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Are you interested to make some cash?

Testing Websites is a simple way to increase your incomes and do business without or with minimum investments.

There are far too many business ideas and ways to make money online. Some are easier, some – not.

Some of them require to invest big money, some like blogging – don’t.

As an example today I’ll give you an idea of how to make business and money without initial investment, or the investment is negligible.

We talk about peanuts, really.

Did You Know That… there are Companies that Will Pay You to Test Websites from Home

You maybe have heard that you can get paid for providing feedback on the user experience by testing websites, web applications or other products offered online.

I would like to present to you one of the available today simple ways to fairly make real money online, without wasting your time on highly advertised frauds or fake promises about various methods that would make you a millionaire in no time.

What Is User Experience?

The UE, UX or the User Experience is a definition for every single aspect of the user’s interaction with a service, a product, or a company that makes up the user’s adoption of the whole.

In brief, the user experience (or shortly, just UX) works to combine and coordinate elements such as design, comfort, suitability and many more to allow for the best possible interaction by the users.

Bad user experiences on websites and apps, and in the real world, aren’t only annoying or frustrating for the customers, they’re costing companies thousands and millions of dollars every year.

In their efforts to provide the best User and Customer experience, before releasing a Service or a Product on the market, the companies often use real people named user testers to get feedback on how good their goods or services are and to eliminate the possibilities for bad user experiences in advance.

Have you heard of User Testing and User Testers?

The User Testing is a niche for online incomes and without many efforts, special knowledge or extra special equipment almost everyone can participate in a program for testing websites, mobile applications, prototypes and many more.

The truth is the website testing will not make you extremely rich, but it is a neat way to get extra income for a supplementary purpose.

Website testing in progress
User Testing doesn’t require special equipment and users can work from their  homes [Image: Shutterstock]

The User Testers are real users or customers and usually can be found easily by using the services of third-party vendors (the so-called “usability testing sites”) and some of the best usability testing websites are presented on here.

What is a Website Tester or App Tester?

Many companies require their products to be thoroughly tested, well before they are approved for mass production or released to the market.

The website tester is a real person who gives a fair opinion about different and random websites or applications.

Many of the companies-mediators may require the website tester to install special software, which will enable the activity of the tester on the website to be recorded. The website tester may be informed to speak about the design of the sites which are under test, quality, and the ease of use, or how user-friendly a website is.

The remote usability testing requires you to scrutinize a particular website or mobile app and to report your observation thoroughly afterward.

Can I become a Website Tester and what do I need?

First of all, you should be able to speak understandable English and have decent writing skills in English, because most of the usability testing sites require so.

This is because many of the companies will ask you to write a small report after every completed test.

Second, to become a website tester you will need the following 4 things:

1) A Personal Computer or a Laptop
2) An Internet connection (preferably a high-speed Internet)
3) A Webcam (required for some of the vendors’ sites)
4)The List of the Companies that pay to test websites from home.

Companies that Will Pay You Money to Test Websites


1. Testing Time

 The Payment: You will earn up to $50 per test, paid via PayPal

Your task here will be to conduct user testing studies. Testing Time also has app testing studies you can participate in.

2.Amazon Mechanical Turk

The Payment: Differs by a test.

Your earnings will go into your Amazon payment account.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a division of Amazon Corporation.

Here you’ll find huge numbers of user testing tasks, but be aware you might get much less than others on this list. See micro job sites-you can register as a worker to do these tasks and earn money.

3.User Test

The Payment: $10.50 per test study.

It’s completely free to join and takes just about 5 minutes to become a qualified tester.


The Payment: Differs by test and incomes are paid via PayPal.

Your task will be to test websites before they are published.

5. Analysia

The Payment: Normally $10 per test.

Each test takes around 15 minutes.


The Payment: $10 or more per test, the first Friday of the week after approval of the test.

Userlytics is slightly different from the rest of the websites in this list as it insists on webcam recordings. The camera has to record your face as you test the websites in order to get the expression on it and your reactions.

The other companies just deem screen capture and voice recording.



7.User Feel

Payment: $10 per test into your PayPal account every week.

Your first real test will come anytime from 7 days to 2 months upon submission for acceptance. UserFeel will require you to sign up and agree to a small test before they consider your application.

Speed test of website or app
Various tests are part of the standard website or apps tests. Speed is one of them.  [Image: Shutterstock]

8. Start-Up Lift

The Payment: $5 paid into your PayPal account every week for each feedback.

The great thing here is that you can sign up and be immediately available to do tests. Thus this is a pleasant departure from some competitions, which require some sort of written response before you can get started.

In this case, all it takes here is just a screen or voice confirmation.

As a rule, the tests required here are usually related to social media. Hence your presence in the social media world would bolster your chance.

9.User Testing

The Payment: $10 for web site test & $15 for mobile and paid into your PayPal account.

The new users are subjected to a sample test before they can get accepted. Here, while a telephone can be used to record voice during this test, you will have to use a microphone once you accept new jobs.

Lastly, no webcam is needed.

10. Try My UI

The Payment: $10 paid into PayPal account.

It sometimes takes not more than 2-3 days after the completion of your task. Each test usually takes about 20 minutes to complete. The testers will be subjected to a test video and written feedback before they can be accepted into the program.

11.What Users Do

The Payment: Up to $8 per test into PayPal, monthly.

Each test takes around 15-20 minutes to complete.

All new testers have to go through a simple, but a time-consuming process – to out a short questionnaire, upload a sample video, and if they clear these criteria, they need to furnish a personal profile before taking any test.

The website accepts people of any nation, provided they are able to converse in fluent English.


UserZoom acquired the famous YouEye

The Payment: $12 per test. You will be asked to participate in a test study before you are officially a member.


The PaymentDiffers by a test.

I can’t provide info about their platform, because I haven’t used it yet. If you have tried it-please feel free to comment and share your opinion or experience.


The Payment: Pay varies based on the project

This company is a part of Applause Network, which specializes in offering various user testing services for websites or products.

How much can you make from Websites User testing?

It depends.

You can make about $10 on average per task, and it takes more or less half an hour to complete each test. Usually, even if the payout is decent, be aware that the jobs do not come with any regularity.

My advice is to register and try to follow a few different sites at the same time.

Website testing
Website and Apps testing is a good opportunity for extra incomes by working from home [Image: Shutterstock]

What do you think?

The above websites offer great opportunities for a home-based and easy to do business since there are not many special requirements.

There is no doubt the website testing and in general, user testing is a good option for fair online incomes. If you want to explore different options, there are also other sites where you can offer your services and earn money online.

Such sites are the micro jobs websites for example. Check out which are the best micro-jobs sites now.

I hope this article will be useful to you.


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