend some time and make research by Topics and as phrase words to use some sub-niches of Lifestyle.

For example, you can input Travel, Food, Fashion, Health, Fitness etcetera as topics in Google Trends and see what is the interest of the audience over time and where each topic(niche for your future blog) stands against the others.

Niche or niches that are most suitable for your money blog

With the above ideas, you will certainly manage to pick a superb niche or niches with a good audience for your blog.

There is one more thing left to think of – the Competition.

As we said before the best niches for blogging are those with a good audience (which means your niches are popular), but with less competition.

It is a good point to check in advance where you will have stronger competition before you even start with blogging business.

The good thing is you can check what is the situation easily and for free by using the Google search results pages. Just go to Google and paste any of the above words, which we assume are your main niches for your money blog and you will see how many items exist on the Web about it.

For example for the word “News” at very this moment Google reports that there are about 25,270,000,000 results existing online, while “Lifestyle” comes with about 2,190,000,000 results “only”.

This means for “News” there are about 11.5 more results which Google has found online compared to the results for “Lifestyle”.Does this one ring a bell?

If not – check again the results from Google Keyword Planner for the same words.

The search results’ volumes include everything from images to documents,mp4 files and blogs, but still can give you a clue about the popularity and respectively the competition in a particular blog niche.

As an excellent alternative to Google Search, you must check Buzz Sumo, because there is a free option which even if it’s limited can help you a lot in finding a searched and popular niche suitable for money blog.

Make money blog-find-your niche and popular-topics with Buzz Sumo
Find the best niche and popular topics with Buzz Sumo

The bad news, in this case, is the things change, so there is no certain formula for success. I mean that less competition today it doesn’t really mean things will be the same tomorrow.

They won’t be, for sure.

The point of the above exercise was to help you to understand that finding a good and profitable niche might consume some time, but it is not difficult.

And the more important  – it is an investment in the future.

To find the main topic, genre or niche is important for every blog, even for those that are not monetized. But if you plan to build a blog that makes money, selecting the right niche/s is simply critical.

As I mentioned above, before you decide on your main topics and niche, make sure that you don’t have strings attached to a domain name that will later “force” you to concentrate over particular topics.

What’s next?

I promised I will tell you what are the most profitable niches for money blogging, but I only gave you a general idea of where to look at. I have to start a blog from a scratch now my personal choice will gravitate around these niches, which I reckon will be always interesting and popular till the world stops turning:

Technology, Internet/Social Media, Health, Travel, News, Business, Money/Economics, Food, Shopping, Science, Entertainment, Films/Movies, Music, Art, Sports, Relationship, Politics, Beauty, Fashion/Style, Lifestyle, Design, Writing/Blogging, WordPress/WP modules, Parentship, DYI/Crafts, Literature/Books, Psychology, History, Photography, Games, Diets/Nutrition/Healthy Living,Celebrity, Curious facts.

If you have doubts- check out what’s hot on AllTop.

If you didn’t manage to get asleep, then you will be able to see what’s next. The next to come (which is soon) is another interesting article for money blogs. I’m still cooking the name, but probably will be something with “statistics” in it.

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