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If you like Fiverr and have used any of the services on the most popular freelancing platform, then you probably know there are also other marketplaces for freelance services that are good alternatives to it.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a global online platform and online marketplace for freelance services.

Users can either offer their work and services as a freelancer or buy such services, known as gigs. As the world’s largest marketplace for digital services, on Fiverr, you can find anything ranging from the design of a logo to project for a website, built from a scratch.

Fiverr is a great place for business for many people, because you can make money and save money.

Of course, not all gigs cost five bucks (this is by the way where the name of Fiverr came from) neither the offered gigs are only related digital services.

The top competitors of Fiverr

Most people know Fiverr wasn’t the most popular digital market place since forever. However, through the years the famous freelancing platform won the battle with all of its competitors.

For a long time now Fiver is the leading market place for freelancers, but it is always good to know what are other options.

For this reason, I compiled this list with the best Fiverr alternatives. You can use them if for some reason you are tired of using Fiverr or just looking for something different.

These are the top competitors of Fiverr now:


Up Work

After the merging of Elance and oDesk, which evolved to become a new brand with a new name, Upwork presently is the strongest among the Fiverr competitors. Upwork is another popular global digital market place with millions of users and thousands of services to choose from.

As a simple and cost-effective alternative of Fiverr, on UpWork you can hire professionals anywhere around the world or get any job done, any time.


Envato Studio

Envato Studio is the third most popular market place for digital services and the second strongest alternative to Fiverr. Part of Envato Network, Envato Studio is a community of hand-picked developers and digital talents, available to work on your various projects.

Logo design, video production or web development, Envato makes it easy to connect with freelancers and get your job done. Users can buy or offer millions of services and get in touch with millions of registered professionals.



Freelancer is one of the pioneers and among best known and respected brand names on the freelance market.

Very crowded in the past, Freelancer is still one of the most popular freelancing platforms where millions of small businesses turn their ideas into reality. Freelancer takes fourth place in the world of digital services provided by entrepreneurs and third place among the marketplaces which are Fiverr’s competitors.

As other platforms for freelance services, Freelancer is a good alternative to Fiverr and place to get small or large jobs done by connecting with people who can provide specific skill sets and knowledge.

One of the differences between Freelancer and Fiverr is that on Freelancer selection of freelancer is on the site is based on bids.



Mturk or Amazon Mechanical Turk offers access to an online community of freelancers, available to help you accomplish your business goal 24×7. Mturk takes the fourth place in the list of Fiverr’s alternative websites and Fiverr’s competitors.

Freelancers and entrepreneurs (known as Workers) use the MTurk website to find assignments and offers, while the assigners (known as Requesters) to submit their jobs and tasks.


People Per Hour

If you are looking for another freelancing site similar to Fiverr, then People per Hour could be an excellent alternative. This is a digital services marketplace for talented people and experts in their various fields. People per Hour is one of the best places to find freelancers for different tasks such as design, content creation, development, and promotion.

In this freelancing platform, the offered services are paid based on the time required for the tasks. People per Hour is taking fifth place in Fiverr competitors’ list and number six among the most popular websites for freelancers and micro jobs in the world.

Toptal (the name comes from top talent) freelancing platform was created by engineers the same year when Fiver was born.

This online platform takes seventh place for the most popular micro jobs websites in the world and a good Fiverr alternative.

Similar to Fiverr, Toptal is a global network and online market place where freelance designers, finance experts, software developers, product and project managers offer their services. Presently Toptal takes the sixth position in the list of sites that offer services and functionalities, similar to Fiverr.



Guru is another platform for micro jobs and online marketplace like Fiverr with more than 1.5 million freelancers available. Similarly to other freelancing platforms, users are either employers or freelancers. As it is on Freelancer, the employers post jobs, while the freelancers submit quotes to the open jobs.

Presently Guru takes position number seven in the global list of Fiverr’s competitors and number eight respectively in the world’s list of most popular digital marketplaces.

In Guru, there is a feature called “Work Room” and this particular feature allows users to track jobs simultaneously as a team. The good thing here is the team can communicate, establish agreements, establish milestones, share documents and delegate tasks.

Guru is an interesting place and a decent alternative to Fiverr that you should try.



Microworkers takes the eight place in the list with competitors of Fiverr. As its name suggests, Microworkers is another good Fiverr alternative and popular marketplace for micro jobs.

It provides a similar user experience like Fiverr, People per Hour or Freelancer. Microworkers is a good copycat and option to replace Fiverr if you don’t like it.

In addition, Microworkers is quite an affordable place to find entrepreneurs and purchase a service or job to be done.


SEO Clerks

Even if it’s not as trendy as some others, SEO Clerks is another famous online platform for digital micro jobs.

As its name suggests SEO Clerks is one of the most famous platforms related to SEO services.

It is a legitimate alternative for Fiverr and offers similar or the same services as the most popular freelance platform does. Presently SEO Clerks takes the ninth place in the list with sites that are competitors of Fiverr and similar to what they offer as services.



Fiverr is the world’s largest digital marketplace for online services and Fivesquid is one of its competitors and an alternative for it. On my list of sites which are similar to Fiverr, Fivesquid is on the tenth place.

The English version of Fiver is almost equally good to post and look for freelancing services or micro jobs. On Fivesquid you can find practically any services here the prices start at 5 pounds…

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it, and even the name reminds Fiver, right?



Konker is another platform for micro jobs that although it has all the available ranges, it has as a major focus on offering jobs related to SEO (search engines optimization).

If you know about terms such as backlinks, content and websites optimization, keywords, ranking or web speed, internal linking and more, then you will find that Konker it is a very good alternative to Fiverr.

If you don’t, no worries – I also do not know much about that either, but this is why such jobs platforms exist online. Presently Konker micro jobs platform is the eleventh competitor of Fiverr available online.



Zeerk is another very interesting site like Fiverr for freelancers. You can charge up to $ 200 for work depending on the service you offer. For all successfully completed orders, Zeerk pays the freelancers the same day. Zeerk is a competitor of Fiverr and takes now position number 12.


Gig Bucks

Even if is not that popular GigBucks follows a business model similar to Fiverr’s and same as Fiverr provides an online marketplace for digital and non-digital services.

If you have used Fiverr before, you will find easy to use GigBucks. Also, you can get a service at a price of $ 5. For the time being GigBucks is on number 13 as a micro job site, alternative to Fiverr where you can make or save money.


A Note: I decided to complete this list with Fiverr alternatives and competitors right here. The above brands represent thirteen of the most significant online job marketplaces and sites similar to Fiverr. There are of course many other projects and marketplaces for freelancers that by one reason or another couldn’t make their way up to the top.

This doesn’t make these interesting alternatives of Fiverr not competitive at all, but they are not as popular as those presented on here. Some of these not that popular websites which are alternatives of Fiverr include SellGigsFiverUpFourerrDo Jobs Online, DamongoTenrrTask ArmyGig blasters, iFreelance or  Microdojo and many other less popular globally websites for freelancers and online services.


A few suggestions for alternatives to Fiverr that are not Fiver clones

These sites are not exactly clones of Fiverr but can be a very good choice to be used for connecting with various professionals, entrepreneurs or freelancers.


Warrior Forum

Obviously, the Warrior Forum is not a market place but it has a service market. On this popular online forum, there is a section for the users to post services. Warrior Forum has more than one million users and even if it’s not exactly an alternative to Fiverr is a great place to find or post an offer for different tasks or services. Besides, the Warrior Forum (as other popular forums) is quite an interesting place to get in touch with various professionals in different niches and learn some new things.


Simply Hired

This website offers a wider range of jobs. In addition, this site offers excellent hiring tips with a search based on the location and directory of the company. Simply Hired allows users to post announcements within a network of over a hundred job boards in a matter of minutes.



Few more words about the freelancing platforms

Micro jobs sites facilitate our lives and provide both freelancers and people looking for them with the opportunities to find and communicate with each other. Hopefully, there are many legitimate freelance platforms that are similar to Fiverr and they are getting more popular every single day.

Fiverr and its competitors are from one side beneficial for entrepreneurs and freelancers, who are looking for new projects and business opportunities and from another-for everyone else, who is searching for a particular task or tasks to be accomplished.

Besides, the presence of competition in any given business segment is usually positive and beneficial for the customers.

In the big world of micro jobs and freelancers, Fiverr still remains the best option for buyers and sellers and has taken first place as the best marketplace for a reason.

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