Best places to visit in Europe : Hungary

Hungarian capital Budapest is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe

Hungary is home to a mix of modern living and traditions and there are many reasons why visiting this interesting European country must be on your travel bucket list. Hungary, its charming countryside and its popular capital Budapest offer something for everyone, from history and a jazzy nightlife to traditional folk culture and interesting varieties of food.



What you need to know when traveling to Hungary

Hungary is a country of history, of defeats and fighters, of conquests of Mongols, Turks, Austrians, and the best of this is that it has been filled with a very varied cultural and artistic wealth, present in almost every city. It also has a characteristic nature, such as the Aggtelek National Park with the largest cavern system in Central Europe. Music and the environment are not lacking in the country, which hosts several festivals every year. What are you waiting for to travel to Hungary?

Best time to travel to Hungary

You can visit Hungary at any time of the year, however the best time to visit Hungary is in spring, for having a pleasant climate and beautiful colors, or in autumn, the landscapes become very interesting too. In summer it is usually more crowded with tourists and in winter it is when it is colder. Visit our website for more detailed information on when to travel to Hungary.

What to see and what to do in Hungary?

Places to visit

Hungary is a hidden pearl of Central Europe that has a lot to offer you. From vibrant cities with a great artistic and leisure panorama to unique natural enclaves such as thermal lakes and extensive plains. It is an ideal destination to make a break or to explore with tranquility and discover special villages hidden in millenary forests. These are some places to see in Hungary:

  • Budapest: the pearl of the Danube. Elegant, historical and lively. It is one of the European capitals with more atmosphere. Refined in its architecture and modern in its lifestyle, just strolling through its pretty streets, on the banks of the river or having a drink in its mythical cafes or in the alternative bars ‘ruin bars’ will make it worth the visit.
  • Tihany: imagine the views of this village located on the shores of the enormous Lake Balaton. To add more charm to the place is the Abbey of Tihany. It was founded in 1055 and has beautiful frescoes and sculptures inside.
  • Kecskemét: the ‘capital’ of the Great Hungarian Plain. You must make a stop and visit the center to later enter the extensive steppe that crosses the borders of the country. Here reigns the tranquility of nature, composed of rivers, lakes and wild horses.
  • Tokay: the wine city of the country. To get out of the typical tourist circuits and treat yourself with one of the most special wines in Europe. It is surrounded by hills and small mountains and bathed by two rivers, its landscapes are of intense green, very different from the great plains.

What to do?

  • Visit the monuments of the capital Budapest, such as the Parliament – one of the largest in the world -, the Buda Castle or the Chain Bridge, the oldest in the city.
  • Explore the National Park of Hortobágy in the heart of the Great Hungarian Plain, and delve into the culture of the  Csikós,  the local inhabitants who live in the middle of nature with wild horses.
  • An adventure route to the Aggtelek caves, and walk underground between stalactites and stalagmites.
  • Relax in the warm waters of Budapest ‘spas’ in the open sky, surrounded by beautiful architecture, while outside it is freezing.

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