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All about sex : What She really wants in Bed

What she really wants in bed

As many men do, you have probably wondered what are the things women expect during sex and secretly want to happen in bed. Here are five of the most common things women want in bed.


What women really want in bed

1. Be original

All women expect you to be an expert full with new ideas about anything and sex is not an exclusion. Use your imagination and employ all your fantasies to deliver something new she doesn’t expect from you. Ensure the ideas you plan to surprise her with are original, but not things you will feel sorry about later on. If you know well your partner you must know what things she would approve and for which she would be skeptic about.

On another hand, no one wants sex to be a routine. If you don’t experiment with new things you wouldn’t know what does she like during sex. Mixing it up a bit could be all she wants. Being original in the bed one way or another is a guarantee for an interesting, dynamic and strong relationship.

Some Tips for Spicing Things Up In Bed :

Try and experiment with some new for you and her positions. Think about how to change a bit the usual environment in your bedroom by modifying it. How about using a new sexy or funny underwear?


2. Be Romantic

Women expect you to be romantic in your life and in the bed. The romantic things don’t necessarily involve a fancy restaurant or dinner with candles. Being romantic in bed doesn’t mean you should bring every time champagne and strawberries with cream either. Besides this is a cliché. Mixing up the routines of our daily life with some simple, sexy romantic stuff in the bed for sure is a thing she would enjoy and appreciate.

If you can’t remember when was the last time when you bought her a bouquet or a single flower without a particular occasion then you should take immediate action. How often do you kiss her or when did you invite to watch a film together? To be romantic is one of the most important things in every relationship and these are the simplest things to pay attention to. Same applies to the romantics in our beds.


Some Tips to be romantic in bed: 

The bedroom is usually the epicenter of our romantic relationship. Use the ambiance light to provoke desire.  For example, you can think about the ambient light and its color. Some people prefer having sex when it’s pitch dark while others like to have some light around. If the lights at your room or by your bedside are quite bright then you can try to use candles.

Since desire and romance are linked to your senses of smell,  think about how to involve some romantic scents in the bedroom. Some fragrances are known to enhance the sex appeal. The suitable scent in the bedroom brings the mood and improves the intimacy. Use romantic scents in your bedroom from time to time and you will discover that this is one of the things she likes during sex. 

Along with the scents, the music is one of the things that will help a lot to bring around some romantics. Have you tried to put some mellow music as a background on for a romantic encounter? Pieces of pleasant, gentle and sexy music that carries intimacy, will create a romantic atmosphere around and make Her susceptible to desire.

A lot of the art of creating a romantic atmosphere in your bed is related to the bedding. Looking to add a romantic and stylish touch to your bed? Think luxurious. Think silk. Or satin. She will adore to lay down in a bed covered by silk and this feeling for sure will touch her sensual mood too. Of course, if you choose to cover the silk bedsheets or bed pillows with red rose petals would be even better.

By using your best ideas and some sophisticated approach you can make her feel sexy. Spend more time teasing her with caresses and provoke her sensuality with simple things such as telling her how sexy smells or how sweet her lips are. As her partner, you know best what she likes during sex and one of the things is taking care of her sensitive zones. Taste her favorite and most sexual zones and tell her how good you feel with her and how much you adore her.

Every woman loves the man in her bed to be romantic
Every woman wants in bed the man of her dream to be romantic [Shutterstock]

3. Express yourself

Women expect you to be yourself at all times and this includes your bed. One of the things she really wants in bed is you to be yourself, to express yourself and tell her what you like and how you feel. Certainly, you love it when she moans in the bedroom? When she in bed together with you, most likely she’wants you to receive pleasure too. Women don’t like snoring in the bed but surely they love really love a man who is going to moan and scream when he feels good. She would love to talk to her after having sex, most of the times even if it is for a short time.

Some Tips to express yourself in bed: 

She would like to see you enjoying. Next time when you are in bed together and have a good time be vocal about how you are feeling. Many women know how to read your mind, but she needs to hear it from you at least from time to time. This gives her reassurance that what she is doing is good to you and thus makes her feel good too.

She loves you to speak to her. The conversations after sex would give her a boost of confidence that you feel good with her and make big difference in your sex life! Talk to her after the love game even if it is for a short time. Sometimes you can tell her when you liked the sex with her. Sometimes you can tell her a joke. Sometimes you can tell her if even you didn’t like something in your sex game. Just choose the right tone, mood and moment(!). 


4.Surprise her

Women expect men to be surprised with good things every now and then, if not every day. One of the things a man can do to spice up the bedroom experience is to surprise the woman of his dreams. At least from time to time. Surprising someone who you know could be difficult sometimes, especially if you know your partner for a while.

Don’t worry. Just think outside the box. Still, there is a lot to be suggested in this direction, so check out how you can surprise her in the bed and see which ones will you be brave enough to try.


Some Tips to Surprise her in bed: 

Schedule a date night to have sex.

This is one of the good things you can surprise her with. How to organize the date I leave it completely to your imagination and understanding, but every woman would be excited to have a sex date with the one she loves from time to time. Of course, “the date” should be organized in a way to be something different than just going out and eating in McDonald’s. If this is not a routine for you, then you could rent a sexy movie and watch it together. Then you can add some more surprises in the bed.


Get some sex toys.

Sex toys are among those things women want in the bed. The best thing about sex toys is they help you to enhance the sexual pleasure and desire. Switch up your usual sex routine her with something different and exciting. Using sex gadgets during your foreplay and after is one of those things that will surely make her happy. Some of us don’t talk much about these but bear in mind though that women love using sex toys sometimes, so consider incorporating a vibrator or another sex toy in your bed experience and see the difference. 


Talk dirty to her.

Dirty talk can turn the woman you love on and she will also be pleasantly surprised that you’ve added that sweet something. Telling her something contrasting from time to time is a major turn on and this will spice up your activities in the bedroom. Using compliments and saying how hot and sexy she is a great thing but sometimes women want to hear wording which sounds slightly different. And sort of sexually adventurous. Dirty talks are one of those romantic encounters women adore and expect to hear from time to time but most of them are shy enough to talk about it. Be brave and give it a try sometimes, because this is one of the things women really want in bed.


Be a bad guy.

She won’t share this with you, but If you’re trying to spice things up in bed, using a little “rough stuff” can get things hot and spicy. The choice is very personal but such sex experience can be really powerful, so you should try that up in bed. You don’t want to do things that kill the mood or seem to be very aggressive and awkward to her. Rough sex isn’t for everyone, but for the ones who enjoy it though, it can increase the passion and the joy of sex when done well.


Try new positions in bed.

One of the things every woman really wants in bed is to try something interesting and different from time to time. She is probably fancy you two spicing things up between the sheets, so you can surprise her with new sex exercises. You can experiment and try some new sex positions from Kamasutra or Tantra. Get creative and let her get the sex challenge because most women really want to try something new and pleasing in bed.


Put fancy clothing

Apart from the Kamasutra sex positions and other tips on how to surprise her in a bed shared previously, you can surprise her by playing roles. Women like experiments in bed so why don’t experiment with some fancy clothing that and make her happy? Even getting into funny underwear will make a big difference and the difference is what she really wants in bed.


Dirty sex games
Every woman wants in bed you to be the bad guy and talk dirty to her [Shutterstock]

5. Take the Initiative

Most women expect you to take the initiatives. This is how the mother nature has created us. The woman you love won’t tell you what’s running through her mind, but I can. Take the task in your hands and be enterprising in organizing and spicing her bed experience and the things with the sex up. I mean as an ingenious as possible, because this is what she expects from you and she really would like to see in your bed.

If you take the initiative if not always, then during most of the time, this will provoke her to compete with you and to try to do the same. As a result, your efforts will bring you to new dimensions of sex experiences and be the ticket to happiness in bed for both of you.

Some Tips on how to take the initiative in bed:

Tease her.

Playing with or without expectations puts you right in the driver’s seat. Teasing in a form of domination or stimulating different erogenous zones, without being in hurry to the actual sex game will drive her crazy. All women love teasing and this is among one of the things she really wants in bed. You know well what she likes during sex so finding a way to tease her prior this shouldn’t be difficult to find out.

Get her out of the bedroom.

Women like during sex to be in a comfortable position and in an intimate place such as their own beds, but sex outside of the bedroom could be very exciting and appealing to her too. Having sex in a different place is a big turn on which inflames the passion and enhances the sensual mood.

Use all your senses and think outside the box to create something more sophisticated for her than romantic sex game in your bedroom. You can explore the capabilities that other rooms in your place provide, starting with most usual ones such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

Sex on the table, under the shower or in the tub might sound standard but surely will make a difference. Changing the occasional atmosphere is one of the things she would appreciate. Moreover, if you are brave enough you shouldn’t get limited by the walls of your own place. Experiment in some discrete and not so discrete places such as the bathroom of a restaurant, the beach or her parents’ house. Trust me there are plenty of off-the-wall and unusual places which can be used for mind-blowing sex out there.

Do something different together after sex.

After we mentioned what she expects from you in the bed and what she likes during sex now its time to mention the time after the love game. The routines kill the passion so occasionally you both can try something more special and emotional rather than just roll over and go to sleep straight after sex. One of the things women really want in bed is to get some cuddles and attention after the love game. Sex can be exhausting, but you can try taking a shower together, before sleep for instance. Another option that certainly is something that worth a try is to share a drink, a piece of fruit or chocolates. Sharing is caring and brings joyfulness.

Every woman wants in bed the man to be the one who takes the initiative [Shutterstock]

Let’s Talk about Sex

Men often wonder what women want, especially when we talk about sex. Every woman has some hopes, dreams, and fantasies about lovemaking that are secretly kept deep inside her. Surely your favorite woman also has hers, which she has not revealed. This fact makes difficult to find out what she really expects from you in the bed.

You know best what she likes during sex but do you know what she really dreams of? Knowing five of the most common things every woman wants in bed will help you to find it out. Then you can inject more excitement and feelings into your sex lives.

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