Super simple reasons why you should NOT Quit Smoking

Why you should not quit smoking?

Why Should I Quit Smoking?

Very often suggestions on How To Quit Smoking are kindly provided by kind of very kind people, who have actually never tried a cigarette. Most things I read on the Internet about smoking are written by various authors who are trying to convince me badly to Quit Smoking. As soon as possible, if this is possible.When possible.

Many kind people (which are not always real specialists) and sometimes real specialists (which are not always kind people) provide long-form articles and blogs full with tips and suggestions on How to Quit Smoking. Images, clips, infographics, podcastings,brochures you name it.This is a modern Quit Smoking Brainwash.


Smokers vs. Non-Smokers

One of the Smokers I know, claims that he doesn’t believe that the Government is very concerned about his health, because same Government is collecting quite good amount of money for taxes from him as a Smoker.For this reason he ignores when the Government informs him about the negatives of being a Smoker.It makes sense.

Another person I know who is a well educated, and open-minded Non-Smoker shared once that everyone is allowed to freely choose what to be these days.Everyone nowadays can choose between being a Non-Smoker or a Smoker.Or something in between.Same for all other things.(I completely agree.)This he said, is mainly due to the Global changes and the direction chosen by the tolerant and open-minded Government.


Non-Smokers vs. Smokers vs. Ex-Smokers

People (Non-Smokers and Ex-Smokers) are different, but usually start smoking because of same reason. Then some of them become Smokers. Smokers sometimes quit smoking for various reasons, most commonly to improve their health, save their lives (if not too late) or to save money. In worst-case scenario, Smokers quit smoking because they can’t smoke anymore.

If they can manage to get back from state “Smoker” to state “Normal,” then after this (usually quite interesting) transformation the Smokers would normally become “Non-Smokers.” This would be great, if true but in reality, the Smokers only turn to “Ex-Smokers.”


The Choice of being a Non-Smoker

In general choosing to be a Non-Smoker is a great thing with the exception of few small disadvantages.

The first disadvantage of being a Non-Smoker is Non-Smokers usually are way behind the Smokers in terms of Technologies and Inventions.Simple example is the latest gadgets invented Exclusively for Smokers.They are only created to make Life of the Smokers better.One of the Smokers I know (I think he is a Friend) tried to convince me once that It is all about Money.I disagreed.I said it’s all about Smokers.To have a better and prolonged Life.

As a second disadvantage of being a Non-Smoker it is fair enough to mention that when at some point a Non-Smoker gets ill, can’t just blame the Smoking for it. Apart of these, I think to be a Non-Smoker is fine.

The majority of people I communicate with are Non-Smokers from Generation X who at some point had the chance to transform to Smokers, but never took it.Some of the Non-Smokers I know sometimes still have the chance to transform to Smokers but they also never take it.This is good, because since opposites attract, some of the Non-Smokers I hang with are my Friends.Through the years I noticed the Non-Smokers are very good to be Friends with.


The Choice of being a Smoker

I mentioned earlier the latest technologies are invented for Smokers, which is a great for the Smokers, but not fair at all to the Non-Smokers.

Let me give an example.

If you search in Google for “gadgets for Non-Smokers” only slightly above 2 million results will appear.If you try same with “gadgets for Smokers” then the results are about 10 million which is about 5 times more. By some reason even “the gadgets for Non-Smokers” are actually “gadgets for Ex-Smokers” instead.

Talking about Technologies, another example where Non-Smokers are usually unofficially banned from are the Public Smoking Areas.Especially those enclosed ones located in some of the Airports. The Smoking Areas in many Airports are another privilege for Smokers (only).These enclosed spaces are sort of Private Lounges for Smokers.

This is not fair to the Non-Smokers, but so far nobody has come up with the bright idea too create equally a smoking areas for Non-Smokers.

A lady, friend of mine, uses four different terms to describe the Enclosed Smoking Areas in some of the Airports : Gas chambers, Aquariums, Terrariums, Smoke Boxes. I think she is envy because she is a Non-Smoker and while she is sitting and waiting for her next flight,while looking at her phone’s screen and typing messages to someone, I can go around the airport and locate to find the Smoking Area. Finding the Smoking Area in some Airports is a pain in the neck.A greater challenge compared the experience of Dr.Jones in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Anyway, it is good to have challenges sometimes.This particular one is also good for the body.Besides, the triumph after the Discovery of the Smoking Area in an Airport is something terrific.It is difficult to explain the feeling  to people who have never experienced it.Probably Columbus or Tesla had same. I reckon the closest comparable feeling would be an orgasm, but only a real Smoker would understand what I mean.Again, the Non-Smokers are those who miss such a great experience in life which is not fair to them.

Anyway, the joy of pleasure after finding the Temple of Smoke is caused by the fact the Smoking areas are something different than just a Place to Smoke.In fact, they are Social places where Smokers can communicate and Socialize with each other,while Smoking.The number of the Smoking Areas around is very limited which makes them Very Special.Something like V.I.P. Clubs for Smokers.

As you see being a Smoker have certain advantages, but apart of the positive things there also are some negatives, which I won’t mention right now.In brief- if you don’t count the known health issues that smoking sometimes brings, I think to live as a Smoker is fine too.


Smoking vs. No Smoking – The Wrong Approach

While I don’t support the idea smoking is something that worths trying I am still a Smoker.

Same as many other Smokers who still smoke and will smoke, no matter what. I reckon the whole approach of the Quit Smoking campaigns is completely Wrong or at least can’t convince us the Smokers to transform to Non Smokers.I personally find the popular way of constantly preaching the Smokers and telling them Not To Smoke or to Quit Smoking a wrong approach, which is old and not quite successful.

Because I disagree with such an approach, I made my own list with 32 seriously good arguments on Why Smokers Shouldn’t Quit Smoking.At the end of the day everyone can decide what is best. Here are my thoughts and the list.

32 Super Simple reasons Why You Shouldn’t Quit Smoking


1.You truthfully love the unique color of your stained teeth.

Woman with stained teeth-Why you should not quit smoking
Image : Shutterstock


2.You honestly enjoy the authentic smell of your clothes.

Why you should not quit smoking bad-smell
Image : Alamy


3.Most of the people you meet with find the smell of your breath truly attractive

UpMixed_Why you should not-quit-smoking bad breath-shutterstock
Image : Shutterstock


4.You like the way you look and think that the aged skin is sexy.

Image : Shutterstock


5.You are a brave person who thinks that cancer, heart attacks, heart disease, stroke and cataract are boring words for diseases or topics the others use to talk about daily.

Why you should not quit smoking - Cancer
Image : Shutterstock


6.You will feel really sad if your fingers and fingernails will no longer look yellowish.

Why You Should Not Quit Smoking -Woman Holding Cigarette
Image : Shutterstock


7.You are not happy to be less likely to catch colds or the flu, and to be able to recover quicker when you do get sick.

8. You really don’t want to breathe easier.

You really don't want to breathe easier
Image : MediaBakery


9.You think coughing is something you just can’t live without.

10.You realized nothing else can beat the way any food tastes after a cigarette

Why You Should Not Quit Smoking - Girl is Holding Cigarette and Burger
Image : Shutterstock


11.Your lifestyle is very satisfactory and you don’t seriously need a better lifestyle.

12.You have more than enough money to waste on drugs.

13.You have usually low blood pressure and you want to maintain it on higher levels.

14.You don’t need more energy to do the things you love with friends or family.

15.You just can’t live without this great cigarette smell in your car or home.

UpMixed-A girl smoking a cigar
Image : Dreamstime


16.You figured out that when you smoke, then the food, the flowers, and any other things smell and taste much better.

UpMixed-Girl eating food bar made as a cigarette
Image : Soylent


17.You want your name to be remembered as one of the generous sponsors of the Global tobacco industry.

Dollars banknotes made as cigarettes
Image : Twitter


18.You don’t care about your sexual health.

Sex problems
Image : Shutterstock


19. You adore getting lectured by non-smoker friends, family or colleagues.

Headless man
Image :


20.You can’t find better ways to kill the time, when bored.

Sexy lady smoking-killing time
Image : Alamy


21.You are one of those people who think that smoking makes you a very social person.

Social person
Image : Twitter


22. Your mood gets better every time when lighting a cigarette, mostly because you know you can control the smoking and quit anytime you want.

23. You are happy to provide free secondhand smoke to the loved ones and all around you.

Man Smoking in bed
Image : Dreamline


24.You enjoy to set a great example for your kids and teach them how to produce nice clouds.

Smoking and making clouds
Image :


25.You think your non-smoking colleagues at work do less anyway.

Man with feet on his desk killing time
Image : imgur


26.You think that everyone should have at least one hobby and the smoking is yours.

27.You are one of those people who think that is not a good idea your children to be healthier.

28.You share the opinion that the planet is overcrowded and you are trying to help.

29.You love the weapons for mass destruction.

30.You don’t want politicians to decide what is exciting in your life.


31.You like to feel stressed and worry about where you can smoke next,do you have enough cigarettes or how long is the flight.

Image : imgur

32.You disagree with the opinion that the Nicotine is one of the five most addictive drugs on earth.


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