The most popular Sites and Apps like Pinterest


What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the most popular social networking websites and mobile apps used today.
The concept behind the well-known pinboard bookmarking service is to help people with discovering and sharing interesting information on the Internet, by using images, GIFs and videos.

While we like Pinterest and love using the easy pinboard structure, today we are going to have a look at its most popular alternatives.


Pinterest and its Pinboard concept

Pinterest provides its millions of users with excellent collections of images and related content as per their requirements and needs. Nowadays there are many social bookmarking websites, but what makes Pinterest stand out from the crowd is its user-friendly interface. The pinboard setup attracts first-time visitors with its simplicity while the social aspect and the limitless variety of interesting topics make them join the club.


Pinterest and its Alternatives

The times change, people change and the Web changes too. As we all know, competition makes the world go round. There is competition everywhere and Pinterest is not an exception. Nowadays there are many successful and unsuccessful apps and websites that use popular pinboard as a concept.

Some of the successful alternatives to Pinterest not only look very similar to the popular visual bookmarking site but also offer similar and sometimes even extended functionalities.


Pinterest vs. Sites like Pinterest

People love using Pinterest, because of various reasons, but of course, not everybody is the same. While for some users Pinterest is probably the best online platform for sharing, others find it too girly or boring. Those who don’t want to lock themselves into one single platform have the option to look for websites, slightly different than Pinterest, narrowed to particular topics and eventually – a better choice for them.

For this reason, we carefully selected some of the popular copycats, tried them and compiled a list of the most successful clones and competitors of Pinterest that can be found around these days.


The most visited Pinboard Sites and Apps like Pinterest

While most of the brands who are using the concept of pinboard have provided not only a website but also a web app for their software, we decided to start first with the most popular sites like Pinterest and then to have a look on the Pinterest-like apps in a separate section.


The most visited Pinboard Sites like Pinterest


1. Piccsy

Picsy is one of the most visited pinboard websites like Pinterest

Piccsy is inspired by Pinterest, Google Images and Flipboard at the same time, so it really worth to have a look at least. I think you will be interested in giving it a try if you know that the monthly visitors exceed 3,5 mln users! You also will find that the motto of Piccsy “Revolutionizing The Way People Discover, Share and Interact with Images Online” is not just another sweet, inspiring slogan.

It is true.

Piccsy a social sharing platform which provides for users a great environment to discover new things from the Internet, based on personalized streams. Basically, Piccsy is providing options which Google, Pinterest, Tumblr, and many other social bookmarking platforms are lacking. Piccsy helps you discover the images you love by setting up your preferences and interests or topics which here are named Streams. The inspiring topics include advertising, art, crafts, fashion, photography, design, music, toys, animals and many more.

Piccsy doesn’t have a native app, but a mobile version of the site only.


2. We Heart It

We Heart It is another example of a website using the pinboard concept like Pinterest


Similar to Pinterest, We Heart It is an image-based social network for inspiring images. After registering which can be done by using one of their social accounts, the users can choose various Collections or Inspirations to follow, based on their requirements.

The initial setup of the topics is similar to Pinterest.”A home for your inspiration” and a place to “Organize and share the things you love.” is what describes We Heart It best. The users of We Heart It can exchange not only inspirations and links, but also messages. The website with over 45 million users is multilingual, and by now there are 24 languages available.

We Heart It site is very Pinterest-alike, and you can share interesting photos or links, to follow people or brands and to have followers. There are some limitations when saving the link with photos-they should not be less than 240 pixels by 200 pixels, which is fair enough.

In general We Heart It is not much different from Pinterest, so if you never used or you are tired of Pinterest by some reason-you can give it a try. It is an excellent site for storing your bookmarks, sharing interests and finding new friends.

The site can be accessed through a web browser, but We Heart It has also iOS and Android mobile apps.



PearlTrees is one of the examples of a successful Bookmarking website based on Pinboards


The website PearlTrees is a social, visual collaborative tool which supports the interests of the registered users. By installing the WebClipper extension in their browsers users can add/ bookmark images, text, videos or pages while browsing. Apart of the usual items for storing and sharing on PearlTrees users can also extract an embed code and past it into blogs and other content management systems, save notes or files and access them from any device.

The product allows users to drag and drop content, to use snippets and to collaborate in teams when curating topics and more. There is an option for an upgrade of the free membership, which is ads-free, provides extra storage space for the saved items and have some extras like private bookmarking. The product itself is something really different and have a different approach to the social bookmarking, visualization and teamwork, which makes it interesting.

PearlTrees is also available as an iPhone/iPad and Android application.


4. Fancy

Fancy uses the concept of Pinterest and is a successful competitor of the popular website

What is Fancy? Similar to Pinterest as visual appearance, Fancy is a global community and a multilingual e-commerce site for curated content, based on interests.

Users can discover, share and buy fancy stuff and goods from thousands of promoted in the Fancy community stores. Fancy is something similar to Amazon but empowered with notes of a social community. On finding something interesting to share, users utilize the bookmarklet tool(which has to be installed to a web browser) to select an image and describe it and then add it to their personal feeds. The image is automatically linked back to the page from where it was found.

Apart from the bookmarking option users may also upload pictures, and describe them within the subcategories of either women, kids, men, art, pets, home, gadgets, food, media or other. Like in Pinterest and other social places, users can also “follow” others whose tastes they like. Users who generate a lot of interest are rewarded with honorary titles for their curatorial prowess.

Fancy has mobile applications for iPhone/ iPad and Android platforms.


5. Etsy

Etsy is popular enough to be mentioned in the list of the Pinterest alternatives

Etsy is still the most famous Pinterest-style alternative at the moment. As you know the Etsy e-community includes creative entrepreneurs who sell on the platform, thoughtful consumers looking to buy unique goods in Etsy’s marketplace, retailers and manufacturers. Manufacturers partner with sellers on Etsy thus both sides grow their businesses.



One of the web sites that look like Pinterest: Gawkerverse


The Gawkerverse is a network of curated, photo gallery-like websites, similar to Pinterest and a good alternative to it. Gawkerverse sites are dedicated to showcasing and curation and include Foodgawker, Craftgawker, Weddinggawker, Dwellinggawker, and Stylegawker.

For instance, Dwellinggawker is a curated photo gallery that allows you the visual search and discovery of ideas to inspire your living place or workspace. On Dwellinggawker users can find photography submitted by design and architecture bloggers from around the world.

The editors of Gawkerverse review submissions daily and choose the highest quality, stunning images to showcase to the audiences. Users can organize their favorites by tags and saving notes and of course, share the exciting items on other social networks.

Are You thinking to Make your Own Pinterest-Style website?

Sites with options for social interactions and appealing grid layout are really popular nowadays.If you get tempted to create a visual bookmarking site like Pinterest,remember that there are far too many existing websites and apps 
that follow the same conceptualization and finding a place under the Sun might be a challenging task.


7. DudePins and GentleMint

GentleMint is well-oriented to the favorite interests of the gentlemen


Both DudePins and GentleMint as their names suggest are dedicated to the gentlemen, and also both of them are good competitors of Pinterest. Even their look and favicons are similar.

Gentlemint is an online community for sharing and discussing all things manly, and the featured topics include Cars, Alcohol, Food, Interesting architecture, Fitness, and Popular culture. Gentlemint has also podcasts.

As appearance DudePins is pretty much the same as Pinterest, with similar options and has an app for iOS.

Enjoy, Gents.



As the name suggests, Designspiration is a pinboard site for Inspiration, Design, and Designers


As the name suggests Designspiration is a site or a hub, oriented to the designers and designers communities. Designspiration is an intuitive user platform, and this makes it extremely easy for anyone to share and interact with other people.

This site which is similar to Pinterest helps creativity, and it’s a great tool for collecting and sharing ideas. Designspiration was created with the primary purpose of efficiently providing inspiration for creatives.

There are no apps from Designspiration available for iOS or Android.



Used by creative professionals, Behance is a Showcase and Discovery site, similar to Pinterest as a concept


If you are a designer or freelancer, then Behance and its community can be really helpful and assist you to make a perfect online resume for yourselves.

If you are a designer or just love the idea of being creative, then for sure you should be a part of this community. Behance is a really good choice if you’re in search of Pinterest alternatives for designers and creative people.

Behance have downloadable apps for both Android and iOS.


10.Main and Me

Have you heard about this Pinterest alternative before?


Have you heard about Main and Me before? Main and Me is dedicated to independent, local shopping and is a website to use when shopping in your city, town or neighborhood. Main and Me is an eCommerce website in the Pinterest style and is founded on the principle of helping people discover the best products, sales, and events offered by the independent businesses in their community.

As one of the rivals of Pinterest the application is neat and useful for the business owners and the customers and the similarity comes from the easy way to showcase photos of everything. The new and loyal customers can follow their favorite stores and keep on top of what’s hot and what’s new. If you have your store, starting a store page on Main and Me is free, fast and straightforward.

The use of Snap, Caption, and Check In a photo reminds a bit of Yelp‘s way of businesses promotion. Main and Me is dedicated to local independent stores and provides a beautiful space so their owners can compete with malls, big box stores, and the Internet Shopping. By helping them make their inventory “discoverable” online Main and Me supports the local businesses, while the customers benefit saved expenses from transportation and less time required for deliveries of the selected items.

Main and Me doesn’t have apps for Android or iOS.


How To Make a website Similar to Pinterest?

There are companies and solutions available to help you to make your own Pinterest-like site and you can find them easily by searching in Google.Here are shown some of the successful and popular start-ups with a design and concepts inspired by Pinterest.However, bear in mind that there are also many unsuccesfull and unpopular projects that were started with the idea of Pinterest's founders, but by one reason or another were discontinued.




Dribble has some common things with Pinterest but is mainly used by creative professionals


Dribbble takes number eleven in my list for a reason. This web site is a useful equivalent of Pinterest and an excellent place to promote, show, explain, discover and explore design.

Dribbble is among the world’s best-organized social online communities for creatives to share their works, to grow, and to get hired. As a social network by heart, Dribbble is one of the ultimate resources for discovering and connecting with many creative talents around the globe: web designers, artists, typographers, graphic designers, illustrators, logo designers, and others creative types.

If you are a talented freelancer or newbie artist, you can upload screenshots exposing your works, portfolios and current projects for the community to view, like and comment on.

There are available Dribbble apps in App Store and Google Play store.



With a concept which utilizes the pinboard design Juxtapost allows you to bookmark your favorite things from the Web.


Juxtapost is another exciting website that offers to its users, a discovery of new trends and bookmarking services. With a style which partly imitates Pinterest, but is not exactly a Pinterest Doppelgänger, Juxtapost lets you save all your favorite things you find while browsing the Web.

This website, same as it is on Pinterest, allows creating private boards and with the help of a button, you can discover more items similar to the ones you are looking at. The users of the site can collaborate when sharing items which can be a useful feature when working as a team.

Another useful feature of Juxtapost is registered users can export their post in an Excel sheet with all the descriptions and original links which can be useful if they would like to follow up their saved online bookmarks easily.


13. VisualizeUs



VisualizeUs has a simple and clean design and resembles Pinterest


VisualizeUs or Vi.sualize.Us has a simple, clean design and is one of the candidates for equivalents of Pinterest. Similar to other mentioned on here websites with many of the features, VisualizeUs has add-ons for browsers, which help you to quickly save images and create bookmarks while browsing any web page on the Internet.

You can navigate among the most favored images, browse through the categories, or choose the “shuffle” option that will show you random photos. You do not need an invitation to register, and you can also use your Facebook or Twitter account to sign up.



Manteresting is another website oriented to the male audience and looks like Pinterest


Manteresting is another imitation of Pinterest. Similarly to Gentlemint or Dudepins has the concept of serving the male audience and the things that are interesting for men.

In this platform, you can save the images you find on the web, share your findings with the other members of the community and discover what other users are publishing.



Siteinspire is another Inspiring site, similar to Pinterest that is built with showcasing in mind


This interesting Pinterest-inspired website and gallery SiteInspire is a showcase of the best web and interactive design inspiration. The showcase also includes categories such as  Best Unusual Layout websites, Best Architecture websites, Best Portfolio websites, and Best Blog websites. If you are interested to find more similar sites like Siteinspire, then have a look at this long list of alternatives, shared on Quora.


The most used Apps like Pinterest

Apart from the popular websites that in one way or another utilize the concept of pinboards for bookmarking and sharing favorite things, there are some more alternatives to Pinterest that are available as mobile apps and they deserve to be mentioned here too. As promised earlier here are some of the apps like Pinterest that share the concept or the visual appearance of the popular pinboard site.



Wanelo is a virtual pinboard and an online mall where people can buy or discover products on the internet. Wanelo gathers all popular stores in one place and has mobile apps for iOS and Android. While this crowdsourced product has also a website, the majority of its traffic comes from mobile devices.

See more apps like Wanelo.



Raindrop.io is a bookmark manager and web app with a design inspired by the concept of Pinterest. You can use for inspiration, read later, media and stuff. Raindrop app is great for saving Anything from Around the Internet – photo, video, blog posts, screenshots of sites, presentations and many more. Users can share their bookmarks and work in collaboration. One of the best features of Raindrop is that the content can be accessed from any device.



Listia is an innovative website and app with an appearance that resembles Pinterest. Listia is used for trading goods between individuals. It is good to know that Listia was created before Pinterest, hence its design or functionalities weren’t inspired by the popular bookmarking site. On Listia, registered users can unlock the value of some private belongings they no longer need by trading them online by using a cashless system.




At the End

Because of its popularity nowadays there are many sites and mobile apps similar to Pinterest.

As time goes by, the popularity of sites delivering to their users useful and exciting, aggregated and curated online content which is more “visual” and more “social” will increase. Due to the strong competition in the niche, it is useful to know there are many successful but also many unsuccessful attempts at creating Pinterest clones. This is valid for the websites, mobile websites and for the native apps.

Grand brands such as Pinterest who pioneered and established new ways and standards for delivering online content to the users became even more popular, but it is obvious their competition is getting stronger. This fact will help in improving the quality of the visual materials created, curated and presented to the end users- online customers and media consumers.


Some more interesting Sites and Apps, which in one way or another remind Pinterest are: BaubauHaus, FontsInUse, TwimFeed, NotCot, BookCoverArchive



Main photo source: iStock

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