Present for Any Occasion : Buy the Perfect Gift for Her

Exited charming lady opens a gift box

Gifts for Her for Any Occasion

Flowers, wine or champagne and bonbons.

Is that all?

If these are the only ideas, you have about buying a decent present for Her, then you are in real trouble.

The good news is now you got to the right place where you can find over 20 original ideas for a present for the beloved woman, regardless on occasion and who is She – your girlfriend, your mum, your mother in law or your best friend.

A birthday, an anniversary, Christmas or a daily impulse to bring Her some joy – it doesn’t really matter.

We will cover almost everything I am sure at the end you will be inspired by most of the ideas suggested here, so let’s kick it.


Most Popular presents Men buy for Women

Sometimes we forget about occasions or dates, and then it happens that there is not much time left to think about what to buy as a gift for her birthday.

Attention: Never forget about the flowers (!)

Here is the list of most typical and predictable presents for Her from Fragrances and Beauty essentials to Jewelry and Handbags.

A note: The latter be good options if She is a stereotyped woman with a common understanding of the diamonds for instance.

A man gives flowers to a woman during a romantic date
No matter the occasion, the fresh flowers are always an excellent choice

The List of popular Gifts that most Men buy for a Woman

– A Book

– A Bottle of expensive wine

– A Jewellery

– A Perfume

– A Purse

– A Music CD

– A DVD with a Film

– An accessory

– Cosmetics

– Chocolates

– A Watch

– A Gadget

– Underwear

– Artwork

Pros, Cons, Suggestions, and Tips

Pros: These gifts can be great for any occasion
Cons: Some can be Very predictable as a gift. Some suggested items can be a good solution if you are low on budget.
Our Suggestions: Try to find something more unpredictable or uncommon by using this list, or continue to read further. If you know what are her favorite colors, you can take try to find a present that matches them.
Tip: You can get some terrific ideas for gifts from Pinterest or Instagram.

A bottle of wine, chocolate and a gift
A bottle of wine or a box of selected chocolate are among typical gifts for a woman

Not that Popular presents for A woman

It is not always easy to come up with original ideas about some good gifts. The good thing is: here we have you covered. However, don’t forget that for some of these you would need time for purchasing or organizing. Below you can see suggestions for presents that are not common and can be suitable for any occasion.

Standard gift boxes
The “standard” gifts are not always a good choice

The List of Not Popular Gifts that some Men buy for Women

– An exciting Journey

– Surprising experience

– A Ticket for a concert, theatre or cinema

– A Sentimental gift

– Online course

– Special Weekend

– Body treatment

– A Professional photo session

– A Portrait of Her

– A Handcrafted gift

– A Subscription or Voucher

– Something with Her name (engraved) on it

– A Game

-A pair of Glasses

– A Pet

– A Movable

– A Pair of Shoes

– A Property

– A Special Property

Pros, Cons, Suggestions, and Tips

Pros: These gifts can be useful for any occasion, and they are not very traditional as presents.
Cons: Some proposed ideas for presents can be expensive.
Our Suggestions: Try to find something more unpredictable or uncommon by using this list or continue to read further. You can get some inspiring ideas if you have a look at some unusual things people buy and sell.
Tip: An Acre of Land on the Moon, An Archive Newspaper or a Real Star are very unspecific and rare gifts. If these are not suitable gifts for the beloved woman, then continue to read further.

Funny Gifts for Her

If She loves the laugh and the giggles, then it might worth considering presents that are funny and can be suitable to surprise her for your anniversary or birthday. Whatever is the occasion you can pick up some ideas for entertaining and amusing gifts from the list given below. We agree that a few of the gag gifts ideas might not be ideal as a present for your Mum.

Funny items or gags can be very suitable gifts for people with a sense of humor who we know well enough

The List of Funny Gifts to buy for a Woman

– Funny Accessories

– A Funny T-shirt

– Amusement park

– An entertaining Prank

– A Caricature Sketch

– Funny Undergarments

– Funny Game or Set of Funny Games

– A nicely packed small Jewellery box

– See also Kitchenware and Kitchen Accessories

Pros, Cons, Suggestions, and Tips

Pros: These amusing gifts are not very traditional. Hence they are good to surprise Her. Most of the proposed funny ideas for funny presents are very affordable.
Cons: The majority of these funny gifts are not very traditional, which means you need to Know Her well enough, before buying an unusual gift. If She loves this stuff, either pick up a good time and occasion or find something cool.


Our Suggestions: Try to do thorough research by asking suitable people for a second opinion, before buying anything that might be stupid. Try to combine some suggested gifts with something more predictable or ordinary. See the other suggestions below or have a look at the first two sections once again.

Maybe you can get something else, even if it might seem a bit weird. How about booking a holiday in a funny or a crazy place?(Do you like these? We might come up with more suggestions meanwhile).

Tip: Try to avoid the Kitchenware even if you think She has a great sense of humor. Same for the Small box for Jewelleries unless you feel it’s a good idea to combine it with some suggestions from the paragraph/section “Romantic Gifts for Her” or “Expensive Gifts for Her”.

Extreme Gifts for Her

Many women prefer to be gifted with emotions instead of belongings.
If She adores Dora The Explorer and loves the extreme things, then instead of buying something funny, you can check out one of those extreme presents for Her.

We agree that some extreme gifts ideas might not be suitable for your grandmama, but still this list still worth checking it.

Woman on rollercoaster
If she loves extreme experiences finding a suitable present is not that difficult. Besides, it will bring her unforgettable memories.

The List of Extreme Gifts to buy for a Woman

– A Bungee jump

– Adventure Trip

– Escape Rooms

– Amusing Parks

– Flying or Flying lesson

– Skydiving and Parachuting

– Diving or Diving lesson

– Watersports and Boating

– Driving or Driving lesson

Pros, Cons, Suggestions, and Tips

Pros: The suggested on here gifts for extreme Girls are including unique and unforgettable experiences.
Cons: Some extreme gifts could be difficult to book or expensive to arrange.
Our Suggestions: Try to find something in advance, preferably in the area where She lives. Make sure She has a suitable Camera or Camcorder with Her to record the ultimate gift experience.
Tip: Search online for other extreme gifts ideas. Try with something like “Virgin Experience Days” and book some remarkable experience for Her as a gift.

Romantic Gifts for Her

Buying a gift for a special someone who you love is a real pleasure.
Here are some of the best suggestions for buying a romantic present for the Woman you adore.

Romantic gift in a box
Every woman loves romantic presents. This doesn’t mean it must be something hidden in a box, but why not?

The List of Romantic Gifts to buy for a Woman

– A Special Property

– A Luxurious stay on a private island

– A Handcrafted gift made by you

– A Deluxe Culture Break for Two

– A Trip to a Beautiful place

– Something very Exceptional and Sentimental

– Romantic Weekend for Two

– A Portrait of Her made by you

– Something Graceful with Her name engraved on it

– Write a Love poem for Her

– An Evergreen Book with a thoughtfully mastered keepsake note inside

– An unusually wrapped Bottle of costly wine

– Rare Jewellery with a lovely note on It

– A personalized Perfume designed especially for Her

– An Elegant Timepiece matching Her Character

– A Rare to find Music CD with Her favorite Songs

– A DVD of Her most favorite Film

– Handmade Luxury Chocolates

– Modern, but Romantic Gadget

– A Unique proposal she wouldn’t resist

– A special Artwork

Pros, Cons, Suggestions, and Tips

Pros: Choosing really good and a special romantic gift can be exhausting, and time-consuming. It can be pricey too. A romantic gift is a wonderful choice for a Christmas.
Cons: It is not something you should compare to the other gifts. The romantic gift for Her must be something romantic. I repeat: really Romantic.
Our Suggestions: Instagram is an excellent place to find more inspirations for romantic gifts for a lady if the suggested here are not enough.
Tip: Don’t buy romantic things for your Mum. It makes more sense to check the section “Presents for Mom” instead.

Tech Gifts for Her

A carefully chosen Tech gift for the woman you respect can be a great choice in case she is crazy about the newest gadgets available in the world.

This includes drones, Augmented Reality and Gaming.

If she is a tech expert or just like most girls love modern stuff and know what is VR, here’s our list with awesome suggestions about presents ideal for the gadgets fans.

A woman with augmented reality (AR) goggles
If she knows about the difference between VR, MR, and VR, then probably a Tech gadget would be the perfect gift for Her

The List of Tech Gifts to buy for a Woman

– Ultimate Gadgets for use at Home
– Useful Gadgets to use in Car
– Great Gadgets to use Outdoor
– Newest Gadgets to use when Traveling
– The latest Gadgets to use for Sports
– Awesome Gadgets to use Everywhere

Pros, Cons, Suggestions, and Tips

Pros: Picking the best gadget as a gift can be tricky sometimes, mainly due to the many available choices. Some of the latest Tech Gifts can be pricey, but you can still get something practical and stylish. Like new computer glasses for example.
Cons: If she is a modern woman who likes modern trends and the latest tech stuff, choosing a practical gadget as a present is a superb choice. A well-selected tech gadget could be a great Christmas gift for Her.
Our Suggestions: Majority of the newest gadgets can be found first online so our suggestion is to look for inspiring ideas in some online stores and influential places such as Indiegogo or RocketHub.

Tip: Not all Tech gadgets cost a fortune. You can find something nice and useful for a gift with a decent price online.

Gifts for Mum

Sometimes you might get puzzled about what to buy for your Mother for Christmas or a particular anniversary.No worries – we covered this topic too.
We do believe all mothers are exceptional women.

The most special ones.

For this reason, the below section is only dedicated to excellent ideas for presents for your Mom.

Whether you are looking for her birthday’s present, or a gift suitable for the Mothers’ Day, we believe the selected suggestions will help you with an idea.

Happy Mothers Day bouquet
Mothers are Very Special women. They deserve the Best gifts

The List of Wonderful Gifts to buy for Your Mother

– Buy your Mum Something stylish and colorful

– Arrange for Her a Nice Journey or Vacation

– Book for Her a Body massage

– A Ticket for a theatre, concert or cinema

– Book for her a Course, based on Her hobby

– A Portrait of Her made by you

– A Handmade gift crafted by you

– Something lovely with Your name engraved on it

– An interesting Book she has never read

– A beautiful Jewellery with a grateful note on It

– A personalized stylish Perfume made especially for Her

– Get her A New Timepiece

– A Music CD with the Songs she adores

– Modern and valuable Gadget

– Something very Sentimental and Exceptional

– A Portrait of Her made by you

– Something Graceful with Her name engraved on it

– Write a Poem for Her

– Something Practical and Stylish

– A cozy Fragrance as per her preferences

Pros, Cons, Suggestions, and Tips

Pros: You will make your Mother happy even if you buy her the worst present in the world, she will still love you, no matter what.
Cons: This is a gift for Your mother so it might take time to come up with a bright idea for something you have never bought before for Her.
Our Suggestions: Take your time in finding the Best present for your Mother and Do not wait until the very last moment.
Tip: Look nowhere for suggestions and use your heart. You know best what your mother would love to have as a present.

Expensive Gifts for Her

Looking for something girly and really expensive as a gift? No worries.
Whether you’re looking for a present suitable for the stylish woman who has almost every expensive brand in her wardrobe or something posh to buy for a special occasion, we’ve got great gift ideas for every situation.

happy woman in a convertible car
A brand new car is a great choice for a posh present

The List of Expensive Gifts to buy for Her

– Crystal buckled heels
– A Diamond Ring
– A Car
– A Boat
– A Property
– Something very special and very expensive
– Some expensive idea from this list
– Something more expensive from this list
– Even more expensive presents from here

Pros, Cons, Suggestions, and Tips

Pros: You don’t have to think much about what a gift to buy for Her.
Cons: You must have deep pockets to buy a gift for Her. Surprising Her still can be difficult.
Tip: Keep working hard or play the lottery.

At the end

Choosing the Perfect gift for a lady it is far away from being an easy task.

Still, we hope these women’s gifts suggestions are more than enough to give you a clue of what are best possible presents to select for Her.

A gift for her next birthday, the upcoming Christmas or the wedding anniversary. Cheaper or more expensive, weird, casual, unique or aesthetic, elegant or modern, a practical or a super special one.

A present for the beloved girlfriend, mother, sister or wife.

This selection covers almost any aspect or occasion you might need to buy a gift for the favorite woman and make her special day even more special.

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