Craigslist vs. Best Craiglist Alternatives


The best place to Buy or Sell something.The Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the first places that come to mind when it’s time to Sell or Buy something. Houses for sale, land for sale or any kind of real estate to buy.

But this is not all. Everyone knows about Craigslist Jobs, Craigslist Pets and Craigslist Cars too.

As an exciting part of the Internet’s legacy, Craigslist is renowned for its minimalist design and easy-to-use classifieds posting system. By today Craigslist is still the most prominent site for classified ads. Also one of the most popular websites in the world.


Why Craigslist?

On Craigslist you can post a free listing or classified ad and sell, buy or easily promote anything. From services like tutoring, car repair and real estate to products such as furniture and everything else. Craigslist is the ultimate destination to spread the word. The Craigslist is simple and this is one of the many reasons it is so successful as a business project. Another reason for this popularity is that Craigslist was just created on time. At the right time.



We did a research and prepared a list of most popular Craigslist alternatives. Our list can be useful in case you avoid Craiglist for some reason. Or… if you just want to explore something else, which could be a better resolution.


Choose the Best Craigslist Alternative



Facebook is probably one of the best places for free ads with a massive audience. Facebook’s Marketplace makes it easy to find, sell and buy anything. A home or a commercial real estate, but also used cars and gadgets. On Facebook, you can find a new job too.

Facebook Marketplace can be used instead of Craigslist


Another option for free advertising on Facebook is the Groups. The Groups provide many options for publishing free ads and announcements and share them with crowds of people.



Sahibinden is a global online classified ad and shopping platform in which the customers and businesses can buy and sell real estate, cars and a broad variety of services and goods. The registration and posting of listings are free of charge, and except the listings, the users can own virtual stores.Sahibinden.com was established back in 2000 at the beginning of internet development in Turkey.

Started with only 2,700 ads in 6 categories, the site has increased in popularity and strength over the years. Now Sahibinden is on 517th position amongst all available in the world websites and takes the ninth place among all websites in Turkey as per Alexa.com.

Services like “Megafoto” and “Video-ads” which are implemented on the site helped Sahibinden to become popular and to gain more customers. Presently Sahibinden.com is the most frequently visited ad and e-commerce platform in Turkey with more than 170 employees and over than 3,000,000 published ads.



Launched back in 2004 BackPage was a classified advertising website, which offered classified listings including jobs listings, automotive, real estates and services. Above all BackPage was the second largest classified ad listing service on the Internet in the United States after Craigslist.

BackPage allowed its customers to publish Free classified ads with photos and free classifieds services in more than 65 other countries across the world.

Note: BackPage was closed in April 2018 until further notice.



Twitter is certainly not designed as a free publishing platform for classified ads but has many options and one of them can be the free advertising. While there is a paid option for classifieds on Twitter, there is also a free option for advertising. Classifieds For Free where you can publish unlimited free ads is one of the numerous possibilities for free advertising on Twitter.

Twitter can be utilized as an alternative for Craigslist
Twitter can be utilized as Craiglist alternative.
Image source :Twitter


Why Craigslist Alternatives?

Even if Craigslist is so popular, this doesn’t mean the site will be the best choice for you to publish a Classified Ad. Craigslist is still the most popular site for classified ads in the world. Perhaps no longer as popular as it was a decade ago, but Craigslist still remains favorite and very successful site. Its overall fame gives it position around the first 100 most popular websites as per Alexa ranking statistics.

Despite its popularity, some of the users and customers of Craigslist have abandoned the site due to the numerous reports about scams and unsolved customers problems or complaints. The good news is there are now many websites similar to Craigslist that offer similar or even better functionalities, so if you think Craigslist is not the best website for your classifieds, you can easily pick up something else.




The community website created for and by expatriates and internationally minded people everywhere gives you an option to publish listings or browse classifieds ads worldwide. The users can find almost everything including appliances, vehicles, property for rent or sale, jobs, pets and any kind of services.

Expatriates is simple to use international website for free listings


You will be able to connect to other expatriates or buyers and sellers located in any corner of the world or to publish a free classified ad and browse community classifieds ads in your city or country by using Expatriates.

Expatriates is simple to use website with a user-friendly interface.



Locanto is a worldwide online classifieds network, available in more than 60 countries worldwide. Locanto is one of three local web applications, including Yalwa and Askalo, created by the German start-up company,

Locanto Classifieds network is with areas dedicated to jobs, for rent, for sale, services, community, personals, real estate, vehicles, and pets. Publishing an ad on Locanto is very simple and works just like posting ads for buying property in the newspaper.

Posting an ad on Locanto is very simple.
Posting an ad on Locanto is very simple. Image source: Locanto


Is important to know that your ad on Locanto will be live for 60 days. Therefore, it might reach a  larger audience. You can also use HTML codes, upload pictures, and integrate a link to your website if you want to do so. To post a free classified ad now online and sell online, simply choose your city.

Locanto is another good choice for a classifieds website which is simple to use with a user- friendly interface.


7. Classified Ads

ClassifiedAds.com is 100% free and is another website that offers similar services to the notorious Craigslist. You can browse ads, post ads and respond to ads all for free And there are no fees or commissions. You are welcome to post an ad on ClassifiedAds.com for free at any time.

ClassifiedAds.com screenshot
ClassifiedAds.com has all options a website for free classified ads needs.


There are many categories on your disposal and the brand is available in many countries. Hence, a large audience will see your classifieds. Users can use the site to trade internationally or find business opportunities in their local area.

ClassifiedAds.com is charming, simple and very easy to use site with all useful options a website for classified ads needs.



The owners of Cracker have developed sections devoted to jobs, stuff, cars, community, real estate, services, and dating, housing for rent and sale, and personals. After registering on the site, the users could publish listings on Cracker for free, with photos. Actually, a registration was not even necessary. It seemed like though this was the best way to keep track of your postings on the site.

Note: Cracker was closed in April 2018. See also the section for Backpage.com above.



ExpatAds.com has served millions of customers since 2008. The International classifieds advertising site is offering multiple categories of free classified listings in every country of the world. This includes the United
States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, Spain, Germany, France, etc.

With a Free Ad or Advertise Banner on ExpatAds, you can reach out to over 3 million people around the Globe.



Global-Free-Classified-Ads is an online ad site for real estate, automobiles, business opportunity, pets ads, etc. Not as famous as Craigslist, still Global-Free-Classified-Ads is popular enough. Hundreds of buyers and sellers from many countries worldwide visit the site daily.

Craigslist alternatives : Global Free Classified Ads
All advertisers or sellers will find a simple, listing process, with the ability to upload photos with their listings.


The free classifieds site for posting unlimited ads will keep your free published ads for 30 days. The good news is you can renew your ads as many times as you want by registering for free.

Global-Free-Classified-Ads has a user-friendly interface and it’s a good place to publish listings for free.



OnBip.com is a Classified Ads and community network which offers free and paid advertising and networking services. The users can post free Classified Ads for jobs, cars, housing, apartments and many more.

OmBip is an alternative to Craigslist
Registered users on OnBip can publish free Classified Ads for jobs, cars, properties and many more.


OnBip offers free and paid advertising services to small businesses since 2006. Today OnBip is amongst the best alternatives of Craigslist.’The interface is simple to use and minimalistic, similar to some of the mentioned already websites.


Why Classified Ads?

The effective advertisement is a make-or-break necessity for every business- big or small. A form of advertising common online, in newspapers and other periodicals, the classified advertising may be free of charge or sold. The paid Classified ads are usually very affordable and much cheaper than larger display advertisements used by businesses. The free classified ads are the way to go when you sell and buy stuff. Likewise – a perfect answer for free marketing of a company or business, when you have a limited budget.




Adsglobe is a feature rich and free one-stop online place for classifieds, serving over a million locations globally in over 150 Countries.

AdsGlobe is Another website like Craigslist


The registered users can publish unlimited free of charge Ads in any category. This includes Merchandise, Rentals, Jobs, Real Estate, Autos, Local Events, B2B, Business Pages, Dating, Services, Pets, Travel and Community Corner.

There is an option for users to remain Anonymous and to communicate through Adsglobe.com.



ClassifiedsForFree is another global online directory and electronic classified board for posting a free listing. Did we mention the users can share them internationally? The free electronic classified boards allow users to publish unlimited free ads and local ads for real estate, business, personal, pets, auto and many more. The published listings reach an audience in more than 200 countries worldwide. The free classified ads posted on ClassifiedsForFree never expire. Users can Post free video ads and video classifieds as well.



You can’t use Amazon simply for publishing free classifieds. However, you can sell and buy items and this includes used ones. Therefore, in many cases, Amazon can be your Craiglist alternative for free ads. If you are interested in how to sell things on Amazon as an Individual and publish up items free of charge, check out their guide for selling online.



When selling things, the popular eBay can be also an option for publishing listings for free. Again, bear in mind that there are fees included when you manage to sell something. Our advice is to check out the eBay’s guidelines for selling stuff online. As a suggestion read the blog post by Chris Lewis   “How to Place a Classified Ad on eBay” which explains well the basic things about publishing classifieds on this popular marketplace.


Some history about Craigslist

Craig Newmark founded the famous Craigslist back in 1995. The popular service started with promoting local events in the San Francisco Bay Area. Craig was using email distribution list for the featured events. The number of subscribers and postings multiplied after some time. At some point, the users started using the mailing list for non- event postings.

A year later Craigslist turned into a web-based service. Consequently, except for the events, also other classified categories were added and published on the website(Craigslist.org). Finally, word of mouth led to rapid growth, and Craigslist started expanding. Today people in over 70 countries know about Craiglist.



The Final Words

Craigslist provides local classifieds services and forums for everything you can think of. Certainly, the popular brand still outshines many other free classified services.

Nowadays the website of Craig Newmark has some problems. Above all, many customers complain the scammers target both buyers and sellers. For different reasons, Craigslist might not be the right formula for everyone. If this is your case, you can choose another solution from the available free alternatives.

The shared on UpMixed collection of the alternative to Craigslist websites showcases some of the best global online places for buying, selling or discovering things through classified ads. We have selected above sites by the following criteria: worldwide availability, ease of use and popularity. We hope these Craigslist alternatives will be useful to you.



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