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Facebook – What do you need to know and How to Use It?

Facebook is the most popular social networking site

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world and is the third most important and most visited website in the world straight after Google and YouTube as per Alexa.

Indeed, on the horizon of social networks, Facebook stands out as the most prominent example, but what is actually Facebook and what you can do with it?

I’ll explain in this post all you need to know about the most popular social community in the world and how you can use it.

What is Facebook?

  • Facebook is a free social network, and this means with Facebook, you can socialize, talk and keep in touch with people who matter for you.
  • Facebook was built up with the idea to communicate with family and close friends but actually, you can connect with different people from all over the world. 
  • When you sign up for Facebook, you can send and receive friend requests. Over time you build a network of friends, acquaintances and even unknown people with whom you can communicate.
  • On Facebook, you can post your current status, location, photos, and interests and share them with your friends. Additionally, you can ask a question, share video, stories or create a poll and hundreds of other things.
  • Once your friends have your status displayed, they have the option to “Like” if they like the status or leave a comment. This is a way to interact with others.
  • Above features make an interactive social platform where you can follow what your friends are doing and like. In addition, Facebook offers thousands of games that you can play with or against your friends.
  • You can do many things on Facebook and one of them is to buy or sell things.

See also other important things you should know about Facebook.


Who can use Facebook?

Everyone who is at least thirteen years old can register on the social network’s website ( by an e-mail address and start to use it. Alternatively, you can download the Facebook app for Android and iOS for free.


What can you do with Facebook?

You can do many things on Facebook, but here we’ll say a few words about the most useful functionalities of the popular social network.

Search, find and add friends

If you have successfully logged in, then you can search for friends on Facebook.

Just enter the name of a friend in the address bar. Once you’ve found someone you know, you can add him to your friends. To the right of your friend’s profile picture, you’ll see a “Add friend” or “Add friend” button. Click on it.


Post something

Do you have a funny photo of your pet? Then you can use your Facebook “Wall” where is the most interesting part from Facebook and share it with the World.

You can share your status on your Wall in Facebook


Uploading panoramic photorealistic pictures, links, images, texts, files or 360-degree videos to your own Facebook wall is known as “posting”.The word “posting” is used not only for Facebook but when publishing things online.

You can also post something in the chronicles (aka Timeline) or on the Wall of some of your connections – friends or family.


“Like” something

As you’ve already read above, you can “Like” things or people you like. This also works with posts from your friends that appear in your News Feeds

If you no longer like something, you can press the “Like” button again. Then you will no longer receive notifications about this post or item.

Follow and Like Pages 

What’s the name of your favorite brand or place? You can look for friends on Facebook but also you can search for things or spots that you like.

Enter the name in the search box to find it! Immediately, a list of results that match your search will appear. Click on “Like” to the right of the profile picture.

Your friends now see that you like this place or a brand. If there is news about things you marked as favorite, they will appear as updates on your “wall”.

Create own pages

Everyone from the registered on Facebook users can create their page or pages, but Pages are very useful for companies, public figures or organizations.

This is because, via their pages on Facebook, the businesses or popular people can connect with their clients or fans on Facebook.

Bookmark Things that you like

If you see something interesting on Facebook, but you don’t want to share it with others, you can bookmark it. To bookmark something means you can access it quickly from your private control panel on Facebook. Links, images, videos, ads and many other things can be saved and reviewed later.


A woman is typing message on her phone and is using Facebook messenger App


After finding and finding your friends, you can chat with them on Facebook.

Writing messages on Facebook Messenger works much like sending text messages from your phone, but is more advanced and convenient, especially if you are spending a long time on Facebook.

Read interesting things

If you click on the Facebook icon (white box with blue “f” in the upper left corner), you will get to your news. Here you can see what’s going on with your friends and favorite stars.

If one of your friends post something, the post will appear here. You can comment and like the statuses, pictures, texts, and videos of your friends.

Facebook for Business

While the social platform was originally intended for private use only, Facebook quickly expanded its business model and today companies can also create Facebook Pages (the so-called fan pages or just Pages).

Facebook Busines Pages

The idea behind Pages is businesses and products to gain popularity. The brands can generate new customers and at the same time to strengthen the loyalty of their existing customer base. 

Facebook Advertisement

Due to its popularity, Facebook is one of the preferred places for advertising. Apart from the Pages businesses can invest in targeted marketing and gain more exposure and popularity.

Facebook Marketplace

The Marketplace on Facebook is where you can discover, exchange, sell or buy goods with people in your community.

What not to do on Facebook

There are many things you can do on Facebook, but there are also many that should be avoided.

Don’t do things on Facebook which can make you feel sorry after time. Treat your all connections on Facebook the way you would like to be treated.

Keep in mind what is the main purpose of Facebook (you can see the slogan on the first page before you log in) and this will help you a lot in deciding if you are doing something ok or not.

The most popular social place in the world has changed a lot through the years and since personal information is very important, Facebook takes seriously your privacy.

This became even more strict after the cases where Facebook was was criticized for data leaks and data sharing.

Although the social community has many features which can be tweaked and online privacy on Facebook to be improved, still not everyone does it. For some users, this is a matter of knowledge, for others – a matter of time. Additionally, there are also people who are not interested in their online privacy or security.

Three young women are sitting together and reading posts from Facebook

There are quite important things which should be avoided on Facebook and any other online social networking platform and here are some tips for you:

  • Think about you and your family and friends privacy; In regards to this make sure you have selected a strong, bulletproof password when register on Facebook. Use two-factor authentification for extra security;
  • Never share your sensitive information such as Facebook login name and passwords. There are cases where accounts and all info related with them got stolen;
  • Don’t accept friendship requests from everybody, even if these are people who you know well, like your colleagues for example. How about your boss?
  • Do not share with the masses things which might not be appropriate or nice about someone. Private items such as clips, images, selfies, photo collections can be secured well and should be only shared with the appropriate public;
  • Keep for yourself information such as some interesting details about the company you work for;

When Facebook was created?

If you have watched “The Social Network” you probably know Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg in the USA (United States of America).

In fact behind the name of Facebook, Inc. is Mark Zuckerberg, today CEO of the eponymous company and his college friends Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, Andrew McCollum, and Eduardo Saverin.

In the beginning, the non-popular website was only meant to be able to upload photos of yourself to the internet.

The registered members on Facebook as numbers now exceed the population of China. Nowadays Facebook has over two billion members and is one of the Big Four companies that matter in technology developments.

More Interesting things about Facebook

Apart from the Facebook website and the Facebook App, properties of Facebook are also Messenger (aka Facebook Messenger) and WhatsApp.

Some time ago Facebook acquired two of the most successful visual apps – Occulus(using VR or virtual reality technology) and Instagram.

Here are some interesting details about Facebook that many people don’t know about:

Facebook and its alternatives

Facebook is the largest but not the only social network. There are hundreds and thousands of social networking sites around the globe.

Amongst some of the alternatives to Facebook are:

  • VK – a popular Russian social network
  • YouTube – the second most visited website in the world and largest video sharing platform;
  • Instagram – the social network for user-generated videos and images;
  • Twitter – the largest multi-blogging social network, where users can share brief messages and media;
  • Pinterest – a social network for sharing visual bookmarks (links from other websites). The bookmarks on Pinterest are named “pins” and contain videos or different image formats.

Have you tried Facebook yet?

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