What Do people Search on Google ?

What people Search on Google ?

What people search on Google and what are the most popular searches on the Internet is a question many of us are curious about.

Google search trends are one of the key topics also interesting for many marketers and online business owners. This is because keywords are one of the most important parts of SEO.

Today we will have a look together on most popular search terms and the top Google searches in particular. For the analysis of the most popular trending searches, we used some of the best keyword research tools for SEO, available presently on the market.


What do people Search on Google?

Before we start with the online searches I would like to clear one thing. We need to know What People Talk about, first.


What people Talk about

Whether is pure curiosity or an answer required for creating a new marketing strategy, at some point, every one of us has probably asked the same questions. These questions are “What are the others searching for on the Internet right now?” or “What are the others talking about Online right now”?

People talk about interests. Either theirs’ or someone else’s interests.  This includes our daily conversations outside the Internet and the communications we have online.

People talk about interests
People talk about their interests, problems or achievements.    [Image: Shutterstock ]
People also talk about their achievements, the problems they have, or about the neighbor next door, but these are still conversations related to their interests.

One way, or another.

To summarize- in general, people talk about Interests. Full stop.


What people Search for, usually?

People search for things online (and in general) either to get answers on topics that are interesting for them or to find solutions for existing problems that somehow relate to them.

Hence, the online searches refer (and reflect) to the things we discuss or talk about because the conversations or discussions have the same idea as the online queries.

Word Cloud of Most searched words on Internet
A words cloud consisting of the Most searched words on the Internet  [Image: UpMixed]

The online queries we submit or questions we ask Google or any other search engine are to get a solution or to improve our general Knowledge.

To put it simple-what people search for online is again everything related to interests. Basically the same things as with the talks and the discussions.

Do you know what is the most popular number people search for online?

What people search for, since forever?

As you might assume, the Top google search queries usually include the most popular topics and words (known also as keywords) from our everyday lives.

Therefore the search queries normally include these keywords and now we will see what people search most.

The most popular Google keywords

A Disclaimer: To get what is most searched on Google we used different software.

Some of the software we used is available for free and I’ll mention it in a while. The more detailed part of this research was made by a paid, in-house and SAAS software.

Such software is used for SEO purposes by various professionals and agencies.

The most searched words online and the monthly search volume for each one of them
The most searched words on the Internet and the monthly search volume for each one of the words.  Image [UpMixed]
To find as many as possible Google searches of most used words in the world we first compiled a number of long lists with words.

These lists were containing data, used for the search queries required for our research. This is what we included :

  • most popular companies and brands in the world ;
  • the most popular websites ;
  • most popular words ;
  • most popular products ;
  • the names of the most popular people in in the world ;
  • most popular names, colors, letters and numbers ;
The raw data containing first unfiltered results of search words shows clearly what people search for on the Web
The raw data containing first unfiltered results of search words show clearly what people search for online [Image: UpMixed]

As you can see from the above table with unfiltered results, what people are searching most actively on the Internet is Entertainment, Information, and Services.

The usual information people seek for is related to the weather forecast, their location and latest sports results. The most searched services include those provided by most popular social networks, online shopping, online mail providers and language translation.

Entertainment includes some of the most popular platforms for video sharing and video broadcasting. Some of the most popular search terms clearly demonstrate what people are searching for online quite actively – sex and porn.

A Note: Some of the extracted results are in cells with a darker blue color. These are the search terms, related to a particular brand name. The brands or label-related keywords incorporate searched words such as facebook, instagram, google, badoo, zara, linkedin or bbc news.

The most searched on Google 200 words, unfiltered

This is the list of most popular words online, without applying any filter on the results.It contains the first two hundred of the most searched on Google keywords, utilized by the Web users for their queries.

The most searched on Google.These are the most popular 200 words.
These are the two hundred most searched words on the Internet.Results are not filtered yet. [Image: UpMixed]

Well, above are the most popular 200 searches on the Web, without removal of similar words. This is the raw data what we got after selecting and filtering of over ten thousand search words.

See what we did next.


The top 100 Google searches filtered

We wanted to get a clearer picture of what single words top google searches include but this time excluding as much as possible brands and repetitive or duplicated words.

We filtered all brand names, the duplicated search words and wrongly entered search queries. For instance, we removed calcu but left the word calculator, for obvious reasons, even if calcu has more monthly searches compared to the term calculator.

After this filtering, we got the below list.

It represents top google searches of things and the words that people use most frequently for their search queries on the Web. As mentioned above, brands and popular labels were excluded from these words list.

The most searched hundred words online.
The most searched words online. This list doesn’t include the popular brands or labels  [Image: UpMixed]

The above list doesn’t include popular brand names or famous labels. It only contains the most popular words searched by Internet users. If you are interested you can contact us about the full list with raw data.

What people are searching for (right now)?

After we saw what people usually search for on the Internet, now it is the time to mention a few Google tools, which were quite useful in our case study.

These free tools are Google Ads Keyword planner, Google Trends, Google Auto-suggest, Google Related Search and Google Correlate.

We used the tools mentioned above to help us find the most searched words on the Internet.

Now we will demonstrate how we utilized these free Google tools and we will also try to figure out What are the people searching for right now.


The Free Keyword Finder

With the help of Google Auto Suggest and Google Related Search, by using synonyms we gathered a huge list of words we assumed would be among the most searched ones. Later, with Google Ads Keyword Planner we got even more words suggestions.

Basically, we used all these three tools as keyword suggestion tools for our research. Within the free Keyword Planner, we compared and filtered the words with Search volumes over 1 M (million or 1,000,000) per month.

The searched words with monthly search volumes under 1,000,000 were abandoned and we didn’t use them for our study.

Learn more about how to use the free keyword finder tools from Google

The  Keyword Planner by Google is a cool keyword tool, but it doesn’t provide detailed info about the search volumes of the words. For this reason, we put in action some of the best paid tools for keyword research we have in our possession.

This is how we got the accurate figures about how popular  online is each one of the searched words from our huge list. The next step is to utilize the power of Google Trends.


Google Trends or  Explore What people are searching for right now

Explore what the world is searching is the slogan of Google Trends and this is for a reason.

We used the trends tool to see if particular search words are popular in a long term period or not. In other words, we wanted to check the interest of people in a given popular search word from our list.

Here are few examples with the trends of words people are searching permanently for and they are on the top of our list of Top 100 most searched words onlinetranslatorweather, you, maps and porn.

Google Trends for few of the most popular searched words on the Web
Google Trends helped us to identify the most popular words people are searching for at this moment  [Image : UpMixed]

I am not planning to go in details and explain how exactly Google Trends works and how useful a tool it can be, but I’ll try to give you a clue why some searched words are trending.

We removed some of the top searched words from the above trends chart with the exception of the search term you . Afterwards, we added the searched word youtube and this is what we got.

We compared in Google Trends two of most popular searched words and this is what we got. [Image : UpMixed]

The trends chart clearly shows the rising popularity of both searched words and how the searched word “you” is depending on “youtube”.Similar case is the comparison between the word “what” and the searched term “whatsapp” , for instance.

Some words searched online, normally have peaks, but a steady interest over the time. Hence, they are among the terms, people are constantly using as search words in their queries.

I’ll use for illustration the word tsunami.

Other popular searched words have inclined trends, which means people are searching for these online and their interest increases over the time.

Below trends are very good examples.

Some of the trending searched online terms have visible peaks.The increasing interest about particular words is also visible.
Some of the presently trending searched online terms have visible peaks. [Image : UpMixed]
At the end – Google Trends is a wonderful tool for checking what search terms people use to find what they are looking for online.

Moreover, we could even use this free keyword tool to find out what are the people going to search in future.

A Note : When you have the time for experiments, you can have a look on Search queries and Search topics, which are located at the bottom of the Google Trends screen.


What are the people going to search in the future?

The cool thing about the future is that no one can tell you what’s going to happen, but we can have fun and try out to make some predictions.Again Google Trends can be our friend and by exploring the cool trends we can make some good enough predictions of what will the people continue to search online in the future.

Certainly searched words such as virtual, AI, VR, AR or machine learning will become even more popular online in future, while the interest over the weather, latest news or user’s present location probably wouldn’t change much. At least for the next few years.

How the way people search online will change in future is something we will figure out out soon.
How the way we search online will change in the future is something we’ll find out soon. [Image: Shutterstock]

The bottom lines

As we noticed, the most popular words people use for searching online mostly include branded words or usual terms we use daily in our conversations.

Most popular topics searched online include weather, our location, latest news and other services provided by popular websites or social networks. The word translate is among the words searched most frequently online and this is one of the reasons its trend is rising.

There are literally billions of search phrases people use to search online what is interesting and relevant to them. Regardless of this variety of searched words and terms, we were able to figure out what people search on Google.

We managed to find what are the most popular searched words now and which ones possibly will be popular also in the future. This was achieved by using free and paid keyword research tools such as the free keyword planner from Google.

What the future will bring and how online changes will change further we will see soon.

Surely the latest technologies will bring something even more advanced, compared to presently developing ones which include natural language processing, voice search and semantic search.


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