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Guest Blogging and What you need to know About It?

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A guest post is an article or blog post written and posted to a website owned by someone else. The so popular these days “guest blogging” is namely the act of contributing a blog post which is then published to another blogger’s website, for example.


Guest posts serve the growth of websites, blogs and brands as they attract a new audience and can be beneficial for the guest writer and the host of the guest’s blog post. Here I will try to describe what is the meaning of terms as aguest postguest posting and guest blogging and explain about the benefits of the guest blogs. Furthermore, I will provide some useful resources on how you can find guest bloggers and websites that accept guest posts.


What is a Guest post?
What is a Blogging guest?
What benefits does the guest post provide for the Blogging guest?
Why blog owners should publish Guest posts?
How to write a Guest post?
How to find suitable websites for publishing guest blogs?
Few more Tips on Guest Blogging.
Some Useful resources on Blogging as a Guest.


What is a guest post?

A guest post is an article in a blog written not by the blogger himself, as usual, but by one of the readers, a guest or another blogger, called blogging guest or guest blogger.
In the typical case, all blog posts are either written by the blogger himself, the author and the owner of the blog or by a team of co-bloggers. In the case of a guest blog post, the article is written by another author who for example regularly visits the website in question or is a regular reader of the blogs or articles published on it and would like to contribute with a material which can be useful for the remaining part of the audience.


What is a blogging guest?

As mentioned above the guest author who contributes with a guest article or guest blog post is known as blogging guest or a guest blogger.


What benefits does the guest post provide for the blogging guest?

The advantages of a guest post, for the guest blogger (the “blogging guest”), are many, but here I will share only some of them.

If you are in the role of a blogging guest, a valuable guest post is useful for:

1. Advertising and promotion of yourself, your content and your resources-i.e. your brand, website, name, and articles;
2. Generating traffic, that increases the number of visitors to your blog or site as an authority on a given subject;
3. Links to your blog, increasing the weight and influence of the website or blog on the Internet. By publishing guest posts on other sites, preferably related or similar to yours, you are increasing the ranking of your website via backlinks;
4. Expanding the audience and the number of subscribers on your blog due to the interest in specific topics or subject;
5. Establish authority by well written and authoritative blog posts;


If you are a marketer or a blogger, a guest post on another blog will help you to attract topical traffic visitors to your blog or website, to obtain thematic links and promulgate your skills as a talented content creator and increase your credibility as an expert in a specific niche.


Why blog owners should publish guest posts?

If you are in the role of a blog or a website owner, a valuable guest post from a guest blogger brings many benefits, but I will only mention some of them.


If you are in the role of a blog owner, then a valuable guest post is useful for:

1. Additional fresh content for your blog;
2. Possibilities to get higher traffic;
3. More visitors with perspectives for another auditory;
4. Different ideas and new points of view on similar topics;
5. The opportunity to take a break, without losing interest to the audience while getting your blog updated;
6. Strengthening relations with readers;


A brief note for the blog or website owners: It makes sense to write somewhere on your website or blog that the owner of the blog accepts guest posts. Additionally, you should also describe the rules and the requirements for publishing guest posts.




How to write a guest post?

1. The guest post should correspond to the main subject of the blog or the website of the host.
2. The article’s material should be exciting,well-written and literate.
3. The guest post should correspond to the layout of regular blog posts published on this blog. This includes the images’sizes,type of fonts, selections, paragraph,headings,etcetera.
4. The guest blog post should match the tone, and the style of the other previously published materials and articles.
5. The piece must be unique. It should not be previously published anywhere, and it does not need to be released in parallel and on your blog. On your blog, it’s logical to make an announcement to your readers about a guest post you have published on another blog and give a link to it.
6. The owner of the blog post usually writes a short Bio as an introduction to the guest post, presenting the author and his own blog. This also can be done by the owner of the website hosting the publication.


A Tip: If the owner of the blog does not mention in the introduction to the guest post about the benefits and benefits of the guest blog, then the guest-author can do this in 1-2 sentences of the guest post. This is necessary to get the most out of the guest post.


7. After the publication of the guest post, the guest author should follow the comments (if any)related to the article published on a different blog and answer them. The owner of the blog or the website where the blog is published provides a place for the article, but answering questions or replying to comments(when such an option exists) is usually a task for the guest blogger.
8. The author-guest should be ready for the fact that the owner of the blog will make adjustments and! will publish the article.
9. As previously mentioned one of the benefits for the blogging guest from posting a blog on another site is the allowance to insert links in the published piece to your personal websites or blogs. It is good to know that the optimal number of allowed links to your blog or website is usually between 1 and 3.


How to find suitable websites for publishing guest blogs?

There are millions of blog sites and magazines on the Internet, and some of them are open for good quality guest blogs. Such sites are easy to find by searching in the search engines with phrases such as “sites for guest posts”,”guest posts wanted” or “submit a guest post”, “write for us”, etcetera.
A Tip: You can add some of the keywords related to your preferred niche to the search query.



Few more Tips on Guest Blogging

Before sending your guest blog post and first suggestions to the owners of a few blogs, it is better to take your time collecting and preparing a long list of blogs, which can be good and suitable for your masterpiece.
Let’s say start with a list of 100 blogs, which are in a niche suitable for the article you have written. When you have the list of these blogs, it is time to collect contact details from each website. You will need the e-mail or other contact info of the person who can help you with the publishing of your guest post.

The chances of a free guest post on the most popular blogs are small unless the article is fascinating or you are really good with content writing.
The evolutionary path of development when writing guest posts is the offer of placement on blogs of average popularity, and then a gradual transition to more official blogs. There is nothing wrong to get in touch with the people in charge of articles publishing and send them your proposal directly. Make sure you have read the rules for submitting an article first.

Some blog owners encourage the audience – subscribers and readers to write guest posts for their websites. Before you start offering the blog hosts or website owners your guest posts, you can visit their blogs for several weeks, leaving valuable comments and participating in communication on these blogs. Thus, you can get acquainted with the owner and prepare the ground for talking about the guest post.



Some Useful resources on Blogging as a Guest.


There are some useful resources where you can find more information about guest blogging, and I highly recommend to have a look at them as well:

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