These are some of my favorite free tools for bloggers.What are yours?

Young woman is using a laptop for creating a blog post

Do you like good free tools?

I do.

If you have already a blog, then I do not have to tell you how much time it takes to write an article before you finally click on the “Publish” button. Your goal is usually to reach as many readers or a small neatly selected target audience and to inspire all of them with your content.

To help you focus on blogging and work productively in the future, I have listed some useful online tools that I use almost daily, and that assist me as a blogger. The good news is, all these little helpers are free.


In this article, we will have a look at some of the best free tools for bloggers, which include:

  1. Free Grammar and Spell-check check tools for Bloggers
  2. Free Bookmarking Tools for every Blogger
  3. Free tools for Bloggers for Distraction-free writing
  4. Free Image Editing Tools for Bloggers
  5. Free Topic generators for every Blogger
  6. Free Topic generators for your Blogs

This useful set of free blogging tools can assist you in your daily tasks and make your career as a blogger easier.

Every Blogger Loves These Free Tools

There are at least four reasons for you to like them too -they are free, accessible simple and useful.

Free Writing and Grammar check tools for Bloggers

An excellent blog post should not contain spelling errors as possible and should not consist of very long sentences. Writing is not always smooth, but there are tools to help you do that better.

Among my favorite tools for grammar check and improving my writing are :

Hemingway App
Free Online Spell Checker

How I use free spell-check and grammar check software?

The listed here free blogging tools for improving the quality of your writing in every single blog post are user-friendly and simple to use. I utilize at least one of them every single time when creating a new article or a blog post. You can find more tools for content creators here.


Bookmarking Tools for bloggers

The online bookmarking tools help to collect, save and organize web content to read later.

Many bloggers can confirm it’s not always easy to keep track of all things, topics and information around you. Chaos can spread, and then you waste precious time to get all things adequately organized.

Here I present to you these pretty cool free gadgets that every blogger should use to save and keep a track on favorite blogs, links or websites.

With these bookmarking tools, you can entirely concentrate on blogging instead of trying to remember what was where.
My Favorite set of free bookmarking software:


Free tools for bloggers.Bookmarking tools

How I use the free bookmark software?
Sometimes I come across an enticing article I want to read, but at that moment I can’t do it because I have things to do.

In such a case I use a bookmarking tool that let me mark, download, or otherwise set that page or article aside in a more convenient and easy-to-read way and to keep track of all articles I want to read at some point. Real time savers.

Blogging tools for Distraction-free writing

If you are not self-disciplined blogging can be a difficult, time-consuming task. Constant distractions, such as e-mails or social networking sites are absolute productivity killers when writing a blog post. Hopefully, there are a few tools that can assist in your work as a blogger.


How I use Free Distraction-free writing tools?
The Distraction-free writing tools help me to work with time, manage distractions, eliminate burnouts and create a better life-work balance. Quite useful.

Free Image editing and graphic design Tools for Bloggers

Every blogger needs software for images editing.

Photo editing tools are becoming essential as the importance of high-quality content has changed. Luckily there are excellent free tools that help bloggers in their daily routines.

With these free online tools for image editing, I save time and am more productive when creating my new blog publications.

Free Advanced Image and design editor by Photopea
Free Editor for Photos by Fotor
Free Online Image Editor
Online free Photo Editor by BeFunky
Free Online Photo Editor by LunaPic
Online Photo Editor Free by piZap 

Free tools for bloggers:Image editing tools

How I use the free Image editing tools?
All presented here free Image editing tools are user-friendly and super simple to use. I use them every day for cutting, resizing and applying various effects to the photos I use for my blogs.

I usually prefer the free online image tools instead of the installed on my computer ones because they save me system resources. Handy.


Free Topic generators for your Blog

You might find a ton of free online tools for blogging which helps you to write blogs faster and better, but sometimes bloggers get stuck with their new content at the very beginning.

For such cases, there are also free blogging tools known as an idea or topic generators which can help you to initiate the process of content writing.

These are some of my favorite free blog topic generators:

Free Blog Topic Generator by Hubspot
Free Blog Title Idea Generator from Inbound Now
Free Link Bait Generator
Free Title Generator by Portent
Free Title Generator BY SEOPressor
Free Content Strategy Helper by Built Visible
Free BlogAbout Title Creator by iMPACT

How I use the Title creators and Blod idea generators
If I feel somehow clueless about what to be the next blog topic to write about, then I utilize the free topic generators which inspire me. Inspirational.

Free Title Analyzers for Blogs

A good headline is just as crucial as an engaging blog post, if not even more important, at least when attracting your readers.

Below are my favorite tools for evaluating the headlines of my blog posts and as you can see they can help you a lot to come up with superb ideas for headlines and better titles.

Free Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule
Free Headline Analyzer by ShareThrough 
Free Headline Analyzer with Emotional Marketing Value by AMI

Blogging -free tools-Headlines analyzer tools

How I use the Headline and Title analyzers
I use the title analyzers always together with the Title creators and Blog idea generators to get exciting headlines for my blog posts and often great ideas I’ve never thought about.

Super useful and very convenient at moments.

At the End

Running a blog is very similar to running a small business.

That’s why it is essential to use some handy free gadgets and online tools that make the life of active bloggers easier.

Try out these free tools for blogging I listed above and see which ones you like best, or if there are other free gadgets which are even better than the ones listed here.

Are there some free tools which are an integral part of your everyday life as a blogger or a content creator?

To be continued…

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