The most Unusual places to stay in Europe

The most Unusual places to stay in Europe

Fun Places to Go: Europe

Among the best places to visit in Europe are some weird ones. This time we have selected a few unique places to stay and some cool hotels for you. Check out our compilation of Most Unusual Places To Stay in Europe.

It is time for vacation, and many are packing their luggage. Are you getting ready for the next trip too? Which one is your next exciting destination?

Weirdest Places in Europe

Not all of these strange places offer five-star comforts. However, with their unusual appearance, bizarre architecture or services they offer, your holiday will be an unforgettable experience. Guaranteed. Let’s see now what some of the strangest hotels in Europe look like and where you can find them.


The Most Unusual Places To Stay in Europe


1. Most Unusual Hotel in Norway

Kirkenes is placed on a border triangle between Norway, Finland, and Russia. Kirkenes is an amazing place to visit and many tourists are doing it. Many of them visit Norway during the winter and book a stay in the Snow Hotel.

Kirkenes Snow Hotel, Norway in the winter.Rooms Interior.Author: Cate Blouke, Image Source: FlickrKirkenes Snow Hotel, Norway in the winter.Rooms Interior.Author: Cate Blouke, Image Source: FlickrIce Sculptures inside Kirkenes Snow Hotel in Norway are amazing. Author: Mariamichelle Image source: Pxhere.comKirkenes Snow Hotel, Norway in the winter.One of the Rooms' Interior. Author: Cate Blouke, Image Source: FlickrKirkenes Snow Hotel, Norway in the winter. Image Source: way-up-north.comThe interior of one of the rooms inside Kirkenes Snow Hotel in Norway. Image Source: viaggi.ilgazzettino.it

Welcome to Kirkenes Snow Hotel – one of the special places to stay when visiting Norway.

This extraordinary hotel, build for the first time in 2006 is made entirely of ice and snow, but every summer the entire building with 20 rooms melts down. Then, in December, when the winter comes around again, they have to rebuild the hotel.

Although the temperatures in the Snow hotel rooms are about minus 4 degrees Celcius, you will still feel comfortable during the nights due to the warm sleeping bags.



2. The Strangest Hotel in France

The “Hamster Hotel” was closed in 2012 since the authors of this idea started to chase up other innovational and original concepts. Anyway, we decided to put this awkward hotel on our list, because of its cool concept.

Villa “Hamster ” was one really extravagant project for accommodation in France

Do you fancy being a hamster? Check out La Villa “Hamster” Nantes, France.

If you stereotype for French is just “fine,” you can now add “eccentric.” In the French city of Nantes, you can spend the night or more in … a hamster cage. A room in the unusual “La Villa “Hamster” has all the of authentic gadgets that you can find in a typical cage for a hamster.

A carousel, plus a giant metal water tube that can be activated by a foot lever, another container filled with organic grains, a double bed only reachable by step ladder, crawl space, and even hay to lay on and so on. The bathroom is covered with wood chips.

Upon registration, you can get a hamster costume for immersion in the daily lives of these rodents. The weird accommodation was opened in 2009 by an idea of the French scenographer Yann Falquerho and the interior design was a brainchild of the French architect Frédéric Tabary.



3.The Strangest Accommodation in Holland

Do you enjoy sleeping on a train?

Nothing unusual, but sleeping in Controversy Tram Inn in Hoogwoud, the Netherlands is a different story.

Controversy Tram Inn in Hoogwoud-weirdest hotels in Europe

One innovative Dutch couple came up with the original idea to convert city trams and railcar into B&B ( Bed and Breakfast) hotel rooms. The farm of Frank and Irma Appel where is also Controversy Tram Inn is a museum to reclaimed vehicles: everything from a restored Cadillac from 1958 to a Russian fighter jet MIG.

Controversy Tram Inn in Hoogwoud

Controversy Tram Hotel consists of 4 wonderfully themed tram bedrooms at either end of two city-center tram railcars, that used to run on the streets of Amsterdam and Germany in the past.

Sometimes sleeping in a real train can be funnier than usual.


4.The Most Romantic idea for Accommodation in France

If you plan to go for a romantic trip without kids and pets, you might be interested in Attrap Reves Bubble Hotel.

Located about 30km away from Marseille airport this fantastic hotel is a brilliant idea for couples who are celebrating their anniversary or an original gift for a wedding.

The transparent bubbles provide all the comfort of a hotel room, plus the unforgettable experience to sleep under the stars in a romantic environment with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.



5.Most Interesting Hotel in Germany

Unique proposal for the Art lovers is the Gruft-Propeller Island City Lodge hotel in Berlin, Germany.

This hotel is definitely amongst the most bizarre in Europe.

The offer is for a variety of 30 charming rooms, including the Gothic room with beds which are coffins, the Mirror room and one that is facing Up-side-down. Maybe you’d like the room where the bedroom is inside a shared bathroom, or the Padded cell, furnished entirely in a green skin?

Some of the other interesting options are the “Chicken Curry” room, in which the bed is on the floor, beneath a “garage door” and the suite of the hotel “The Lions Room” in which you will find two dual real size cages for…lions.

The motto of the hotel is “Live in a Work of Art,” which is fair enough.



6.The Most Interesting Hotel Accommodation in Austria

Maybe not exactly romantic, but for sure a very exotic place to stop by is Das Park hotel.

Or at least extraordinary, because the rooms for the guests of the Austrian hotel in Ottensheim are in real sewage pipes.

This exceptional accommodation is suitable for travelers looking for an overnight stay in a special place. Das Park hotel is located in camping along the river Danube, near Linz and it was created and built by an idea of Andi Strauss.

The interior of the rooms (inside the pipes) is surprisingly fresh, and they will provide you with maximum comfort in a minimal amount of space. Unlike other hotels at the end of their stay the customers „pay what they think is justified.

“Sweet dreams” in a sewage drain pipe? Why not?

More photos and video from Das Park Hotel.



7.The Weirdest Place to Sleep in Belgium

As you know, one of the things Belgium is famous for is the chocolate.

If you don’t find the Austrian Das Park Hotel extravagant enough, then Hotel KasAnus in Belgium might grab your attention.

This name of this fantastic hotel is not random, but correct. The project resembling a human colon is a creation of the Dutch Designer Joep Van Lieshout and is a part of a collection consisting of several elements, exhibited in a park. You can find the hotel next to a lake near Antwerp, Belgium.

For a higher accuracy at one end of the work, there is a sculpture of feces with impressive sizes, also part of the exhibition. Some of the customers who have spent a night inside this hotel site said they were doing just fine because nobody interfered with sleep, surrounded by nature.

Except for the accommodation a breakfast can be ordered, and you try to imagine what would be like having lunch inside the large intestine. Inside the room, you can find everything you need for a comfortable stay – a shower and heating, plus two beds.


8.The Coolest Hotel in Russia

The Nice Hotel high in the Skies.Eco-hotel LEAPrus 3912

One of the most incredible Alpine hotels and the highest eco-hotel in the world is located on the southern slope of Europe’s highest mountain Mount Elbrus, on the side of a dormant volcano, at an altitude of 3912 m.

The eco-hotel LEAPrus 3912 resemble capsules of a spacecraft and offer accommodation for up to 49 people.

Stitched Panorama

The bedrooms can accommodate 12-18 people. All energy for the hotel comes from solar panels, and the Italian designers from LEAPfactory have also integrated other technologies into the structures to utilize the available resources as much as possible. If you are a mountain climber, skier or just an enthusiast who is keen to visit a hotel, which is not for everyone, then LEAPrus 3912 worth to go in your list.


9.The Most Unique Stay in Sweden

If you fancy an exiting hide-out in a forest, you could visit the Mirrorcube Tree House Hotel in Sweden.

TreeHotell   Photographer Ulf B. Jonsson.

This picturesque accommodation is unique of its type, well hidden among the trees and offers an outstanding experience for visitors and tourists in the middle of nowhere.



The Mirrorcube and the other cages offered by Treehotel are suitable for everyone who dreams to blend with nature literally and to escape from the noise and people in the big city.


The hotel provides excellent accommodation through all the year and everything you would receive as service in a “normal” hotel –free Wi-Fi, restaurant, bar sauna and much more.



10.The Most Interesting B&B Accommodation in Belgium

The magical La Balade des Gnomes is another strange hotel in Europe, and it was designed and built by Dominique Noël.


The hotel located in Durbuy, Belgium resembles the Troyan horse and is genuinely fairytale place as per its visitors and customers.


Defying standard classification, the ten differently themed rooms of the B&B hotel highlight unique imagination, attention to detail and incredible atmosphere created to delight guests.

If you are looking for something different for your next vacation, then you can decorate yours and the memories of your family with something amusing like this.


Did you like these extravagant hotels and accommodations which are amongst the most Unusual places to stay in Europe? If yes, then you can include them in your list “Fun places to Go” as use them as suggestions for your next trip. Why not?



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