Which is your favorite color?

Which is your prefered colour?

Do you know that the colors can say a lot about your personality and character?

As per specialists, our favorite colors can reveal a lot about us.

What is your preferred color from the color wheel in which you feel well and that accompanies you throughout your life? Whether red, green, blue, yellow, black, purple, brown, pink or white – it reveals insights about you!


What do the Colors say about You?

No matter which color from the whole color palette is your favorite, it says a lot about you. See below what features and secrets your favorite colors are hiding.

Set of various color pencils
Your favorite colours usually hide a lot of interesting secrets about you. [IImage: Shutterstock]


The White color

People who love white color have one thing in common: they want to help. They believe in the good and always see a light at the end of the tunnel. The color stands for purity, freshness, and innocence. This is why the brides wear white. Same as the doctors do. 

White snow background
The white color resembles freshness, purity, and innocence. [Image: Shutterstock]

If your favorite color is white, then you are one of those who likes the white dream of an ideal world and always have hope. But be careful: your helpfulness can also be exploited very quickly. Be careful to avoid this happen to you and never forget that the white is also the color of cold.


The Black color

Black is a strong contrast. People who wear this color stand out and that’s what they usually want. They like to act mysterious and aloof.

Black color pebbles
Is your favorite color black? [Image: Shutterstock]

f your favorite color is black, then you do not have to worry. Although the first thing one thinks about in this color is sadness and death, that is only one facet of it. It looks like you want to use this paint to create a wall around you. But anyone who builds such a wall usually seeks for someone to tear them down.


The Brown color

Brown is the color of the earth and it stands for home and naturalness. It makes us think of life experience, loyalty, and consistency. At the same time, people who adore brown sometimes may expose conservative thinking and narrow-mindedness.

Freshly roasted brown coffee beans
People who love brown color may expose conservative thinking [Image: Pexels]

If your favorite color is brown, then you like to be comfortable, but you do not shy away from new challenges. When someone attacks your loved ones, you show all your courage and natural powers in the defense. You are a loyal friend, a loyal partner, and also a reliable employee.


The Grey color

The gray stands for seriousness, objectivity, and restraint, but also for value retention and unobtrusive elegance.  People who love gray, master their everyday life with a certain equanimity, which makes it possible to act with surprises in mind.

Grey color wooden fence
People who prefer gray color are serious and objective and might surprise you  [Image: Shutterstock]

At first glance, Gray may seem boring. However, this is only a first impression, which can be wrong. The grey is a mixture of black and white and can be in so many grades that it is anything but boring.



The Blue color

The blue color promises balance and peace. People who prefer this color strive for satisfaction and harmony. If your favorite color is blue, then through your calm nature, you sometimes seem thoughtful and introverted to others. You want to avoid strife altogether.

Beautiful sea and sky in blue
If your favorite color is blue, then you strive for harmony and  satisfaction  [Image: Shutterstock]

The lovers of the blue color are said to be prone to reverie. Nevertheless, they have no chaotic nature but lead a regular and orderly everyday life. Before they make a decision, they ponder it for a long time. In some situations this is appropriate, but be careful not to stand in the way of it in the long run.


The Green color

People who like green are said to be very successful. This also has to do with their critical and logical thinking. But they also like to take responsibility in all kinds of situations.

If your favorite color is green, then you are one of the people who are reliable
If your favorite color is green, then you are one of the people who are reliable [Image: Shutterstock]

If your favorite color is green, then you belong to the people who are reliable and safety-loving. They can assert themselves well to others and have high self-esteem, and authority, and radiate dignity. But beware:  such behavior can also be interpreted as arrogance and misunderstood as arrogant posturing.


The Yellow color

We associate with this color the light, the radiance of the sun and the power of life. The yellow stands for lively liveliness, cheerfulness, and optimism. The yellow color also stands for creativity, curiosity, and spontaneity.

Lemon slices
The yellow stands for cheerfulness, optimism, and curiosity  [Image: Shutterstock]

The lovers of the yellow color like deep discussions and like to be the focus. Their good mood is simply contagious. If your favorite color is yellow, then you are a cheerful and open personality who loves your freedom. You are always open-minded, friendly, affectionate and accommodating to other people. Wherever you are, there’s a smile on your lips.

However, be careful, because your open and cheerful nature can also cause envy because unfortunately, not everyone can handle your temperament.


The Orange color

People who like orange as a color are sociable and charming. They are often the loud talkers in a group, enjoy partying and socializing and planning all types of social events. From a negative perspective, personalities who love color orange can become self-centered, egotistical and uncaring.

Many fresh oranges
If your favorite orange, then probably you are warm and optimistic [Image: Shutterstock]

If your favorite color is orange, then probably you are extroverted, warm and optimistic and very often flashy. You are tolerant, friendly, and a generally a great satisfaction from helping others. People usually find you inspiring, full with positive energy and vitality.

You are tolerant and accepting of others just the way they are. Unfortunately, you are not always very loyal in your relationships. This is because you are a free spirit who doesn’t like to be tied down.


The Purple color

Purple is a fascinating color because it is very rare in nature. The people who wear lilac are especially spiritual, mystical, and open to encounter new horizons. If your favorite color is violet, you try to accept many different ways of looking at life.

Lilac flowers
The people who like purple are mystical and ready to explore new horizons. [Image: Shutterstock]

Purple lovers want to experience life as intensively as possible and are not afraid to get to know each other better in different ways. However, you should be careful when starting to teach others. Not everyone likes that and not everyone shares different opinions.


The Red color

Red is a color that stands out and calls for attention. People who love this color are confident and show a lot of strength. They are very passionate, sensual and also very active and vital. If your favorite color is the red one, then your temperament is spraying out of you.

People who like red color are confident, passionate, and sensual [Image: Shutterstock]

Take care that you do not overdo it and take care of your fellow human beings. Others may feel overwhelmed and pushed back in your area. Do not judge too fast, often a second look is worthwhile.


The Pink color

This color radiates protection need. People who love this color find themselves to be very gentle and tender and want protection and care from others. If your favorite color is pink, then, probably you are more reserved in your actions and happy to wait before you speak. But if your pink love is pinker, then you are a very funky and enthusiastic person who loves to attract attention. You enjoy life in all its facets and have no problem with it when you offend others.

People who adore pink color are gentle and expect protection from others   [Image: Shutterstock]

Colors tell things

What is your preferred color from the color wheel that accompanies you throughout your life? In which color you feel well and which colors accomplish you as a person? Is it pink or red, black, white, blue, purple or another color?

No matter what you prefer – whether yellow, brown, green or grey – don’t forget that your favorite colors always hold some interesting secrets about you…

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