Write better and Improve your Style with these Tools

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Whether you are a marketing guru or a travel blogger, a writer or journalist you surely are interested in how to be as good as possible with the process of content creation.


Improve your Style and Write better with these Tools

How to Write like a Pro?

There are many free and paid tools that could help you to get better with your writing and today we will have a look at the most interesting and important ones.

The best tools to Improve your Writing

The tools to improve your writing include proofreading tools for grammar and punctuation checks, words suggestion tools and a few other very interesting tools. All of these will help you a lot in improving your writing style and writing skills in general.


Grammar and Punctuation check tools

The grammar and punctuation checking is part of the process of proofreading. The latter includes finding and correcting typographical errors (typos) and mistakes with style, grammar or spelling. Here is a collection of some excellent proofreading tools that can help you with this, sometimes uneasy task.



Without doubt Grammarly among best choices for a proofreading tool. This software will examine automatically your texts as you write. At the same time, it will underline all found errors and mistakes in grammar, style, and spelling. Grammarly has extensions for your Word processor and your browser, which means you can use it when you write, anytime.

There are free and paid versions of this great proofreading tool and the good news is even the free version will be good enough for most of your needs. The paid version offers, for instance, a plagiarism checker tool which is one of the best tools for plagiarism detection.


After The Deadline

After The Deadline is a free app and is available as an extension for your browser. This absolutely free tool by Automattic has a built-in spell checker tool with optional readability and grammar check. After the Deadline uses AI (artificial intelligence).The tool will check not only the grammar and spelling but also your style of writing.

Since it’s integrated into your browser you can use it not only to examine your articles but also to find mistakes in your email or tweets, for instance. After The Deadline can do even more. It can also proofread your writing when you need.


Language Tool

With options very similar to those which Grammarly can offer, the  Language Tool is another great online tool that can help you to improve your writing skills whenever you type. This useful web-based editor and proofreader also can be installed as a browser extension or a desktop app.

Similarly to most of the other popular software for grammar and punctuation checking it is offered also as a free or paid version.


Perfect Tense

Perfect Tense is grammar and punctuation editor which is designed to help you with writing whatever you do. This paid online tool provides automated Grammar correction in a second. Of course, you can use it to improve your writing style.

With the help of a robust API, you can integrate and use the full power of Perfect Tense. Thus you can correct any type of content directly on platforms like Word Press, Zapier, Slack, Word AI or Spin Rewriter.


Paper Rater

Similarly to the above-presented proofreading tools, Paper Rater could help you with improving your writing skills.

This cloud-based online platform offers grammar and spelling checks, while the integrated proofreader alerts you to opportunities to improve your writing.

There is also a plagiarism checker, which can be used if required. After each test Paper Rater provides automated scoring with useful insights that and help to analyze your texts quickly.

Unlike other online grammar checking tools, you can use the Paper Rater without the need to log in, signup or download any software.

There is a paid version which offers additional options to assist you with your writing. However, the free version of this tool should be good enough for the majority of users.


Other grammar and spelling checks tools

I would like to mention here three more excellent proofreaders which can help you with the improvement of your writing skills. These are Ginger software, Prowriting Aid, and Whitesmoke.

In general, they all offer similar functions to Grammarly and the other proofreading tools, mentioned earlier.

Have a look at my blog post about the best proofreading tools where there are more detailed descriptions and a comparison report for each one of these three tools.

Proofreading in progress
Grammar and punctuation checks are part of the proofreading process. [Image: Shutterstock]

Writing Style Improvement tools

All of the advanced proofreading tools mentioned earlier have a number of options to help you with the improvement of your writing in general.

Below tools are not grammar checkers. However, they are designed to be your good assistants in every writing journey. They can be useful to enhance your writing style.


Hemingway App

The Hemingway App helps you to improve your writing style by highlighting the wording in different colors. Depending on the importance of the errors or mistakes, dull and complicated words or adverbs which are not mastered to perfection will be marked in different colors.In addition, it marks the passive voice text as well.

Thus it helps you to understand in a very simple way how to improve your writing.

The online version of Hemingway is absolutely free to use, and there are also very affordable versions of the software (for both PC and MAC) that can be installed on desktop computers.


Smart Writer

You maybe know about Twinword and their other tools. Twitword Writer (or Smart Writer) is one of them and also can help you with your writing and writing style.

This free online tool will provide you with synonyms as you click on a certain word or a phrase. The Semantic Highlighter will assist you to find all similar or related words inside your text.

Apart from these, the Smart Writer can do many other things such as sentiment analysis and similarity evaluation.

The sentiment analysis tool is useful to understand what is the tone of your writing – positive or negative. The text similarity tool, as its name suggests can evaluate the similarity of words, sentences, or paragraphs.

For those who write blogs, TwinWriter can be useful because it keeps a summary of the most frequently used words. With the help of this summary and can suggest tags automatically, based on its log.

There is also an extension for WordPress, which can be useful for everyone who has WP as a medium for creating articles or posts.


Other tools to help you with Writing better

Among the tools which can help you a lot for improving your writing are dictionaries, paraphrasing tools, and article spinners.

You might be wondering what the text spinning has to do with writing and writing enhancement. Well, it has a lot.

If you still wonder – stay with me and keep reading further.

Other tools which can help to help your writing are dictionaries, paraphrasing tools, and text spinners. [Image: Shutterstock]

Graph Words

Graph Words is an online visual thesaurus, which is a quite useful and interesting tool. As every other thesaurus, Graph Words will be your assistant when need to find synonyms or antonyms of a certain word. The Graph Words though serves the requested synonyms and antonyms in a visually engaging and very useful manner.

All words which the visual thesaurus provides are in different colors (color-coding). The tool segregates them as per their roles in the speech i.e. nouns, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, adjectives etcetera.

Another useful feature of this online tool is that it shows connections and relations among associated words



OneLook is a free reverse dictionary and an excellent online tool, which let you describe your concept by entering words or word combinations. Afterward, as a result, it returns a list of words and phrases which are related to that concept.

Your description can consist of a word or a few words, a sentence or a question.

OneLook can help you with improving your writing because the tool has many filters that will help you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Apart from the option to discover similar or related words, you can use the reverse dictionary as a topic generating tool with great success.


750 Words

750 Words is a website that can help you stay committed to writing because the frequent practice is a guarantee for future success If you want to be a well-versed writer, you should practice writing daily.

With 750 Words it is easier to achieve your plans and goals in writing because the users of the site receive rewards and points every time when they manage to reach the set targets and meet daily deadlines.

Can you guess where the name of this useful site came from?


Paraphrasing tools and Text spinners

I spent quite some time to test and filter all these tools which I found either not very useful, or with exactly the same functions when compared side to side.

Finally, there are few tools for paraphrasing and text spinners which I would like to mention.

This is because they can assist you in enhancing your writing skills. As you can imagine for listing these tools below I had to go through dozens of article spinners, auto-content creators, and paraphrasing tools.



The text paraphrasing tool, named Plagiarisma Spinner is probably the most comprehensive among these spinners. The tool provides a vast number of synonyms against almost every word from the entered for paraphrasing text.

Free Article Spinner offers the same function, but the integrated dictionary is limited, compared to the one which Plagiarisma has.


Article Rewriter

The Article Rewriter on DrEssay has one very good function.

This function is to offer you a bunch of synonyms against most of the words from an inserted text.

You can use this tool to manually rewrite your masterpiece by replacing the wording manually, one by one. In this process, you can find words which are better than those which you have initially used.

Besides this is a tool that provides you with a good opportunity to learn new words. Another tool, which offers exactly the same thing is the Essay Writer.


Paraphrasing Tool

The paraphrasing tool actually is the same as this Article Rewriter and this Article Rewriter.

Three of the tools do exactly the same. They offer synonyms for entered text, same as the Article Rewriter on DrEssay does, but here the list with synonyms is significantly shorter here.


General Tips to help you Writing better

  • Before you start to write, make a list of synonyms which are the main topic of your writing
  • Try not to repeat words and use as many as possible, appropriate synonyms from your list
  • Try where you can rephrase the title and the sentences in your writing or publication.
  • All words are important, but be very careful with using prepositions and verbs. This is because they can make a big difference in meaning.

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