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How to Start a Blog and be a Successful Blogger?

How to Start a Blog and be a Successful Blogger?

How to start a Blog is one of the first suggestions from Google when you type “how to”, and this is for a reason.

As you are aware in recent years the words “Blogger”, “Blog” and “Blogging” became some of the most frequently used words on the Internet. This is because of at least three reasons.


The three reasons why Blogging is so popular?

The first reason for blogging to be so popular is because it is free.
Second, combined with the power of social media, blogging can be one of the most powerful tools for massive exposure that exists these days.
The third reason is – people make money out of it.


Are you Ready to Blog?

If you have decided to give the blogging a try, then you are exactly where you should be now. Today I will introduce to you the different types of Blogs that you can start with when you begin your journey of Blogger. I will also try to give you quickly a few useful tips that I believe will help you in building a career as a successful blogger.

I assume now you are ready to dig into the Blogging matters, so first of all, we will explore exactly What is a Blog. You will probably agree you cannot start a Blog if you do not know what it is.

What is Blog?

As a beginner in blogging, you should know that Blog is a regularly updated website or web page that is written in an informal or conversational style.

The word Blog is a truncation of the expression “weblog”.A blog is a frequently updated online journal or diary, created and maintained by one or more people, which are usually, called authors or Bloggers.

The Blog is a website consisting of different entries, which are known as posts. The posts or the Blog posts usually appear reversed chronological order. A Blog is a place to share your thoughts, knowledge, theories, opinions and your passions by creating or discussing Blog posts.

My favorite short explanation of what personal Blogs are is „online diaries”, but one very important thing to mention is the Blogs are updated regularly.


What is Blogging and Do I need Blogging?

As explained above Blogger is a person who writes content for a Blog. Blogging is the act of writing a post or posts for a blog, or blogs. Blogs have the potential to be unbelievably powerful. This is because they are a simple and inexpensive tool for exploring topics, sharing ideas, connecting with others, and building businesses.

A woman is writing a blog
The blog can be the center of your business or online identity.  [Image: Shutterstock]

Even the newbies know blogging can lead to more personal and business opportunities, financial success, and personal evolution if you want.

Your blog can be the center of your online identity and your business. This is why everyone should have a Blog, never mind if personal or shared, private or for business.


What are the main different Types of Blogs?

Blogs are a focused version of a website, that typically has only a single subject: poetry, sports, news, business, SEO, etc. This allows the bloggers to focus in detail on their area of expertise, and draw in readers who are looking for this specific content.

The goal of any blogger or blog authors is to entice the readers to stay, read content interesting for them and start social conversations and interactions. This should be your goal as a beginner blogger too.

Before you create a Blog and share your knowledge and passion with the world, you should pick up the Type and the main Topic of your Blog.


The main types of Blogs you can choose from and start your career as a blogger can be simply categorized as:

Personal Blogs: These are Blogs about personal topics like health, family, travel, politics, music, etc.

Private Blogs: Some people make their Blogs private to share photos and information within families, companies, or schools.

Sports Blogs: These types of Blogs are used by fans or teams to express and share their passion for various types of sports.

Nonprofit Blogs: These are Blogs for Foundations, charities, and human rights groups and the non-profit type of Blogs are tools to raise awareness and money for their causes.

Business Blogs: These are Blogs created and maintained by entrepreneurs and companies to personally engage with their customers.

Schools Blogs: These are Blogs for teachers and students to collaborate on classroom projects.

Politics Blogs: These are Blogs utilized by Activists, members of political parties or government agencies to connect with their constituencies.

DYI Blogs, How-to Blogs, Tips’ Blogs: Blogs that share tips and hacks about cooking, games, music, books, movies, hobbies and so on.

Blogs for Reviews: There are lots of Blogs that share reviews about Products, companies, website, online business, music, books, movies, you name it.

Military Blogs: members of the military blog (bloggers) report what is happening around the world and can stay in touch with their families.

Book tour Blogs: Blogs for the purpose of promoting books and driving traffic to other promotional and giveaway sites.

Affiliate marketing and Promotional Blogs: Blogs with the primary purpose of driving traffic to affiliate programs, get-rich-quick schemes or blogs created with the sole purpose of selling. This includes multi-level marketing (MLM) Blogs.

Warez Blogs: Blogs that promote pirated copies of eBooks, software packages, music, movies, games, etc.

Automated Blogs: The types of Blogs that are generated by computers and they include randomly generated Blogs, Blogs that re-publish press releases, Blogs that re-publish marketing material, Blogs that re-publish search engine results, Blogs that re-publish link dumps or any other mass-produced content.

SEO Blogs: These Blogs are written for search engines instead of humans.SEO Blogs are dedicated to trying to fool the search engines into ranking them or the sites they link to highly.


A smiling charming travel blogger is taking a selfie
You can build your blog about anything you can think of  [Image: Shutterstock]

What is a Blog niche?

A blog niche is a specific topic you write about on your blog. Niche blogs focus on only one main topic, while the so-called general blogs focus on a variety of topics (multi-topic or multi-niche blogs). A niche blog could be a blog about music, or a particular music style.

A good example of a multi-topic blog is a lifestyle blog because it usually covers different sub-topics, such as Travel, Food, Health and Beauty, etcetera. A general blog usually includes more than one topic or niche.

What the best type of Blog to Start with?

Have you decided yet on what kind of Blog do you want to begin with? Do you prefer Fashion or you have enough knowledge to share interesting things about Food? How about creating a Beauty blog? Or a Travel blog? Maybe you prefer a Music blog? You have to find the blog topic or the blog topics that will work best for you.

To help you with choosing the type of your blog and the topics of your blog, I have picked up five of the most important questions every passionate about being a blogger person should find the answers to. Answers to these questions will help you a lot with your decision to become a blogger and from where to start with blogging.


The 5 Most Important Questions for every Blogger

1)What do you plan to use your blog for?
2)What do you have to offer that others can learn from?
3)What are you interested in?
4)What would be the best niche for your blog?
5)What your blog will help you to achieve?


What is the Best niche for a Blog?

If still have a problem with finding the type or the topics of your blog, you can have a look at the image below. It includes the most popular niches for blogs.

List of the most popular Blog niches
List of the most popular Blog niches [Image: The Author]

A Tip: Before starting a blog is good to check the interest to certain blog niche and the existing competition. In other words – compare the number of search results in Google about a certain search term (for example “Fashion“) with the average Monthly search volume in Google Keyword Planner.

You can also check what words are the most searched on Google and explore their status in Google Trends. This will give you a clue what is interesting for the audience and help you with selecting topics or a niche for your blog.


What is a Succesful Blog?

A successful blog is every blog which has a large constant audience, which is following the topics and the posts, published on the blog site. On websites which represent successful blogs, the audience actively participates with comments, suggestions, debates, and opinions.

As a rule, the most successful blogs are very social. The audience shares articles published on successful blogs, thus increasing the popularity of the blog and promoting it among a new audience. Usually, successful blogs are quite popular and of course, they are well monetized.


How to be a Successful Blogger?

To be successful with your blog or blogs you have to remember four very simple key words, that represent the Key Rules for achieving success with blogging. They will help you to stand next to the most popular bloggers: Consistency, Quality, Audience, Identity.


The 4 Most Important Rules for every Blogger


1. Consistency

The successful blogger is consistent in creating and publishing new content and manages to maintain a Predictable Frequency of the new blog posts. Your clients or readers will wait for your new content, once you become a famous blogger.

The consistent blog posts with good quality will keep your audience consistent too if your readers know when to expect new content.


2. Quality

You have probably have heard or read the phrase “Content is the King”.

Quantity over Quality doesn’t help in long-term periods. Take your time to make a thorough research on the topic or topics you’ll be writing about. See what was is online about this topic and try to compete with the best authors and bloggers in your niche.


3. Audience

When you create consistently content that stands out from the noise, you will have your audience.

Remember: The successful blogger is related to the audience and keeps the audience interested and engaged.

The bloggers keep connections and relations with the audience by means of discussions, conversations, e-mails, etc. You should build bridges between you and your readers, but also never forget you have to maintain them. Your success as a blogger depends on how engaged with you and your blog are your readers and visitors.

Note: Take good care of your audience.

Knowing your audience is a key to success. Understanding your audience and knowing what your audience wants is another key to success. The third key for successful blogging is to provide what your audience wants and expects from you.


4. Identity

The high-quality blog posts have value. The low-quality posts disappear, easily and no one remembers them (except the search engines), soon after someone shares them for a week or two. Focus on providing good value for your blog posts rather than just virility, or share-ability.

Don’t waste time to write about something which someone already wrote about, unless you are able to provide to the auditory something which is a way better than the existing. This, if done consistently will help you to build your brand and identity. The title and the headline of a blog post are not always related to the quality of the blog post, but it can be related to your Identity as a Blogger.

A red pencil and few black pencils
Always stay out of the crowd and build up your own identity as a blogger    [Image: Shutterstock]

As you have probably seen the successful bloggers and influencers choose carefully not only what to write for. They also take good care about the titles and the headlines of their blog posts. Make sure you also do same. Always stay out of the crowd and try to learn the secrets of writing powerful headlines.

Find your style and tone, and create something really unique, something that will be always and unmistakably yours.


Are you ready to start blogging?

Don’t get me wrong, but blogging is not for everyone. No matter what they tell you – this is the naked truth. In addition – some people find it later, but better later than never.

Cheer up though –  you can fail, but if you don’t try you will never know. Above all, if you have decided blogging is your passion, just go for it. I hope these tips will be useful guidelines for you and help you with where to start from your adventure as a blogger.

Take care and Good Luck!

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