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My personal Packing list for Holidays

Preparing the luggage for vacation

Have you ever heard of a packing list, travel checklist or vacation packing list? Planning a holiday trip seems to be easy, but it can be challenging and a pain in the neck sometimes.

Have you got your tickets and credit card, and have you reserved a hotel? How about the transfer from the airport? Have you got sun cream and suitable clothing in your suitcase? Not sure?

Then I think it will be useful for you to have a look at my travel checklist, which is one of the holiday essentials and see why I use it every time when I plan a journey.


My packing list for Holidays

You want to make sure your holiday is absolutely perfect but with so many things to think about, arranging it can be very stressful. Planning and preparing for a journey is time-consuming and can be even annoying at times. It’s far too easy the stress of pre-holiday arrangements to ruin your excitement from the upcoming trip.

To avoid stress with the preparations related to vacations and traveling I came up once with an idea.

I took a list of paper and started to write down all the essential items I noticed my family needs every single vacation. The list got larger after time and while at the beginning was used for the spring and summer holidays only, nowadays is more generic.

Later on, for my own convenience, I started to use two different packing lists – a packing checklist for the Summer (and Spring) and another packing checklist for the Winter holidays (and Autumn).

A packing list for travel
When planning a journey preparing a packing list is a must  [Image: Shutterstock]

My packing list consists of all the travel essentials my family needs during a journey or vacation, wherever we go. I took my time and prepared printouts of my packing list, so if you find it useful, feel free and utilize it for your trip.

As you’ll see the checklist has the following categories: Documents and ValuablesHealth-related, Clothing, Footwear, Accessories, Personal Items and Gadgets, Cosmetics and Toiletries, Miscellaneous and Outdoors. I have added an additional section for families with Babies and Toddlers because I found it to be very practical.

So, let’s check it out!


Documents and Valuables

  1. Personal documents (Passports, ID, Driving licenses, Visas)
  2. Health Insurance documents (copy, e-copy)
  3. Travel Insurance documents (copy, e-copy)
  4. Prescription medications (original, copy)
  5. Other documents (copies)
  6. Tickets, transport (Airplane Tickets, Trains Tickets, Buses Tickets)
  7. Other tickets, transport (Cruise, Ferry, etc.)
  8. General info, transport (Travel Schedule/Itinerary)
  9. Accommodation Reservations, info (Hotels/Accommodation/others)
  10. Tickets Reservations, info (Flights, Car Rentals)
  11. Reservations, info (Tours/Excursions)
  12. Loyalty/Member cards (Frequent customer)
  13. Money, valuables (Credit and Debit cards/Cash/Currency/Cheques)
  14. Personal items (Wallets, Purses)
  15. Keys (Car, House, others)



  1. Vitamins, Supplements, Medicines, Medications
  2. Others (travel sickness, headache, indigestion, diarrhea, pain relief)
  3. First Aid Kit, Band-Aids, Thermometer
  4. Heating/Thermo pads, Cold packs/pads, Thermo blanket
  5. Sunscreen, Bug Spray/Insect repellents
  6. Contact solution (Contact Lenses)



  1. Underwear, Shapewear
  2. Socks, Stockings, Opaque Tights, Hosiery
  3. Bras, Undershirts, T-shirts
  4. Casual Shirts, Dress shirts
  5. Shorts, Short-pants, Pants, Trousers, Jeans
  6. Exercise clothing
  7. Dresses, Dress Attire, Ties, Bowties
  8. Pajamas / Pyjamas
  9. Sweatshirts, Sweaters
  10. Jackets, Coats, Raincoats, Windbreakers
Packing for a family vacation is not an easy task
Packing for a family vacation is not an easy task [Image: Shutterstock]


  1. Sneakers, Flats
  2. Sandals, Flip-flops
  3. Heels, Dress shoes / Court shoes, Pumps(Nude pumps)
  4. Boots
  5. Other/Specialized footwear



  1. Jewelry
  2. Sunglasses, Prescription Glasses, Contact lenses
  3. Umbrellas, Scarves, Hats
  4. Clutch bags, Purse
  5. Belts, Chain-link


Personal Items and Gadgets

  1. Travel neck pillow, Earplugs, Travel blanket
  2. Travel charger, Extra/mobile battery
  3. Phones, Tablets, Laptops, e-books
  4. Chargers, Adapters, Power Cords, Solar chargers
  5. Dictionaries, Translators, Phrasebooks
  6. Guides, Travel Maps, GPS
  7. Reading, Books, Magazines
  8. Games, Consoles, Playing cards
  9. MP3 players, Headphones, Earbuds, Speakers
  10. Video cameras, Photo cameras
  11. Batteries, Flashlights, Bedlight/Nightlight
  12. USB Memory cards, HDDs
  13. Watches, Smart Watches, Travel alarm clock


Cosmetics and Toiletries

  1. Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Mouth rinse, Dental Floss
  2. Soap, Soap case, Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioners, Sponge
  3. Cotton buds, Cotton swabs, Q-tips
  4. Lotions, Creams, Cleansers, Hair products
  5. Scissors, Tweezers
  6. Nail Care Kit (Nail clippers, Nail file, Emery board), Nail Care products
  7. Brush, Comb, Hair Dryer, Hair Straightener
  8. Deodorants, Perfumes, Colognes, Splash-on
  9. Lipsticks, Lip balm, Make-Up, Hair Ties/Clips
  10. Razors, Shaving cream/foam, Shaver
  11. Feminine products, Wet wipes, Toilet tissue, Towelettes
  12. Mini sewing repair kit
  13. Bath Towels, Clothes line



  1. Food, Snacks, Bottled water, Juice, Soft Drinks, Candies, Gum
  2. Car window shades
  3. Towelettes
  4. Extra luggage (Foldable/Expandable), Beach Bag, Backpacks
  5. Pens, Pencils, Notebooks
  6. Bedding



  1. Hats, Headbands, Towels
  2. Summer gear, Beach gear
  3. Gloves, Hats, Scarfs
  4. Swimsuits, Swim cover-up, Swimming trunks
  5. Winter gear, Snow Gear


When traveling with Babies and Toddlers

  1. Milk, Snacks, Water
  2. Pacifiers, Teething toys, Toys, Swim floaties
  3. Bottles, Sippy cups, Sippy bowls/plates, Utensils
  4. Bibs, Burp cloths, Diapers, Pull-ups, Swim Diapers
  5. Wipes, Sanitizer, Changing pad, Disposable bags
  6. Portable potty, Bathtub, Bath toys
  7. Hand soap, Dish soap, Sponge, Towels
  8. Diaper cream, Lotion, Diaper powder
  9. Stroller, Car seat, Collapsible stool, Baby carrier
  10. Formula milk, Water, Breast pump, Bottlebrush, Ice packs, Cooler
  11. Medicines, EpiPen, Tylenol, Nose aspirator
  12. Blanket, Sleepsack, Bassinet/Sheet, Bouncy seat, Boppy pillow, Bedding
  13. Story Books, Books, Journals, Games

And here is the printable version of my personal holiday checklist :

My travel packing list printout version
My holiday packing list printable version [Image: UpMixed]

Pack for travel Just like a Pro

Having a holiday packing list ready to print and use can be very handy when planning a journey.

I use a travel checklist list every time when I go on vacation because it saves me time and makes all preparations easier, hence – less stressful.

You can utilize the printout above or make your own holiday packing list. Then you can use it and make all your trips awesome as mine.

Have a Great Trip!

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