Best places to visit in Europe : FInland

A nice view from Helsinki, Finland

Finland is an increasingly popular European destination, especially for those looking for something a bit different. Here’s our lowdown of the most interesting places to see in Finland, which can be useful for every traveler. Use these bits as a guide to discover the most interesting spots while you are in Finland.


Best time to travel to Finland

Keep in mind that in Finland the weather is very cold almost all year round, so if you want a pleasant climate and green landscapes, the best time to travel to Finland is between May and September. However, you have to travel in winter to see the northern lights and to enjoy snowy landscapes, a really authentic picture of the country. Check our website to know in more detail when traveling to Finland.


What to see and what to do in Finland?

Places to visit

From the region of Lapland with its many sports activities, nature landscapes, and shelter of flora and wild fauna, and even beautiful cities and towns, these are some places to see in Finland :

  • Helsinki: the coastal city with a pleasant atmosphere, it is considered one of the best cities to live. Stroll through its streets and reach the market in the port, to mingle with the local inhabitants. Visit the Orthodox and Lutheran cathedral and the huge Senate Square, surrounded by a modern but quiet atmosphere, characteristic of the Nordic countries.
  • Rovaniemi: capital of Lapland and place of residence of Santa Claus. For those who think of traveling with children to Finland, it is an essential visit. It is also an ideal place to explore and observe wildlife in the wild such as bears, wolves or lynxes.
  • Turku: the oldest city in Finland and former capital. Stroll along the Aura River and discover two of the most important monuments of the place, the cathedral and the castle. Here is also the archipelago of Turku, with its more than 20,000 islands waiting to be explored.


What to do while in Finland?

  • Sleeping in a glass igloo or in a cabin under the stars in the middle of nature.
  • Get into Saami culture and do typical activities such as sledding pulled by huskies or reindeer, or fish in frozen lakes with traditional techniques.
  • Observe the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in winter, one of the most incredible shows that nature gives us.
  • Navigate and visit one of the many islands of the country, characterized by its lighthouses, giving them a special atmosphere.
  • Visit the Suomenlinna military monument, a UNESCO world heritage site. Composed of seven islands, and full of forts and dungeons.
  • Active holidays in one of the 40 national parks of the country, for example hiking trails in summer or skiing or snowshoeing in winter.
  • Feel yourself a true Finn by immersing yourself in a frozen lake in winter and then relax in a warm sauna in the Lake District, while there are degrees below freezing.

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