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What do you really know about your Shoes?

What Do You really Know About your Shoes?

Do you know that the first shoes were created about 40,000 years ago? Records of the Egyptians, the Chinese and other early civilisations all contain references to shoes, which proves the importance of protecting the foot was early recognised. But what are the other 11 most interesting facts about the shoes we wear?


11 Curious Facts about Shoes


  • The first known images of footwear are boots depicted in 15,000-year-old Spanish cave paintings.
A pair of ancient shoes
A pair of ancient Egyptian open shoes made  sometime around 1550BC – 1070BC


  • Shoes all over the world were identical until the nineteenth century when left- and right-footed shoes were first made in Philadelphia. Slippers were initially made “rights” and “lefts.”


  • In the ninth and tenth centuries, the greatest princes of Europe wore wooden shoes, and it wasn’t until the eighteenth century that women’s shoes were different from men’s.
Wooden shoes
Wooden shoes are still popular these days in different places around the world.


  • The heels on shoes were always coloured red in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in Europe. In the Middle East heels were added to shoes to lift the foot from the burning sand.


  • Six-inch-high heels were worn by the upper classes in seventeenth-century Europe. Another interesting fact is, and the pointed toes on shoes were fashionable from the eleventh to the fifteenth centuries.


  • The oldest leather shoe in the world was discovered in 2008 by Diana Zardaryan, an Armenian post-graduate student.The 5,500-year-old leather shoe that was found in excellent condition in a cave located in one of the provinces of Armenia.The precios shoe was discovered in the course of excavations made by an international team of archeologists.The oldest shoe is presently kept in the History museum of Armenia.

    The oldest leather shoe in the World
    The oldest known leather shoe in the World.It was established that the well preserved shoe dates back to 3,500 B.C.


  • The present fashion of shoes was introduced into England in 1633, and the first boot for a lady was designed for Queen Victoria back in 1840.


  • The popular Sneakers were first made in America back in 1916, and they were initially been called keds.
A pair of sneakers
The so popular not only in America sneakers were also known as keds.


  • The “Ruby Slippers” from Harry Winston and Stuart Weitzman’s “Rita Hayworth” are not the most expensive shoes in the world. Both models have Price Tags of $ 3,000,000, but the most expensive shoes in the world are a pair of sneakers named “the Fire Monkey”.The price of pair Fire Monkey’s is announced $ 4,000,0000.


  • How large are the biggest shoes in the world? The most substantial shoe measures 6.40 m (20 ft 11.97 in) x 2.39 m (7 ft 10.09 in) and is 1.65 m (5 ft 4.96 in) high and was created by Electric Sekki in Hong Kong, China, on 12 April 2013. Electric Sekki is the exclusive distributor of Superga in Hong Kong and China. The shoe was a replica of a Superga 2750 shoe, created to celebrate the launch of Superga in Hong Kong.


  • The oldest shoes in the world are sandals found in Fort Rock Cave, Oregon (U.S.A.).The discovered in 1938 oldest known by now footwear have been dated to about 10,000 years before present.The sandals are made from sagebrush bark and as per some suggestions these shoes can be referred as the first survival footwear.
    the oldest shoes in the world
    It took 70 years before an international expert noted that these are the oldest known shoes in the world.


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