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The Breakup : How To do it in a proper Way

Couple breaking up

How to end a relationship in a better way? How do you make the right move forward and is there any way to end a relationship painlessly?

The world we are living is versatile and sometimes difficult. Part of this complicated lifestyle is our social lives. In particular our love relationships. Relationships break-up sometimes, which is also part of our life and there are many reasons behind. Sometimes nobody is to blame and it’s no-one’s fault. Simply, things just aren’t working out and its time to move forward. When this happens, usually one question arises. How to say it to your partner?

Would you actually prefer to say or do it in a different way? It all depends on the situation. Let see what are the ways to break up with someone one way or another.


The Wrong Ways to end up your Relationship

These are the ways that some people use to end up a relationship. It’s totally up to you if you like it or not. I don’t find them appropriate and put them in the same category. Wrong. However, bear in mind that sometimes, even if happens rarely, these might be your only choices to put a relationship to an end.


Send an SMS

Put an end to your relationship with an SMS could be a solution if for some reason you don’t want to see the other side. Ever. This is the way, suitable for cowards. The simplest, and often most cost-effective method of making a book is writing an SMS. You type in a few words, make a point, you’re done. The SMS has some advantages: you do not have to look into the other person’s face, do not justify yourself, do not argue. If there is an answer, you can read it or not. It only takes a push of a button, then it is deleted.

The disadvantage of this variant, however, is that one is considered at the end as dumbass. Not only by the ex but also by the common friends, the family. Closing text messages are considered worse by civilized people as if you were rolling up the toothpaste tube at the wrong end. So stay away! Unless you plan a flight into space and want to break with the environment anyway once and for all.


Announce It publicly

If you are kind of social, public personage you can announce your breakup within a large audience. This is also saving time if your life is quite busy and you can’t inform your partner in a better way you want to break up with her or him.

A suitable place for such a public announcement could be the front board on your favorite social network. Such an approach for ending a relationship is kind of trending among some teenagers, but in case you are not a teenager, you better use another, more appropriate way.

Couple after breaking up on the beach
Breakups are always difficult. Still some ways are better than others [Shutterstock image]

Break up by sending an e-mail

The situation is similar when the final line is drawn by email. To send an e-mail to your partner about your broken relationship is pretty much the same to send your mobile operator a notice you don’t want to be their client anymore.

Sending an email is for those who like verbose farewells and express themselves better in writing. Although the email provides pretty much same options as the SMS, here are few more benefits. For example, the time spent together can be described in a long text form. As an ex-lover, you can mention your relationship as very beautiful and the reason for the separation. Of course, you should ultimately express a thank you to the ex-partner for the harmonious hours of togetherness. The email is more sophisticated than the SMS, but only partially believable and not much different as an approach.


Put an end in a Letter

If you want to be original and remembered as a firm traditionalist, writing of a farewell letter can save you. Who has a letterhead, the right envelope and the postage stamps at hand in this day and age?

Anyway, a letter is more appropriate when it comes to expressing love. A letter of separation sounds like some kind of a paradox. Or a joke. As a rule, people are separated when they do not have much to say, so you probably don’t really need to spend your time writing. The benefit is that your thoughts and opinion will be well documented and could be a good example for the next generations. An alternative way is to send a messenger, as it was in the old times, who can relate your breakup decision to the person in question.

Love sign : a heart pierced by an arrow
There are no formulas or rules for ending a relationship [Shutterstock image]

The Proper way to Break up with Someone

If the relationship is over, it’s too late to try to fix the things up. There is no formula or best advice on how to dump someone. Still, there is a right way to break up with your partner.


Put the End with an open discussion

This way of breaking up a relationship is for the brave, but it’s the only one which seems to be the right one. Although one can never speak of perfection in a separation, the best way to make the final statement is to be an open personal discussion. Anyone who understands his or her partner will know when and where is to best manage it.


The Place

Even if you know well your partner it might be difficult to predict her or his reactions after your message have been heard and understood. Noone likes embarrassing scenes in public. You can make an appointment in a café or in a park, but it should not be overcrowded. Public places, in general, are not the best because the likelihood of outbursts of anger, crying or hysterical screaming merely is higher.

The appointment can be arranged for privacy at home, and sometimes this is the best place to tell someone the news. One thing is sure – for the other side, there will be no big difference, especially if you both agree that your relationship is over. My two cents here is not to go to a place or places where you had good times together. Wrap up handkerchiefs!


How to do break up in the best way

Of course, if both sides agree the relationship has come to an end there will be no long discussions or argues whatsoever. I will not give you a piece of advice on how to dump someone, because this is your private thing. What I will say is try to be calm and avoid saying things you will feel sorry about. In a day, week or ten years time.

At the end of the days, the life for both of you goes on and the future is next, even if might not seem bright at the time. Besides, the life is really weird at times so you never know when your paths are going to cross again. Probably sooner than you hope.


The End.

A love breakup is always dreadful, even if this is one of the normal things which occasionally happen in our life.  Unfortunately, there are no such things as a formula for breaking up or best break up tips. Things are very individual, complicated and separation is usually difficult. No matter if you have to dump someone after a serious relationship or a single romance.

Still, when you choose the best for you way on how to break up with someone, just think twice.

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