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Small business Ideas that could be your Big Business

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The side business is an excellent option to take as the first step toward financial independence without taking too much risk. But in addition to the full-time position, this means less free time and more work.

Under the Sun there are already thousands of small business ideas that have turned from not very promising start-ups to successful big businesses.

Well, we all know there are also millions of examples where the entrepreneurship has turned into a fiasco, but let’s stay positive. At the end of the days, you don’t know if you never try. And still, the chances for success are the same as those for a failure.

Have a look on the list with these smart business ideas for a side business that can be your Big Busines at some point and don’t underestimate your chances for success. Most of them don’t require any initial investments so that you can start with such type of business almost straight away.


The Small business ideas that can be your Big business

Although the idea to start a new self-run business might sound scary for some, with the right business plan, one of the possible and realistic consequences is more money to live. The chances for success are 50 %, which is not bad at all. The other possible positive outcome could be: the side business can turn into self-employment.

1. Write for Money

One simple and realistic business idea that can become your big business after some time.

Do you like to write? You can write for money. How about a side business as a copywriter?

There are many places you can register and start to make additional incomes as an entrepreneur. The demand for good bloggers and copywriters in the online and print sector is high.

If you already have a blog and haven’t monetized it yet, then you should think about it. Blogging is one of the possible ways to make money, without investing too much money in it.

Tips about Writing for Money

Tips about Writing for Money

Two of the great things about working as a writer or a content creator is you can start doing it straight away without permission or investment and at the same time to showcase your skills and talent for free.

If you wonder how to write and get paid for it – don’t worry. There are micro jobs websites where you can register and start your business as a solopreneur and content creator, without any initial hassle or investment.

Think about most prominent sites for micro job assignments: UpWork, Freelancer, Fiver or other sites that offer similar services. These are some of the best places where you can advertise your services and find excellent opportunities for extra incomes.

In case you are keen about blogging, then you can start your blog, and after time you could make money by blogging, without even leaving your present job. Some bloggers make good incomes by their private blogs, so with some patience and efforts, you can achieve it too.

Another smart option is to write for some of the popular online magazines, e-publications or content mills that pay money for every published article.

The good news is that apart of the given above tips, there are also sites which are specialized in marketing and blogging where you can apply.

Here are some of the content writing and sourcing websites, which can be your starting point if you decide to become a paid content creator: Scripted, Listverse, iWriter, Writer Access or ProBlogger.

And if you are so good at writing, then you should try to find new opportunities at JournalismJobs.

2. Be a Photographer

I bet in your spare time, you love to take nice photos, and if yours are hardly different from a professional photographer, then you must combine your hobby with a side business.

Almost everyone loves to take good pictures and to catch the good, unforgettable moments. Many people share their images in social communities, such as Flickr, while others keep them private, but if photography is one of your hobbies, then you could quickly turn your passion into a financial benefit.

Thus you can, slowly and without any risk to create a way for an additional income, which after time might be a chance to become your primary business.

Tips for becoming a paid photographer A professional male photographer is taking a photo with photo camera

If you decide to be a paid contributor and make additional incomes by photography, there are few things which can be useful to know.

First of all, not every good photo can be sold. Some steps should be followed on the way to become a freelancing photographer and make money out of it, but this is something reasonable for every startup if you agree.

In case you want to turn your love in photography to a profitable business, you can become a contributor and start by publishing your photos on the largest paid platforms for photographers or participate in various paid online photo contests.

Websites for stock photos and editorial photography such as  Shutterstock, Getty Images, Adobe Stock, iStock, BigStock, could be excellent places to start with. The good news is these are only a few of the many famous sites where you can make money by selling your photos.

To turn the non-professional photography from an exciting and easy way for extra incomes to your main business is not that easy, and on a later stage, you should think about buying pieces of decent equipment as well.

Still, many people have succeeded with their startups in the photography niche, and they haven’t all spend a fortune on photo equipment right from the start. If you are sure the photography is what you can cope with, pleases you and you are good enough in it, then you must give it a try.

3.Website Development

You might think I’m kidding because the development of a website from scratch is not as easy as it sounds. It’s true- development of a single site could easily take months and even years to accomplish.

However, user-friendly content management platforms like WordPress or popular blogging platform such as Tumblr are among the best if you have some knowledge about them.

Tips for Building Websites as a part-time businessWebsite development and website design

Building websites are one of those smart startups which require zero investment if you do it as a side business. As I said, with some of the CMS platforms to build a site from zero doesn’t take much time, so this can be your chance if you want to use it and make some extra bucks.

If your level of knowledge is acceptable and you know what are you doing, then setting up a new WP theme or installing a paid plugin for those who either have no time or knowledge or both can be your opportunity to work on something different than your main job and to make money out of it.

Of course, there are many solopreneurs around which offer website development, but with the proper approach, you have good chances to succeed. For instance, you can start by promoting for free your services on social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest and if all goes well, then you can think for further steps.

On a later stage, you could even consider making this part-time job a permanent business, but in any case website building is one of the best possible side business Ideas.

4.Become a Vlogger

YouTube video blogging

People make a lot of money out of  YouTube, Vimeo or video sharing social platforms like Metacafe. Vloggers are bloggers who make video blogs. In other words, vloggers are video-bloggers. Simple.

Some of the vloggers do it for a living, others for fame or pleasure and of course some people combine the fun with business.

If you would enjoy sharing your life experience or create useful videos, where you teach people to do something and at the same time to do it as a part-time job, then you can consider the option for becoming a vlogger. Most popular vloggers on YouTube, known as YouTubers are influencers, and they are so good in it, they do it for a living.

If you think that making money by videos is very difficult, then read this post on Forbes about most popular kids vloggers and see how they are doing it.

Tips for making money by Videos

To be an influencer and start making money by creating and sharing your videos it takes some time. Anyway, vlogging or video blogging is super popular and very easy, to begin with. You won’t need any fancy equipment, because you can even use your phone for starting with video sharing or direct broadcasting.

To create your channel on any of the video sites usually doesn’t take more than 15 minutes.

Get Paid for Your Videos: 10 Sites That Pay You to Upload Videos

What you should think of is in which niche you have something useful to share with others and where you can offer something better than the already existing videos on the same topic. Of course in the best case, you will find a new topic or something which is not explored well, but this is for another blog post.

5. Fitness Trainer

If you spend part of your free time in the gym, and you have the required knowledge a side business as a fitness coach could be the right thing for you. Once you have proven yourself as a coach, your customer base will grow slowly but surely.

While a fitness instructor or sports coach can be a full-time job, which means it will consume most of your time, a personal fitness coach or personal fitness trainer can be something you can do as a side business. You can even do it from a distance, online.

If you wonder what the difference between a coach and personal trainer is, then you should know that while the sports coach usually assists and work closely with professionals on a personal level, the personal trainer helps the general audience in their own goals within the fitness niche.

Tips on How to become a private Fitness CoachA female fitness coach is recording a video

If you still wonder what to start a business with, then keep reading. This affordable idea requires no investment, but mainly your enthusiasm and goodwill. Are you good with the fitness exercises? If you are, then why you don’t think about becoming a private fitness coach?

Of course, you will need a business plan, first. As you know for every type of business is required an initial plan, and this type of side-business is no different.

Best clientele to start with will be people who know you well and see your success. Most if not all fitness centers work with professional instructors, and in many, you can find a personal coach to help you with your fitness goals.

If you are good at it, you can directly offer your services to a couple of the popular fitness centers around your living area. This idea will allow you to combine sport with business and make some extra money.

You can advertise your part-time business among friends or on the internet until you reach the point people to ask for you to contact them.

With the help of modern technologies, you can do this form of side business remotely from home. There are many online places (and we mentioned some of them a while ago) where you can make your video channel for sharing your videos with exercises or broadcast yourself while doing them in real time.

When you have enough audience, you can even think of leaving your permanent job and focus only on this startup, initially planned as a side business.

6. Create an Online Community

If you think that there is a need to create another Facebook or Twitter, then you should quit your full-time job and dedicate all of your time to your project.

What I mean is a social network or an online community which could serve particular purposes. For example, forums are also social communities, and many of them are designed to help people in a specific direction. There are forums for professionals, for parents, for lonely travelers, for hobbies, for music, you name it…

Tips for creating a social networkA social community

Although “a social community” might sound like something huge, to build an online community doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend half of your life on setting it up or make it running.

Building a social network or social community can be a beneficial part time job or side business if you have made up your plans properly and know what you expect to achieve from the start. Don’t expect your incomes to increase itself in the first month or two. Sometimes years are necessary to achieve success. If you want to go for it, just do it but bear in mind for such kind of online business you will have to be patient, and I really mean it.

There is quite a good bunch of software to build up from scratch your social community, no matter if you choose to make a new online forum, question, and answers website or a popular social network, such as LinkedIn.

The good news is if you have the patience and your efforts are put in the right directions, the success will come at some point.

7. Become a Website Tester

Making money online by testing websites is an excellent opportunity for those who would like to start own business.

Such type of online business won’t consume all of your time and at some point, it can become a good opportunity for permanent incomes.

Make Money online by Testing Websites

Ready to start your own part-time business?

These smart business ideas could be your big business with zero or minimum investments. In fact, the most important part when planning side or part-time business is to decide if you are ready to sacrifice two important things: your time and your efforts.

Are you ready to start your own journey in the Big world of the Small business?

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