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Free and Paid Stock Photo sites for everyone

Free and paid stock photography websites

Stock photography is one of the most successful online businesses since images are among the commonly used media types.

Stock photography is the supply of photographs, which are often licensed for specific uses. 

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Photography has been an integral part of our lives forever, or maybe not forever, but at least since 1827. Images in their variety are one of the best ways people interact with the flow of information around, and this is a fact.

The quick expansion of social media and the benefits of digital photography over traditional film photography are among the main reasons for the first one to become so popular. From glossy newsmagazines to social networking sites, in the days of the augmented reality and smart technologies, everyone is using digital images.

The websites for digital stock photography and images are an excellent opportunity for photographers and graphics creators to sell and promote their art. Furthermore, the marketplaces for digital photography and other digital assets are also useful for other entrepreneurs to find billions of valuable assets for their work or online business.

Here you will find one of the most useful collections of websites for paid and free stock images. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, YouTuber, an artist, graphic designer or a photographer. Check out these:

Places to Sell or Buy digital images
Places to Showcase and Share Images
Places to find Free Stock Images
Places to Store Your Images 

Websites to Buy or Sell digital images or video

There are hundreds of famous and not so popular sites where professional photographers, graphic designers, and many other artists can benefit from. I have selected here some of the best ones you can find online. Even if you are not a professional artist, you can still submit your work and get paid for it, because of the great opportunity some of these stock imagery sites provide.

Image credit: Stefan Meier, DeviantArt


Shutterstock is one of the most popular online market places to buy or sell not only royalty-free photography. Actually, with a collection of over 240 million stock of footage clips, music tracks, clip art, and royalty-free images, Shutterstock is a leader on the market for digital and microstock photography.

The popular site for digital art is based on a subscription model, where contributors showcase and can sell different assets. This includes not only photography but also video clips, illustrations, and many others.

Above all Shutterstock is an international community and has a vast amount of images for web or print, but also a great website to earn money.

Learn how you can make money on Shutterstock here.

For those who are new in the photography niche there is an Android and iOS app, so the enthusiasts can upload and submit digital content straight from their mobile devices, while on the go.

Submit your photos to Shutterstock


The online marketplace for photos 123rf.com is among the best popular stock photography websites where photographers, artists, professionals or amateurs can submit their images and other art to and make money.

If you have good quality images that you want to contribute with and sell them on 123rf, then you can do it without much hassle, but I suggest you read these guidelines first.

Those who are looking to find quality photos and other stock imagery can select from a vast database. If you wonder how big is the digital library of this marketplace-there are over 20 million Royalty-Free digital assets you can choose from. This includes vectors, audio files, and video footage.

The wide selection and varieties of stock images from multiple artists and some of the top photographers you can find are making this digital marketplace one of the preferred choices. If you are seriously involved in digital advertising sphere or professionally involved in blogging or marketing the popular site has flexible subscription plans for every different need.

How to become a contributor on 123rf.com?

Adobe Stock

Would you like to search and select from over 100 million high-quality photos, illustrations, or videos? Do you need  3D assets or vector graphics, templates, or a brand new logo?

Adobe now owns one of the biggest names in the stock image industry, so if you have heard about Fotolia, then you probably know what Adobe Stock is all about.

Adobe Stock is not only a great place for content creators and editors or bloggers. You can make money every time any of the worldwide customers downloads your digital content.

Pretty much the same as it is on Shutterstock, but there are some differences between these two most popular digital marketplaces for talented entrepreneurs. If you are an artist or a photographer, then you shouldn’t miss this useful article which will help you to choose between Adobe Stock and Shutterstock and decide what works best for you when want to earn money by selling your images, videos or other digital assets.

Getty Images

Getty Images is the world’s second-largest commercial digital archive and supplier of stock images and digital collections. Getty has everything you might need for creating online or offline content. From editorial photography and video to music and vector images.

With an archive of over 200 million assets, Getty is among one of the best microstock photo agencies to purchase almost any type of digital content you can think of.

Of course, Getty Images is not only for people who are looking to find good quality images.

Equally to all other favorite market places that offer digital assets, Getty Images is also a website where people also can sell their images and other digital content. If you think that digital photography, video-creation, graphic design or music are things you are good at, then you have good chances to become a contributor and get paid for the quality of your items.

Learn more about how you can become a contributor to Getty, submit digital assets and get paid. Also, I would like to recommend you to have a quick look at these useful insights on image submission to their website.

Beautiful lady photographer
Image credit: David Bartus, Pexels


Dreamstime represents another quite popular website and royalty-free images community.
If you need perfect stock photos, vectors or images and for your project, Dreamstime is one of the first online royalty-free microstock providers to check with, because its library serves over 99 million images. This considerable amount of digital assets includes free and public domain images.
If you are among people who are passionate creators, photographers, designers, and artists or just an enthusiast, but good enough to compete with the pros, then you should know that Dreamstime is also a great marketplace for trading with various digital assets.
With this in mind, you can upload your own photos and other files and receive a percentage from every asset sold on the site. You can use Dreamstime’s Apple and Android apps to upload pictures easy.

Apart from the well-known features, specific for almost every other microstock photography website, Dreamstime also offers design and photo contests that allow you to win prizes for your content.


For sure Alamy has one of the world’s most impressive and diverse stock photo collections which you can find online nowadays.

If you need high-quality digital assets of almost any kind, then check out Alamy’s database which contains over 155 million high-quality Stock photos, Stock Images, and vectors. Apart from these, there are also collections with 360-degree panoramic images and a massive amount of different video shots, ready to use for any type of media or projects.

As you can imagine, Alamy is not only for people who want to source images and other digital content but also for those who create it and would love to benefit from it.

If you produce engaging quality content, that can be used in offline or online for different purposes and want to sell it, then Alamy is one of the online marketplaces you have to check and compare with the others.

Are you interested in publishing your content and digital assets? Check Alamy’s guidelines on what is required to become a contributor and make money from your works.

Other popular websites where you can Sell or Buy Stock Photos

There are still plenty of other places to buy or sell digital photography, images, and other digital assets, but I will mention only a few more, which I think worth to be discussed here:

  • Istockphoto or iStock – iStock is part of Getty Images and is another international microstock photography provider. Istockphoto offers millions of royalty free photos, videos, audio tracks, illustrations, and clip art online. This digital marketplace, of course, is another website where artists and other digital content creators can exhibit and make money from their work.
  • Envato – Envato Elements is not as popular as Shutterstock in the world of digital photography, but still quite a popular marketplace, where you can buy curated photos from many independent photographers or sell digital assets such as stock video, graphics, graphics templates, and music files.
  • BigstockBigstockphoto is part of Shutterstock, and this is microstock agency and social website where you can buy or sell different types of digital assets such as Stock Photos, Images, Vectors, Stock Videos, and video footage.
  • Can Stock Photo –  Can Stock Photo is a well-known stock photography provider which licenses royalty-free digital illustrations, picture clip art, images, and footage files on behalf of illustrators, photographers, and videographers.

With so many choices finding the best place as a source for your project can be a headache. When you have to decide on a particular digital marketplace bear in mind that every single microstock agency have different offers and conditions both for their customers and content contributors.

With this in mind have a look at these helpful articles, which can assist you in making your choice.

Ultimate Guide with 20 Stock Photo Websites [for buyers]
Funny looking boy, photographer
Image credit: Fady Hany, Pexels
Best Stock Photo Sites compared [for sellers]
Where to Sell photos Online [for sellers]

Websites to Share or Showcase Images or Videos

On some of the websites listed here, you can share not only your images but your videos too.

Sites to Share and Showcase your Images

Here is the time to mention the cliche, that an image often can say more than a thousand words.

Instagram, PinterestImgur, and Flickr are among the best imagery sites where authors and creators can publish their works and showcase them to the right audience, but there are more places out there.

Among other popular candidates for  photo sharing and images advertising on the Web are also these free services :


There are websites which are excellent for exposing your work, and at the same time could be used for storing images. Check some of my favorites :


Read more about best image sharing sites.


Websites for Free Stock Images

Every blogger knows that from an aesthetic point of view, the right image can not only be appealing to the audience and readers, but it can also support your thesis or topic, and add real value to your post.

Some creators-writers and artists use their images and photos along with their text content. However, the vast majority of content creators and bloggers usually use shared (paid or available for free) resources.
The free images are easy to find on the Internet since there’s been a growing number of websites with fantastic stock photography popping up all over the web.

When using free photos or images found on the internet, one must adhere to some simple, but fundamental rules.

Black camera lens body
Image credit: Pexels

The images that you can use for free are either those whose author has given you written permission, or those who have a Creative Commons License that enables you to do so.

There are many different types of Creative Commons Licenses. Some let you a personal use of the shared images but not commercial, others are for personal and commercial use but with attribution, while others do not let you touch it or modify it in any aspect.
In short, the combinations are many and can make you dizzy if you read all of them, but it is essential to know at least these related to the images you plan to use in your article, infographic or other content.

Read all you need to know about Creative Commons Licensing on Pixsy.

Finding free, high-quality images for your website or blog is quite simple. Just perform a search on Google to discover a few.

For this post, I have curated a list of excellent sites for free stock images.
This list is an extensive collection of hand-picked, free, high-resolution stock photos that can be handy for bloggers and any other content creators.


Places to Store Your Images 

Through the years, the volume of various produced digital content has also increased significantly. This along with the development of digital technology and higher requirements to the image files caused the need for using larger digital storages.


Online places where you can store images for free

These are some of the best services that allow storing photos you can find these days:

Young photographer outdoors
Image credit: Jacub Gomez, Pexels


Google Photos
Free Image Hosting


If you think this bunch of sites is not long enough, check this list of sites which provide free image hosting services.

You can also subscribe for a paid membership and use some of these popular online services for photo storage, which usually have some benefits, which the free services for photo hosting don’t provide.

Places with paid subscriptions, where you can store images

Note that some of the paid services listed here provide also free plans, with some limitations:

Amazon Photos
Wix Pro Gallery

Of course, you don’t have to necessarily use dedicated photo storage, since there are also other convenient places where you can store not only images but everything digital. And the best of all – they are free.

The only disadvantage of using such storage, rather than using some of the services who provide dedicated storage for images is that you don’t have the showcase element. However, in some cases, such general cloud storage might be preferred due to convenience, security or many other reasons.

Google Drive
Microsoft Azure
Amazon Simple Storage

Few more words at the end

People use images in almost every business and niche, especially those related to the creation of visual content or direct interaction with large auditories such as marketing and advertising, because posts with images help to generate interest in the published content.

The demand for both free and paid types of images will continue to grow in the future as well as the need for new imagery types.

I believe the shared on here lists of free and paid services related to image sourcing, image storing and image sharing will be helpful to find what works best in your case.


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