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What is UpMixed?
Why Upmixed?
What can you read on UpMixed?
What you won’t be able to read on UpMixed?
How to get your digital materials published on UpMixed?
How to advertise on UpMixed?
What’s coming next on UpMixed?
How to Get in Touch with Us?

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is UpMixed?

UpMixed is an online magazine and global media for people who are interested in business and technologies, entrepreneurship, innovations, lifestyle, culture, smart things and everything which is trending right now. For more detailed information see our About Us page.

Why UpMixed?

We came up with this funny name for our brand during one of our team building meetings on Friday the 13th while we were having a nice chat around the table.

We had already planned that our digital magazine would cover many different intriguing topics, so one of our colleagues suggested the brand name to include the word “mix” in it. This was how our informal discussion started. Going through all possible combinations including mixing, downmixing, upmixing, mixers, whatsoever we finally found what we were looking for.

Upmixed sounded like the wording we were trying to find. We liked the idea for UpMixed to be our brand name, so we picked it up.

What can you read on UpMixed?

There are many things you can read about on our website from evergreen articles to the latest trending topics online.

You can read about pretty much everything on UpMixing, but here are our main topics :

In Insights you can read topics about Brands and Companies, Entrepreneurship, Internet, Marketing, Social Media, Social Networking, Business and many more. Those who are looking for suggestions about Startups, New Business ideas or Career bits of advice will undoubtedly enjoy this part of our site.

Our Lifestyle section will be interesting for people who want to learn about trending topics such as Food, Beauty, Design, Fashion, Health, Sex, Shopping, Travel, Living, Women and Men. But this is not all. If you are curious about Hobbies and DIY, House and Garden, Outdoors and new Ideas for your Home in general, then you will find a little bit of everything in there.

The Technology section of UpMixed includes everything related to Web, Future, Gadgets, Innovations or Smart Ideas. We cover various captivating topics from almost every industry which has something to do with Science, Software, Tech Startups, Autos, Internet of Things and Internet of Everything.

Culture covers pretty much everything about Art, Books, and Digital Content. People who love to know more about topics related to Media, Cinema and TV, Entertainment, Gaming, Images, Video or Music will appreciate the variety of exciting topics in this section.

People is our section for the readers who want to dig deeper into topics such as Relations, Emotions or Family. This part of UpMixed magazine is designed to provide highlights also on other topics including Stories, Parenting, and Inspiration.

The last chapter from our magazine, Mixed is a place which we added to our online edition last. Here we have includes topics such as Viral and Curious. Mixed is designed for our audience who would like to see exciting things about the Universe and Media from all around the Web and outside. Plenty of different Global sources are included in this section.

What you can’t read on UpMixed?

We are trying to make our magazine interesting for everybody, but on Upmixed you will not be able to read topics related directly to Politics and Sports.

How can I publish digital material on UpMixed?

We would love to hear from you. Publishing digital materials on our website is easy, or at least – not difficult at all.

If you are an author, journalist or a blogger and wish to contribute with digital materials read our guidelines for guest authors, prepare your content and let us know. You can get in touch with our editors’ team by sending them an email at

In case you submit an article or other digital goods for publishing, bear in mind we accept attachments but prefer more advanced ways such as file sharing, especially when the size of the materials exceeds 5 MBs.

Before you attempt to contact our editors or send any digital materials for publishing, please ensure you have read below guidelines. They will give you an idea of how to save yours and our time and engrave your name in the Hall of Fame.

Guidelines for authors on UpMixed

Guest bloggers, guest authors, journalists, writers or contributors who would like to see their articles and digital materials published on UpMixed are kindly requested to read below guidelines:

  1. We don’t pay our contributors for their publications. Our contributors don’t pay us for distributing their content either. Refer to the Advertising section below if you would like to submit promotional materials for publishing on our website.
  2. Our audience is international. To put it simply – we expect articles or the digital materials you would like to send to us are interesting for a global audience. Think UpMixed.
  3. We encourage authors who can share their stories and personal experience. We cherish those who are influencers and can motivate people for good causes.
  4. We accept guest publications on almost any exciting topic except for those related directly to Sports or Politics.
  5. Do you like mixed stuff and mixing, in general? We do. We also respect different opinions, and hence we don’t tolerate intolerance. We don’t tolerate profanity, dishonesty and the lack of common sense either. Don’t Mix it Up.
  6. As a globally distributed online publication, we expect all articles to be written and submitted in English.
  7. Although we are more than glad to give a stage not only to authors with experience but also to the newbies we appreciate the quality of writing.Before submitting any articles to our editors, ensure the text is thoroughly checked for grammar errors. We highly recommend the use of grammar checker or writing assistant for every text you send to our editors’ team, regardless if you are an experienced blogger, a journalist with a long-term practice, a marketing specialist or a brand new freelancer who has just started to write for larger audiences.
  8. Did we mention we don’t like plagiarism at all? We praise mixed things, but while we love citations and cherish curation, we can’t publish materials which don’t belong to our guest authors. In other words – before sending anything digital, please make sure it is yours. We appreciate only authentic and original digital materials that are created by you and belong to you.
  9. Guest blogging is quite popular nowadays, and our mixed digital magazine is a perfect place for guest bloggers to share their opinion on different topics, but remember we don’t accept self-promotional materials. Instead, we prefer to provide a stage for authors who are keen to contribute with interesting, useful and engaging content. If you are interested in advertising on our website, please refer to the Advertising section below.
  10. We are trying hard to respond to every message we get, but please – be patient. It might take a while before we have the chance to read and respond to yours. We usually provide feedback within a week.

As a guest author you have good chances the article you have submitted to get published on UpMixed if  :

  • Your article is original, well written and easy to understand;
  • Tells a compelling and useful story;
  • It provides constructive insights;
  • It has logical arguments;
  • Helps others to make decisions;
  • Provokes thinking;

You have good chances your digital materials (infographics, images, photos, podcasts, etc.) different than articles get published on UpMixed if  :

  • They are original, thought-provoking and useful;

Advertising on UpMixed

We accept different kinds of digital promotional materials to advertise your business in our online magazine. We don’t accept or publish every type of digital ads, but among most popular digital promotional materials we work with are banners, videos, audio files, articles, sponsored mentions.

If you are interested in advertising on UpMixed, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Please contact our editors to find out more about our requirements at

An important note: after your message in the subject line add the word ads in brackets [ADS]. Someone will get in touch with you, as soon as this is feasible.


What’s coming next on UpMixed?

We have planned a lot of exciting things to happen in the future on UpMixed and to include a digital shop and a forum or a social place for discussions, but this is still in the project phase.

How to Get in Touch with Us?

We love to hear from you. If you would like to get in touch with us, don’t hesitate to use the details provided on our  Contact Us page.

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