Best places to visit in Europe : Croatia

Picturesque view from the Croatian coast

If you have never been to Croatia, one of the gems of the Mediterranean then you have missed a lot.

A treasure for any curious traveler in Croatia you have the opportunity to discover a unique combination of natural waters, turquoise colors, interesting culture, and European atmosphere. Varied and unspoiled landscapes, beaches, historic cities, and rocky coves …Take a virtual trip to Croatia together with me now and see why this beautiful country must be present on your travel bucket list or vacation schedule.


What you need to know when traveling to Croatia

You are preparing your next trip to Croatia and you are wondering what to visit. This country is a dream come true that has endless possibilities to live an unforgettable vacation. You can visit Istria, Zagreb or go by car or train to Slovenia and learn more about this wonderful part of Europe. Nature, coast or culture and cosmopolitan cities. Whatever your type of trip, you will know how to respond to your high expectations.

Best time to travel to Croatia

Croatia is a destination that admits being visited throughout the year. It has a mild Mediterranean climate that causes its temperatures to be very pleasant 12 months of the year. While it is true that summer is usually quite hot, the sun’s rays are a good excuse to cool off in some of the hidden coves that dot its secluded coastline. Consult our page to know more about when to travel to Croatia.


What to see and what to do in Croatia?

Places of interest

Whether you are looking for a lively trip through the main cities, an adventure trip to immerse yourself in nature, or an alternative trip in which to taste the gastronomy and immerse yourself in the local culture, these are some of the places you have to see in Croatia.

  • Zagreb: The capital and the most important city is quite far from the coast and the most tourist areas but it is one of the must-see trips in Croatia to know its history, enjoy nature or discover the nightlife.
  • Dubrovnik: Of this city, we could say that it is one of the things that to see in Croatia obligatorily. Its cobbled streets and orange roofs facing a turquoise sea make it one of the favorite destinations.
  • Brac: It is one of the hundreds of islands that flood the Baltic Sea and during trips to Croatia it is an ideal place to rest and get away from tourists from the most visited areas.
  • Split: You will find a city that mixes the historical center with modernity. One of the best plans is to walk along the promenade and have a drink in the tranquility, and if you want something more cultural you should visit some of its museums and Diocletian’s Palace.

What to do while in Croatia?

  • Visit the Plitvice Lakes and admire the beautiful color of its waters; The bad thing is that you can not bathe. If you want to take a dip, you should visit the Krka Natural Park.
  • Move to any of the islands such as the island of Hvar or the island of Korkula.
  • Discover the  Euphrasian Basilica of Porec, declared a World Heritage Site. You can not miss the old town and its coastal and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Travel to the past in the Roman ruins of Pula.
  • Enjoy the nightlife of Croatia, in its many pubs, discos or annual festivals.

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