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Blogging for Beginners : What Is a Blog?

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More and more people join the world of blogging daily, and everywhere they shot out of the ground. Popular names like WordPress, Blogger and strange names like Tumblr, Blogr, and Medium can be seen all around and made the Internet space somehow weird and more interesting.

Shall we start?

What is a blog and what do bloggers do for a living? 

A few years ago I had a completely wrong idea of what is the meaning of blog and what is the use of the Blogs. Also, for a long time, I could not understand what makes blogging so powerfully and mysteriously attractive and why the whole thing became a trend.

I wondered where I was when it became a task for everyone under the sun to own a blog and fill it with any information and thoughts. In my circle of acquaintances, the trend did not stop either and seemed to infect everything and everyone.

Some friends of mine traveled around Spain and reported on their blogs; another friend also runs a blog that he fills with colorful pictures. A co-worker did the same from the other part of the world. I did not understand that somehow.

Well, back to the point: So we see blogs in all directions, and we assume that everyone knows well what a blog is. But, is this the truth?


Explanation and definitions for a blog

Before I started to be more interested in blogging, I asked once some of my friends to tell me what they know about blogs, and what are the purposes of blogs. Not surprisingly, the answers were all different.

Some described it merely as a website or homepage, which is led by a single person. One mentioned forum. Another expressed his thoughts and explained a blog as a journal and collection point for views. One of my fellows did not know what to do with the term, so he was in need of explanation and taciturn.
Somehow though they were all right with what they said or just stammer, and yet this is only half the story.

Nothing to wonder, because, on the Internet, there are hundreds of entirely different opinions of what constitutes “a blog.” Somehow, each of my acquaintances contributed only a small part to the real explanation. In fact, I was assuming that the meaning was more or less clear. After all, the word has been haunting the world for a while.

At the moment, we still do not know what a blog is really, but the terms diary, forum, and website seem to draw something like a thread through the possible answers and explanations. But at least you’re bringing up here, dear blog reader, and I promise we will puzzle out this question together. That’s great because two heads know more than one.

Meanwhile, the blogs have evolved even more and gained tremendous popularity.

That’s why I decided to explain what a blog is and what features distinguish blogs from all other websites. But before I give you my explanation, I would like to let a few others speak first.

I believe many people have already broken their heads over the interpretation of the word and the question of what constitutes a blog. Above all, the vast encyclopedia Wikipedia, which explains the whole boring term “blog,” but quite well. Curtains off!

“A blog (or “weblog“) is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (or “posts”). The blog posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the latest post appears first, at the top of the webpage. ” [Blog – Wikipedia]

A blog does not differ much from a “normal ” website at first glance. On closer inspection, however, the already mentioned “diary structure” becomes clear. Other explanations about blogs that I found on the Internet are:

“Blog is the short form of WebLog, which in turn uses the terms web for “world wide web “and “log book“.

“Still, the blog is not a regular journal. The thoughts in the digital Internet diary we share with millions of people, of whom we do not even know a fraction. “

Blogs are websites that were initially run by private individuals, like a virtual diary in which you write your thoughts.”

“A blog is a kind of diary or magazine on the Internet. The big difference to other website is that new blog entries are written daily on a blog. “

So what is a blog?

For everyone now should be clear: A blog is a diary.
Many sources, many opinions, and somehow “diary” emerges in all of the term diaries. Although this word “diary” is spiced up on one side or the other with other examples, really, it seems to be the essential feature of a blog.

This assumption also gives us the origin of the word “blog” right, because the creation derives from the two parts “log” (short from “logbook”) and “web.” Hence, we are dealing with the recorded experiences of people (the bloggers are people too)who publish or share them on the Internet. Agreed?

Therefore, blogs are online diaries that have been published and read on the Internet. You are consequently an online diary reader. That pleases me because I am a blog reader too.

Usually, most blogs are run by one person and often revolve around a single topic. But of course, there are also author collectives and sometimes even entire editors who supply a blog with content and have a massive outreach. For example, most Internet sites of daily newspapers are also blogs.

Thematically, such blogs are of course not set at all. It may go for everything and nothing and ideally, it is. After all, one creates a variety on the Internet in this way and can read through very different topics, ideas and opinions. Some bloggers write about recipes and health, there are others who explain technical details, and many scribblers make their own lives the content of their weblog. The latter can speak of a diary.

Happy Days. In general, you now know what a blog is, what it’s all about and what bloggers do.

However, I would like to comment on a few features and characteristics of blogs, on the one hand, to facilitate the navigation in weblogs and on the other to highlight their peculiarities at once. In the end, there must be a reason why blogging is so popular these days. And still, continue to be more and more popular.

Special things about Blogs

Many bloggers organize their Blogs chronologically. You can plainly see that when you are on the start page of a blog.

Hence, One of the features of blogs is their chronological order.

The latest article is always at the top and in the depths of the blog archives are all other posts. If you take a closer look at the first pages of most blogs, you can notice this one. Probably many of us, have seen some descending sequence among the individual blog posts, with the help of which we can cut through the blog archives and also find the old blog articles.

Another important feature of the Blogs are the Archives.

Just check the start page of almost any blog, find where is the blog archives box, scroll down a bit, and you’ll see what I mean.

The style of writing is something you can distinguish in every single blog.

One more feature of the online blogs is that many of them are written in an active voice (well, this sentence is not). Many people are not paying attention to this fact and despite the passive voice is not a grammatical error it’s good to mention here that most readers prefer to see in blogs or books the use of active voice.

I repeat: this is not an error (a grammatical error), but it’s instead a choice about the style of writing. By the way, if you are still interested you can read here what are the mistakes every blogger does.

Categories, Tags, and Keywords.

Furthermore, blogs are specific not only by their archives and chronological orders, but also by use of tags, keywords, and categories, which are also employed by some bloggers. If you publish a post on a blog, you have the option of assigning some tags, which better describe the piece and a category.

The blog category is usually a generic term of the respective article.

If you look at the end of this post, you can see what I mean there. The blog article you are reading now also belongs to a specific category has tags related to particular keywords.
If you now click on the individual tags or keywords, you will find all other articles, tagged with the same terms and maybe even within the same category.

The tagging is convenient in that it gives you the opportunity to explore a blog according to your preferences and interests and only reads the content that interests you. Practical, right? Give it a try!

The Comments

Comments are one of the best things in Blogging. Another specific feature that highlights blogs from the mass of web pages are the comments you can leave under an article or a blog post.

Although some bloggers have the comment function disabled, for most it has been preserved and become a critical component: after all, these comments allow the exchange of opinions with each other.

Thus, blogs help communication between us.

Well, this is all about blogs

You can leave your opinion under almost all stories on my blogs and criticize me, cheer, praise me or just ask something. Commenting is excellent and allows me a direct line to my readers. I find the comments section one of the essential features of a blog itself.

Meanwhile, I write and run a few blogs and write on many others. All about very different topics and one of them you are currently reading. Some have a long range, and others are rather small and manageable. Maybe they even fall into the category Internet diary.

I have the feeling that the meaning of Blog, Blogger, and Blogging is more or less clear now. If you like what you just read and find it, then feel free to share it around.

Have a nice day and Happy blogging!

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