Best places to visit in Europe : Poland

Photo from Warsaw,Poland

Poland is the perfect place for a cultural trip, family vacation or a weekend getaway. Striking medieval buildings, amazing architecture and gorgeous old towns, wild forests, and fine sand beaches, buzzing city life and interesting cuisine. Poland is a country that’s is surprising and captivating at the same time.

Let’s have a look together what is so interesting in this beautiful country and what you have to know about Poland before visiting it.


Why travel to Poland?

Make tourism in Poland is to discover one of the most prominent countries in World War II. Vibrant and dynamic, it has an amazing mix of modernity and archaism, one of its greatest attractions. The cities have very different environments: the picturesque  Krakow seems frozen in another era; full of charm, travelers believe they have taken a leap in time to discover the architecture and the great medieval squares that are in it.
Poland also has dreamy landscapes, walking along the Baltic beaches, natural, virgin and exuberant. If you like nature, the Masurian region will become your paradise: an immense territory with more than 3,000 lakes, which is why Poles know this region as “the country of a thousand lakes”. But if you do not know what to see in Poland, you can also trace a journey through the national history and discover the route of the Warsaw Ghetto and the tragically known Auschwitz-Birkenau camp.
On your trip to Poland, you will find a land of contrasts, a country that faces the future, while maintaining its authenticity and charm.


What you need to know when traveling to Poland

When you travel to Poland you will discover a face of authentic Europe, which still retains simple traditions and lifestyles. But also some modern cities at the same time that bathed by past stories and other more recent ones. Poland also stands out for the number of historical monuments and places of interest registered in Unesco. You will discover charming villages of medieval style and interesting artistic panoramas. Undoubtedly a very cultural destination to discover.


Best time to travel to Poland

The best time to travel to Poland is from May to October, mainly because of the weather. On the other hand, the cities during the winter are very beautiful because of the snow and the Christmas decoration. If you want to avoid the big crowds of tourists, the best time is spring or autumn. Check our website for more detailed information on when to travel to Poland.


What to see and what to do in Poland?

Places to visit in Poland

Poland is a country with a great cultural and historical richness and this is reflected in its cities and surroundings. The architectural style, celebrities that have seen the country born as Chopin or Copernicus, medieval ancient helmets or historical monuments, are just some of the details that show that it is a country with much to offer. These are some places to see in Poland:

  • Warsaw : the Polish capital was completely destroyed during the Second World War, making it a fairly new city. After the war, Warsaw rose from the ashes and today the colors of its buildings look prettier than ever.
  • Krakow : ancient capital and one of the most beautiful cities in the country, full of charm and with one of the most beautiful squares in Eastern Europe, the Market Square. Visit the Basilica of Santa Maria and its trumpet melody every half hour, the hill of Wawel to know the origins of the city through legends, and the oldest side of the city through the Florian Gate and the Barbican fortification.
  • Gdansk : coastal city on the shores of the Baltic Sea. You can feel the greatness of its past, when it was one of the most important ports. Enjoy its ancient alleys and colorful houses along the canal, and admire the famous medieval Crane, symbol of the city, which was the largest in Europe at the time.
  • Toruń: on the banks of the Vistula lies this city of Gothic aesthetics. It is a quiet city but with a lot of atmosphere, and with historical and cultural places such as the house of Nicolás Copernico and the Plaza Mayor, medieval and well preserved.

What to do while in Poland?

  • Visit the Wieliczka salt mine in Krakow, the only salt mine in the world that has been active since the Middle Ages.
  • Enjoy the Tatras mountains in the Zakopane village, where you can practice winter sports such as skiing or hiking with its beautiful landscapes in the background.
  • Discover Polish cities , cultural and historical, full of beautiful monuments, such as in Poznan (first capital of the country), or the artistic Wroclaw.
  • Enter the black history of the country in the concentration camp of  Auschwitz-Birkenau , and the culture and Jewish past visiting the old ghettos, the Museum of the Factory of Oscar Schindler, bunkers and synagogues.
  • Get to know the Gothic red brick castle of Malbork , of great beauty and well preserved, both outside and inside
  • Explore the Białowieża National Park, one of the last primary forests of the European continent and the only place where the European bison lives in freedom.
  • Visit Częstochowa, a city appreciated by Christians and for its relic of the Black Madonna.

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