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Entrepreneurship: Online magazine vs Blog

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There are several main differences between an online magazine and a blog, and here we’ll try to explain what these differences are.

In the world of the entrepreneurs as per many people magazine is the same as a blog.

Although there are some common things between a blog and an online (or a digital) magazine, there are also some differences. If you ask us magazine has some benefits, compared to the blog format.

The main differences between a blog and an online magazine include:

  • their business model;
  • audience;
  • topics variety;
  • the expenses;
  • the design;
  • content creation process;

For those who plan to become entrepreneurs or think about starting their blog would be useful to know what is the difference between a blog and a magazine before they join the blogosphere or start an online magazine.

What is an Online Magazine?

An online magazine is the online version of a magazine, either as an online version of a printed periodical magazine or a stand-alone publication.

There are different forms and names for an online magazine, and some of the most popular ones include “electronic magazine,” “e-magazine,” “webzine,” “digital magazine,” “e-mag,” “ezine,” “e-zine,” “cyberzine,” or “hyperzine.”

In general, online magazines are all magazines published online (on the Internet).

What is a Blog?

A blog is an online diary that has also been published and read on the Internet. If you would like to understand what are the specific things about blogs check this article post:

Blogging for Beginners : What Is a Blog?

Magazine vs. Blog

There are at least six differences between an online magazine and blog, and they are related to the frequency of the publications, the design, the audience, the business model, the incomes and more.

Online magazines and Blogs: the Design

The first main difference between blogs and magazines is in their design.

In most cases, the popular online magazines put more accent on the visuals, while the blogs usually have as a priority the text content.

When I say visuals, I mean the digital visual content such as images, video files. Visual content is viral for specific niches such as lifestyle, design, fashion or entertainment.

Of course, this principle has exclusions and doesn’t apply for every single case but is something which you can notice quite often. Many blogs also use not only videos and images, but also charts, diagrams, infographics etcetera.

Still, in the general case on an online blog, the text and its quality have higher importance compared with the visual content.

In an online magazine, the text content is still essential.

However, the quality and the volume of the visual content in a magazine is either equally important or more important than the text content.

Blogs vs. Online magazines: the Topics

The second significant difference between a blog and a magazine is the topics range. Usually, online magazines cover a more extensive variety of topics, compared to a blog.

Both digital publications can cover various topics, but there are also examples where the content of a magazine or a blog is more specific.

Either way, in the typical case a digital magazine has broader coverage of topics and niches, compared to a blog or a private journal.

In the typical case, a blog generally indicates a personal log or weblog. Hence the blog is more “private’ by its nature compared to an online magazine. The latter is usually expected to play a more “public” role.

At the same time, the more “private” blogs sometimes could be more influential for the audience, compared with an online magazine.

Magazines and Blogs: the Audience

The third significant difference between a magazine and a blog is the readers.

The audience of a personal blog is usually smaller in the typical case. In contrast, the audience of an online magazine usually refers to big numbers. Same is valid for the traffic respectively.

Of course, there are far too many digital publications well-known as blogs and private blogs that make more traffic and incomes compared to some online magazine.

The latter though doesn’t apply in a general case.

Usually, the magazines are those digital editions which have a larger audience of different variety and more traffic.

An online magazine displayed on a tablet
Blog or Magazine – this is the question?

Online Magazine vs. Blog: Making Money

The business models that apply to blogs and those that are in use with digital magazines may differ, and this is the fourth important difference to mention here.

While most of the magazines offer to their audience free and paid online editions, in contrast, blogs usually are free, and their initial designation is to be a journal, rather than a money machine.

There are things in common how both digital editions make money, but again with a magazine the options and possibilities to make a profit are significantly better.

Magazine or a Blog: The Expenses

The fifth significant difference between a blog and a magazine is the cost. Do I have to explain or convince someone where expenses are more significant?

To start a blog usually takes less than an hour and you can start it for free if you decide to use one of the many content management systems or platforms for blogs.

Also, there are blogging platforms such as Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, Wix, Weebly and many others where you can start your blog for free and have it for free forever.

Blogs vs. Magazines – Content and Publishing

Publishing on a blog is a way more relaxed compared to publishing content on an online magazine.

With a private blog the admin, the creator, the editor, the designer, the marketing director, the PR manager, and the publisher it’s usually only one person.

With the magazine things are different and this in our list with differences goes to number 6.

Usually behind each edition of an online or printed magazine, there are many people who participate in the whole process.

Publishing content on a private blog is a way easier, mainly because there are not so many people involved in the whole process. On another hand when you have more people involved many things are moving faster.

This is one of the reasons why the expenses for an online magazine are usually higher.

Magazine or Blog – Which one is for you?

As we saw, there are some differences between blogs and magazines, but there are as well many things these two digital formats have in common.

But which one is better for you?

There is only one person who can answer this question and this person is not me.

Whatever you decide on a blog or a magazine remember that before all, you should have a good plan, including how you’ll make a profit out of it, if this is your intention, of course.

In any case, if you still wonder which one is better for you- a blog format or an online magazine, remember that every good thing starts with a good domain name.

Besides, when you find a minute or two,  check these interesting sites :

Awwwards, where you can see some interesting design solutions for blogs and magazines


Platformuniversity on which you can read an exciting story by Joel Miller about a complete transformation of one of the most popular blogs to a magazine.


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