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Grab your audience from the start with these smashing blogging tips

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The harsh truth is that most of the visitors of your weblog will ignore the majority of the posted content and there is nothing you can do about it. Below you can read what I mean.


The problem with the ignored blog post and its solutions

Very often though, your readers ignore your blog posts for a simple reason – the starting lines of your publications are weak. Actually, they suck.

Hopefully, there are some tested hints for grabbing the attention of your readers from the very beginning. Using these simple techniques for writing the starting lines of your online articles guarantees your significant content will always be noticed and more importantly- as a result, your readers will most probably continue reading it till the end.


Scanning vs Skimming
“Readers of online publications tend to scan and skim the published material. Scanning means they will only stop to read when something catches their eye while Skimming is a technique for a very brief reading of the publication to understand what is your content about, in general.”

Creating Great Content is only the beginning

When you start your very first blog, sooner or later, you realize something important. Having an exciting story is not always good enough.

What is also important is to know the ways how to present your intriguing stories to the world. These ways include the skills on how to grab the attention and attract readers to your stories and how to turn your visitors into a regular audience for your blog.

Creating Great Content is only the beginning
Having an exciting story is not good enough.[Image by Imagestock]


The Engaging Headline captures the visitors

Previously I wrote about what should be considered an impressive title for a blog or article and how to find it, which the first essential thing to know for grabbing the people’s attention and make them read your stories. Now I am going to discuss the second important part which is what to do when you got the readers’ attention, and they have decided to have a look at your post after reading your intriguing, catchy headline.


How to Grab the Readers’ attention from the very beginning

As I said earlier, the majority of the visitors to your blog would skip reading the larger part of the published content. Why is so?

In the world of bloggers, storytelling is an essential skill, which usually takes months and years to master. Many bloggers sometimes overestimate how vital is the way they present stories and blog posts to their audience from the very beginning, starting with the headline of an article and continuing with its very first few sentences.


As an author, you only have about ten seconds to grab the reader’s attention.Literally


To give you a clue of how important are the entry sentences of your writing, I have collected some data on the online reading statistics and some researches done on how users read on the web in general:

-More than 50% of all viewed web pages get less than 15 seconds of the visitors’or readers’attention; Source
-Only 10-20% of readers will reach the end of your posts; Source
-The online users spend 80% of their time looking at information above the page fold; Source
-The visitors to your website or blog only read about 1/5 of your published content on an average page; Source

You can make your conclusions on the above facts and then revise your published content if this is necessary, but I assume you get the point on the importance of the initial part of your blog posts or web articles. In case you are curious about the facts in general, below infographic from BoostTheNews illustrates some facts about how the people read online :

Infographic by BoostTheNews about how people read online
You only have a few seconds to grab the interest of the readers [Infographic: BoostTheNews]

How to Write Grabbing Intros for your Blog Posts

An attention-grabbing blog introduction could be mastered in different ways, and now I plan to share some hints on how to do it. You can use these tips as guidelines while crafting the opening paragraphs of your next blog post.


1)Share a Wise Quote

Quotes are one of the best ways to grab the attention of the visitors and start your online post with. Besides, a wisely selected quote related to your writing can be a solid foundation on which you can build the rest of your blog post. As an example for this article, I could start with following post opener :

A wise quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Using an interesting or wise quote is a good way to capture the readers’ attention from the start


2)Start your article with Interesting Data or Statistics

Many readers love to read some curious facts or engaging factual data, based on research. Using an interesting statistic as an entry to the main content of your blog is a great way to attract the interest of the visitors. For example, I could start this blog post either with “Today 55% of people spend fewer than 15 seconds on a web page” or with something like”More than half of the readers will spend maximum 15 seconds reading this article”.



3)Open your blog post by Sharing your Personal Experience

People love to read about personal experience, hence sharing yours at the beginning of your weblog post will assist you to capture your audience from the very start. For instance, I could begin my post today with an opening paragraph including my personal experience such as “Sometime ago I was wondering why people were visiting my blog without reading it. Now I know all the reasons behind”, or “If you are curious to learn how I managed to turn the occasional visitors of my blog to a regular audience, then you simply must read these examined tips.”

A private notebook
Sharing your personal experience will assist you to capture your audience from the start


4)Ask a Question

Starting your publication by asking specific question or questions is an ideal way to hook your readers from the beginning. If your blog’s visitors share the same thought-provoking question, then they will expect to find some useful information about it, preferably at the same place. A provoking, a rhetorical question or a question with multiple choices used as an introduction gives a clue to the readers they might find a solution to the problem as well. If I had to utilize the power of the questions as an intro in my blog post today, I would probably use the following: “Do you know why only a few of your readers reach the end of your blog posts ?”, or I could choose “Have you ever knew that most of your published content would not be actually read?”.
Indeed, I could kill two birds with one stone by combining a question with facts and start with something like “Can you imagine that
more than a half of all viewed web pages would grab the readers’ attention for less than 15 seconds ?”



5)Disprove generally accepted belief

Debunking a conventional theory is a perfect way to grasp the attention of your readers once they come around. This approach for creating further interest in your visitors within the first seconds they spend on your site is not uncommon. If thorough research is carried out to back your thesis out, then this would help with keeping the visitors on your site and make them read further. Besides debunking some well-adopted understandings or perceptions will bring to your blog and site, new readers and devoted followers. Example for a grabbing intro for a blog post with using this hint can be a sentence like the following one: “If your kids tell you they are reading more newspapers than stories published online, then they are probably right”.



6)Introduce a Story

A real and engaging story always helps to keep your audience interested in the first sentences of your introductory section. As an example here I would like to tell the curious story of Jonas Ellison and How one year of daily blogging changed his life. How to use this personal story as an attention-grabbing intro? Such a task is not as difficult as it might seem.
I would use an introduction like “Jonas Ellison started blogging for a reason, and this changed all his life forever from the very first year” or something similar in this case.




7)Use a video

Commencing the essential part of your post with a nice, suitable video could be simply the best method to engage your readers and constrain them to continue reading further your content. Indeed, I haven’t used video at the beginning of this publication, but sometimes I use such an option as one of the most suitable means for starting a new blog entry.

I could easily use a great video like the one below, which is perfect for the topic I am writing about and its title is How To Create The Perfect Introduction To Your Blog Post. Clear and concise – just what we need.

8)Utilize the power of Curiosity

Keeping the visitors or readers hostages of their own curiosity is a strategy used by various bloggers, journalists, marketers or content creators in general. The idea behind this widespread practice of teasing the audience, used at initial part of many published texts as bait, is to snatch the reader’s attention and keep that attention on by the end of your post.
As Derek Halpern mentions in this blog post, the formula to trigger readers’ curiosity and tease the visitors with baits is simple:

[A Remarkable Thing] + [Desirable Outcome] = [Curious Reader].

If I implement this pattern in my present blog post, then the bait for the visitors of my blog could be something similar to “How to steal more than 15 seconds of the visitors’ attention and make them reading your whole post?” =It is very likely the Reader to continue reading the remaining part of the article.



9)Give a present

The visitors well appreciate giveaways, and providing them with something free and useful can turn them into readers. Readers also will be happy to receive something, and in turn, they might become your regular audience. An infographic, a free subscription to something usable or downloadable file which contains compelling information and can be reused somewhere else is something which many bloggers use at the beginning of their posts to make them more appealing for the public.
Therefore, for your next publication consider mentioning at the very beginning of your post the infographic that you have inserted somewhere in your post or site, or the research you have made for that publication and can be downloaded later.



10)Make a promise (and keep it always)

I have to point out that I have read many interesting blog posts from various authors, who tend to forget their initial promises that grabbed my attention, by the end of their online publications. Try to avoid such an unfair approach unless you plan to have many visitors who never come around again.

By starting a blog post with promises such as “At the end of this post you will know how to …”,”I can show you why …”,”Learn how to make this better…” or “Find out here why…” many respected bloggers create commitment with their readers or visitors of their blogs. This style builds trust between the audience and the author.

Kids reading books

Trusted and respected bloggers create commitment with their audience

As a final

Many visitors to your weblog will skip most of the posted content, no matter how much time you have spent crafting your publications. And really – there is nothing you can do about this fact because this is a part of human nature.

Still, some interesting techniques for grabbing the attention of the visitors from the very first moments can help you to keep them interested and as a result to turn them to readers of your publications. In the ideal case, if you properly use the above-suggested tips for creating attention-grabbing blog introductions, you can convert the first time visitors to followers and regular attendees.


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