Best places to visit in Europe : Estonia

One of most interesting destinations in Europe is Tallinn, the capital of Estonia

Do you think about your next travel destination? If you have never been around, then pack your luggage and book a trip to Estonia. This beautiful country in Northern Europe borders the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea and welcomes those who are devoted to traveling and exploration.

There are many reasons to visit this interesting European country and I will give you a few.

About half of Estonia’s territory is covered with forest, which makes this beautiful European destination a great place for hiking, biking and exploring the well-kept wildlife. The green landscape is one of the reasons Estonia to be one of the countries with the cleanest air in the World.

Estonia is one of the European countries where the annual number of tourists exceed the number of the local population. The country is visited by more than 2 million foreign tourists a year, but if you prefer quieter spots, don’t worry – there are many places in Estonia where you can enjoy the comfort, the peace and quiet voice of nature.

About half of Estonia’s territory is covered with forest, which makes this beautiful European destination a great place for hiking and exploring the well-kept wildlife. The green landscape is one of the reasons Estonia to be one of the countries with the cleanest air in the World.

If you would like to learn why Estonia is one of the best places to visit in Europe, then keep reading.

Why travel to Estonia?

A former part of the Soviet Union, Estonia it’s dotted with churches, hilltop fortresses, and castles.

But this is not all. Apart from the historical spots, there are many other things to see.

The wildlife that lives in Estonia’s forests is one of the national treasures and among the reasons for the country to be far more noticeable as a travel destination. The diversity of birds and animals that call Estonia home, present this beautiful European country in a new light.

The country is a popular destination in Europe, including more than 1500 islands. Estonia’s diverse terrain spans old-growth forests, many lakes, and charming rocky beaches. 

No place in Estonia looks the same throughout the year. You can enjoy picturesque lakes, springs, and rivers, or deserted beaches and deep forests. The Estonian mysterious swamps hide a hidden and vibrant life of bears, birds, and seals.

The winter snow that covers the country in winter is ideal for those who are keen on nature, wildlife, animal tracking, or photography. Obviously, the cold season makes the wildlife that lives in Estonia’s forests far more noticeable and also reveals the beauty of the country. Even when viewed from a distance, the majestic moose is a sight to behold against the white backdrop of the winter.

The spring transforms completely the Estonian landscape. During the spring and the summer, the wild lakes, rivers, and endless sandy seashores provide a wild twist to your holiday.

When the Summer comes, the country turns into a lush summer paradise and this is the perfect time for biking, camping, canoeing, hiking and swimming in Estonia’s inland and coastal waters.

What you need to know when traveling to Estonia

Nestled between Russia, Finland, and the Baltic Sea, it is sure that in Estonia you will find impressive natural landscapes.

History, medieval past, national parks, and a great cultural scene, you will discover all this when you travel to Estonia. The country has more than 1000 islands and more than 1000 lakes, as well as the largest amount of crater impact in the world. Peculiar landscapes, pure air, and wild fauna. Estonia captivates all types of travelers.

Best time to travel to Estonia

Broadly speaking, the best time to travel to Estonia is in spring or summer, from May to September. 

The climate is more pleasant and there are many plans and outdoor activities and points of tourist and cultural interest.

If you want to enjoy the colors of natural landscapes or Christmas plans, you can also travel in autumn or winter. Check our website to know in more detail when traveling to Estonia.

What to see and what to do in Estonia?

Places to visit

Medieval cities with Russian and Scandinavian tints, coast and lush forests, historic centers with charm and lots of life wherever you go. Cultural richness reflected in its castles and cathedrals of different styles, original islands refuge of many flowers, without a doubt Estonia is made for everyone, for lovers of active holidays, of outdoor relaxation or culture in every corner. These are some of the places to see in Estonia :

  • Tallinn: an especially charming capital, with one of the best preserved medieval historic centers in Europe. Toompea hill is part of the Tallinn Old Town UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    Climb Toompea hill to have the best views of the city, next to the Orthodox cathedral of Russian architecture and the Castle, currently the seat of the Estonian Parliament. Stroll through colorful buildings and enjoy the lively atmosphere. Don’t miss the museums and the 314m-high Tallinn TV Tower.
  • Lahemaa National Park: very close to the capital, this park will surprise you by the number of wetlands and the trees that are born from them. Walk through the park, touching nature through wooden walkways, enjoy the change of colors throughout the park, take refuge in rural shelters or camp in the open air.
  • Parnu: if you are looking for beaches in Estonia, go to this coastal city, for something it is known as ‘the capital of summer’. In addition to touring the shore or the promenade, give a thermal treatment based on mud, well known throughout the country. Feel the magic of a city that combines a Hanseatic past with colorful houses and calm sea air.
  • Tartu: known for being the oldest city and having the impressive University of Tartu, it is one of the cities in Estonia that you have to visit. It is the intellectual and cultural center of the country. The buildings are of a classic style and through the streets, you will be imbued with the most modern and student atmosphere. Without a doubt, a city with a special character.

What to do while in Estonia?

  • Marvel at the castles of the country, from the Narva of the 13th century and of Danish origin, to that of Rakvere, which today is a total recreation of what medieval life was like at that time.
  • Explore the islands of Estonia and discover a wild nature and a leisurely lifestyle, reminiscent of the country’s traditional past. The island of Saaremaa, the largest island in Estonia and the castle of  Kuressaare, or the island Hiiumaa, formed by the explosion of a meteorite, are essential.
  • Hiking routes to discover the diverse landscapes of nature in one of its national parks, such as the Sooma and the wetlands, or for the observation of flora and fauna, the Korvema Nature Reserve or the Matsalu National Park.
  • Visit the Christmas markets and feel the ancient pagan influence and cozy atmosphere of the moment, from mid-November to early January.
  • In Tallinn visit the Kadriorg Palace and the KUMU Art Museum. Other interesting museums are the Tallinn City Museum, the Museum of Orders of Knighthood, Estonian Maritime Museum. If you find enough time you can see also the Estonian Health Care Museum, a nice place to see for kids and adults or walk by Pirita Beach.

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