Best places to visit in Europe : Iceland

A gorgeous landscape from Iceland

If you think about an interesting journey in Europe but haven’t decided on your exact destination for your travel yet, then you should consider Iceland, the land of ice and fire.

Iceland is one of the vibrant places in Europe where you can feel the nature and explore quirky, little-visited spots and places with interesting culinary, wherever you go.

This lovely island full of adventurous activities and incredible landscapes should be on the bucket list of everyone who loves traveling, nature and exciting destinations.


Why travel to Iceland?

For sure Iceland is one of the hottest travel destinations around Europe.
On this rugged island, you’ll be fascinated by the beauty of its glaciers, cliffs, geysers, and waterfalls.
You will see that there are countless natural beauties to see in Iceland.
You can plan both in summer when its nature reveals all its splendor, and in winter, for lovers of northern lights. Visit the famous Eyjafjallajokull, admire the strength of its geysers, contemplate its cliffs and waterfalls … everything you need to make a trip to one of the most extraordinary countries on the planet. In the same way, you can make a circuit focused on its fauna: you can see the many species of birds and you can not miss the excursion to see the whales in Husavík! Land of Vikings and legends, Iceland has managed to preserve its culture and the hospitality of its people.
For a change of scenery, head towards the waterfalls of Gullfoss or Skaftafell, relax with a dip in the warm waters of the famous Blue Lagoon or contemplate the strength of the well-known Strokkur geyser.
Enjoy Iceland on a solo trip, a couple or a wonderful family trip.


What you need to know when traveling to Iceland

Iceland is a wild island.

A trip to Iceland is the perfect opportunity to discover the beauty of cold, water, ice. Its geology is exciting: thousands of waterfalls, fjords, volcanoes, geysers, cliffs, that you can walk around and you will feel like you are at the end of the world. Iceland is of unique landscapes.

It is the ideal place to breathe pure air, but also to know cities and ancestral cultures, and to transport you to ‘another planet’, under its famous intense green aurora borealis.

One of the most requested plans is to travel the country on wheels, a trip in a motorhome through Iceland or by car is the dream of every adventurous traveler.


Best time to travel to Iceland

Depending on the places you want to visit and the activities you want to do, the ideal period for a trip to Iceland varies. The climate is cold oceanic despite its position near the Arctic Circle.

Summer is clearly the best season to enjoy and take advantage of everything the country offers (from June to September there are more than 20 hours of light a day).

In contrast, from November to April, the country enters the darkness, with about 5 hours of light per day. Therefore, only in winter, you can enjoy one of the most impressive natural wonders, the northern lights.

Check online before you make your plans for more information on when will be a good option to travel to Iceland.


Best time to see Northern lights

Surely one of the attractions to organize your trip to Iceland is to see the northern lights.

The best time to see northern lights is in October, although this phenomenon occurs to a greater or lesser extent from September to March.

If you do not want to miss this phenomenon on your trip to Iceland, travel in these months, no matter how cold it is, it will be worth it.


What to see and what to do in Iceland?

Places of interest

Your first stop on your trip to Iceland will start at the international airport of Reflavík, the main airport in the country, located about 50 kilometers from the capital, Reykjavik, your second stop; a beautiful city with rich gastronomy and culture.

But, in addition to the history of its capital, you will be pleasantly surprised by the wild nature of one of the least polluted countries with the cleanest air on the planet. This country of just over 300,000 inhabitants has a very rich nature and many places to visit. These are some of the places to see in Iceland :

  • The Blue Lagoon: a natural geothermal water spa with medicinal properties. In addition to its strange beauty, a turquoise blue lake that emanates steam, surrounded by dark mountains, you must include it as a mandatory stop to relax and have a date with paradise.
  • The Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon: is the largest glacial lake in Iceland. You will see icebergs of all kinds of shapes and colors, and its geometric reflection in calm water. You can enjoy the show from the shore or sailing.
  • Husávik: a charming city for its colorful houses facing the lake, but especially for the sighting of whales and puffins. The port area is one of the most lively and perfect to taste the cuisine of the country.
  • Geysir: the Geysir area is known for its active geysers. A show of pure energy is to see the Strokkur, which expels boiling water every 10 minutes, more than 20 meters high.
  • Reykjavik: visiting the capital of Iceland will offer you a different point of view on life in this unique country. You can take a walk on the banks of calm Lake Tjörn, visit the Hallgrímskirkja church that looks like a spaceship, and walk among the houses with colored roofs.


What to do while in Iceland?

  • See auroras Borealis: Iceland is very lucky since you can clearly see northern lights from September to April, you only need darkness and clear skies. You will see a sky so starry that you will feel insignificant, covered by that green and magical mantle that is the protagonist of the nights. There are several places from which to see it, such as in Reykjavik, the northern area, the western fjords or the well-known Landmannalaugar area.
  • Tour the Golden Circle: it is the classic tour to see different natural landscapes in Iceland. Visit the National Park of Thingvellir, where you can see the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates; the Gullfoss waterfall, of impressive beauty created by the rupture of plates; and the area of Geysir, whose geyser is currently asleep but the Strokkur is still active, it will be a unique experience to see it active.
  • Hiking trails through  Thorsmork, to immerse yourself fully in the nature of the country.
  • Visit the West Fjords.
  • Take a bath in the natural lake of  Mývatn.

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