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Grammar will always be important. Unfortunately, writing skills are not one of those things, we get when we got born.

Throughout our years in school, we are forced to study and practice grammar rules. But later when we leave school and enter the real life, we usually forget about the language lessons. Furthermore, we stop paying attention to our grammar.

The illusion that grammar is a kind of innate sense, or that once acquired will never be forgotten, could not be more false. In addition, the worst thing is that this illusion can turn against us at most inconvenient times.


 Why is it so important to write correctly?!

We share a world where consuming different web content and participation in social networks is a normal part of our life. The manner of expression of our thoughts is important. Writing is one of the ways people express themselves. At home, at work, with friends, online.

If you want to be understood correctly, when writing is used as a tool for communication, then you have to write correctly. Correct writing is very important for every one of us. However, for certain people, writing is a profession and for them to write error-free is just essential. Publishers, philologists, freelancers, bloggers, proofreaders, journalists and language specialists, you name them.

 For writers, bloggers, teachers, editors or marketing specialists is more than necessary to have the ability to create useful, clear and clean content of high quality.

This is why using proper writing enhancement software is of utmost importance for all those professionals involved in writing. Grammar checkers, spell checkers, automatic editors, style checkers, punctuation checkers…

As the world evolves, technology does too, and these days the market is offering a large bunch of tools for everyone. Yet, as soon as you start testing and using these tools you realize that there are only some of them, you can really rely upon.

Today I will try to review the most useful in my opinion software tools for proofreading. There are hundreds of tools available now and I’ve tested dozens of them. Don’t worry- I will only share my experience with the tools that I think worth to be mentioned.

In my opinion, the list of the best tools for grammar check includes PaperRater, Ginger software, ProwritingAidWhiteSmoke, GrammarlyRef-N-Write, Perfect Tense, Style Writer and Hemingway App.

Grammar check tools : Grammar text
There are plenty of available tools for checking grammar, but the best ones are less than ten [Image: Shutterstock]

The best Grammar Checker Tools you can get

A Disclaimer: To find out what are the best tools for proofreading I have spent some time to test each of all presented on here grammar and punctuation checkers. The shared on here opinion is my personal.

I am using proofreading software for 4 years now and by this moment I have checked and tried 30+ different tools, which by one reason or another have attracted my attention. At the end of this post, I suggest you try two other not very popular but still great tools, which are add-ons, rather than online tools. Ref-N-Write and StyleWriter are not new, just not as popular as the others.

Do you know the fundamentals of English grammar?



I’ve used this software quite a bit for research and academic purposes mainly. You can Copy/Paste your text into the PaperRater website, and it will review your work for grammar, syntax, and a variety of other common errors certainly detracting from ideal communications.PaperRater is an online copy-and-paste proofreading application that will allow you to submit the content in an open field.

The platform that is equipped with Grammar & Spelling Check, Writing Suggestions, Automated Scoring, Plagiarism Check Integrated into Proofreader, Enhanced Plagiarism Check: Matching Text Displayed, File Upload (doc, docx, txt, rtf), and various others that will help you to produce high-quality content.

PaperRater can be used to significantly improve your writing skills and is a tool suitable for both beginners and professionals to use, but its main focus is both teachers and students. However, I found it also suitable for freelance writers and bloggers. Check out how PaperRater works by watching this video presentation.

The Cost for the paid version, which has many options is $14.95/month or $95.40/year.

My brief opinion about PaperRater grammar checker:
-A bit costly compared to other grammar check tools.
+ One of the best grammar check tools. There is an option to give it a test run for 2 weeks and experience the benefits of this software


Prowriting Aid

I tested ProwritingAid for 2 weeks and these are my thoughts about this grammar checking tool.

Writing depends on much more than just correct grammar. ProwritingAid is well equipped with style editor, grammar checker, and writing mentor in the same package. Whatever is your level of writing, ProWritingAid can help you achieve new goals and heights. See this video review about ProwritingAid.

Unlike some of the other tools for proofreading and editing, ProwritingAid fully integrates with MS Word, Open Office, Google Docs, Google Chrome, and Scrivener so you can edit wherever you write.

The cost for the paid version, which has four different options starts from $12.00/month or $60.00/year.If you like the software, you can order a license for two or three years, which come cheaper. If you are happy with this software you can purchase also a Lifetime license.

My brief opinion about ProWritingAid grammar checker:
-A bit clumsy compared to other advanced grammar check tools.
+ One of the top tools to check grammar. There is an option to trial test it for 2 weeks. Affordable pricing, including the option for Lifetime purchase.
+Many options for integration.



I tested ginger for one month and this is my initial impression and thoughts about it.

Unlike other text correctors or word processors, Ginger doesn’t look at a document word by word, but takes the whole sentence into account, and provides suggestions closely based on context and relativity. This means text corrections are based on the context of each sentence, not on just single words like it is with an ordinary spell checker. This makes Ginger able to flag and correct up to 10 times more precise than their main competitors.

As the idea behind this post is not marketing I think it would be fair enough to mention Ginger struggles a lot when it comes to writing style and word usage. This means you can’t rely much on Ginger for improving the readability or clarity of the text or rephrasing of a sentence. If this is not the most important feature for you then you can count on Ginger Software’s spelling and grammar checker as the best and most accurate proofreading tool available on the market.

Ginger comes with free and paid options that can be used for the purpose of your tasks. With Ginger, you can easily check for those grammar and spelling mistakes where most of other free or paid software tools for grammar checking have simply failed. The interface of the software is very intuitive and has a few features which I find very handy, such as the “Favorites” button for bookmarking specific passages or words for later use.

Pricing for Ginger’s subscription is very affordable: Monthly subscription will cost you $11.98 per month. If you choose Quarterly subscription this will cost you $7.99 per month. The Annual plan cost $4.99 a month.

My brief opinion about Ginger grammar checker:
– You can’t rely much on Ginger for the rephrasing of a sentence or improve the readability or clarity of text.
+ One of the most advanced tools available for grammar check. Ginger has affordable pricing.


Perfect Tense

I tried Perfect Tense for less than a week only and the below review includes my opinion and thoughts about it.I think a week time is long enough to find out if this type of software is what you actually need.

One of the benefits of this tool is that Perfect Tense is directly integrated into multiple platforms. Thus it makes proofreading your text simple and efficient. Another thing to mention here is the option for automated proofreading, which is possible with the click of a single button.

If the integration of grammar checking tool is of utmost importance for your choice, then you should know that Perfect Tense is provided with a couple of options. The AI software can work well together with WordPress, Zapper, and Slack. Apart from these, the tool can be used within the environment of Word AI and Spin Rewriter. See these videos and learn how you can integrate Perfect Tense in different working environments.

My brief opinion about Perfect Tense grammar checker:
– The monthly subscription is almost double compared to the cheapest option offered by its competitors. Some options offered by others, such as text performance scores and text context styling are missing.
+ One of the tools for grammar check you can rely on. A convenient and distraction-free environment for working with text. There is an option for five days of trial for free.



WhiteSmoke is another excellent online grammar and vocabulary checker platform that worth checking.

Compared to most of its competitors WhiteSmoke is also very easy to use. It is an intuitive piece of software, and have an online desktop and mobile versions available for free or as a subscription. WhiteSmoke is based on NLP or Natural Language Processing.

The software is well equipped with a Grammar Checker, Style Checker, and Punctuation Checker. The Translator and the Spell Checker are good assets too. Watch this overview of WhiteSmoke and see this proofreading software in action.

With WhiteSmoke the users can quickly begin writing, editing, translating or just enhancing their documents. To me WhiteSmoke it feels like the more advanced, more comprehensive and intelligent version of Microsoft Word’s spelling and grammar checker. One of the best options is the integrated one-click instant proofreading.

Pricing: The annual subscription for using WhiteSmoke software costs $50.95 for the Essential,  $80.99 for the Premium and  $138.94 for the Business versions.

The monthly subscription for using WhiteSmoke costs $4.16  for the Essential,  $6.67 for the Premium and  $11.50  for the Business versions. The business version can be used on up to three computers, and this is the version with all useful features integrated.

My brief opinion about  WhiteSmoke grammar checker:
– The paid version doesn’t allow unlimited use of the integrated plagiarism checker.
+ One of the most reliable tools for checking grammar. A very useful collection of professionally pre-made templates. Affordable pricing.

The most advanced proofreading tools
Most advanced proofreading tools provide options which other tools are lacking [Image: Shutterstock]


Many people prefer to use Grammarly in their work. I use it for more than 3 years now.

For me, Grammarly is the best web and plugin based writing enhancement tool available now. Grammarly helped me to increase the level of professionalism in the writing. Grammarly the same as with the other suggested software for writing enhancement is offered with free and paid options.

You will see the real power of Grammarly when testing it with texts that many other grammar checkers fail to correct. Watch this video review about Grammarly that will give you a clue what you can expect from the software.

In fact, if you use the paid subscription option Grammarly’s Grammar Checker can fix over 250 grammar and punctuation errors. This happens in a matter of seconds. Similar to the other software, Grammarly is equipped with some additional tools. The Autosuggestion, Punctuation Checker, Writing Styles, Plagiarism Checker, Proofread service and a Vocabulary Enhancement are all part of Grammarly.

The paid version of Grammarly similarly to WhiteSmoke and WritingAid contains a plagiarism checker. While the plagiarism checks in the paid versions of WritingAid and WhiteSmoke have limits, Grammarly doesn’t.

The vocabulary enhancement is a tool similar to the Sentence Rephrase, implemented in Ginger. Grammarly it doesn’t support some platforms like Google Docs, for instance, but there is a solution for this. You can either download the document to your laptop or PC or copy & paste to Grammarly online editor.

At this time, Grammarly does not offer an add-in for macOS users, but you can use browser extension for Safari, Firefox or Chrome on a Mac. If you prefer, you can also go to the Apps section in your Grammarly editor and download the native desktop app for Mac.

In the end, Grammarly is a perfect grammar checker and a great assistant to improve English grammar. What I dislike is when using Grammarly it consumes a lot of my system’s RAM.

Pricing: The individual monthly subscription for Grammarly cost $29.95 USD/month. The option for Quarterly Subscription is $19.98/month (billed for 3 months). The Annual Subscription will cost you $11.66/month (billed for one year)which is affordable. Grammarly does not offer lifetime or one-time plans yet.

My brief opinion about  Grammarly grammar checker:
– The paid version doesn’t allow unlimited use of the integrated plagiarism checker. Grammarly is pricier compared to other software. This is unless you choose an annual subscription. The synonyms dictionary (words suggestions) is not yet as good as it could be. 
+ The most comprehensive tool for checking grammar and proofread text with many included options. Well equipped for online and offline use. Even the free version has many useful options. Affordable pricing if purchased as the annual package. Also, unlimited plagiarism checks are included in the paid version.

If you want to see how Ginger, Whitesmoke, and Grammarly work see the video below. This side by side comparison will also give you an idea of what you can expect from each software.



HemingwayApp it’s not a grammar checker or proofreader, but analyzes your writing and provides a readability score to identify areas for improvement.

Hemingway is one of the most user-friendly applications amongst all reviewed here. The app helps you write with clarity and power simply by highlighting dull, complicated words or adverbs and passive voice. If you use it frequently it will certainly help you to change and improve your style of writing for good.

I missed to mention something very important-HemingwayApp it’s not a grammar checker or proofreader, so I can’t compare it with Ginger or Grammarly, but if you test the free versions of WhiteSmoke, Grammarly, PaperRater or Ginger and compare them with the free version of HemingwayApp, then you can see the difference.

You can use very successfully Hemingway App to increase the readability of your writing. The app can help to identify problem sentences during the editing stage of the text of your articles for instance. Another difference and advantage are Hemingway have one-click integration with both Medium and any WordPress blog, which means a draft or live post, can be published online straight from the Hemingway Editor.

Hemingway App helps to make your writing bold and clear. The paid Desktop version comes with a very affordable price. Another very useful property which Hemingway has-the software handles everything you need for a website or web page. This includes HTML headings, links or formatting.

Once you’re ready to publish, you can just export as HTML or Markdown for your blogging platform or CMS. The benefit with the Desktop version is you can still work with the platform even offline. Few competitors of the Hemingway application don’t have such an important option, hence they are dependant on an Internet connection.

Pricing: $19.95 for the paid Desktop version.

My brief opinion about  Hemingway App grammar checker:
– I can’t think of something I didn’t like in this useful tool.
+ Free online version and very affordable desktop version.


So, WhiteSmoke, Grammarly, WritingAidPaperRater, HemingwayApp or Ginger software? Which one would you choose?

I can make conclusions on particular characteristics of the software I have tested, but in the end, it’s all up to the individual users to decide which suits their needs best.

Hopefully, the above overview of the main features and characteristics of the presented software for writing-enhancement and proofreading will be useful for you to make the right decision.


Two more great tools for proofreading your Text

A Tip: I personally recommend you to have a look and try two other tools for proofreading – StyleWriter and Ref-n-Write. What these two proofreading tools have in common? Both of them come as add-ons for your Word processor.

StyleWriter is more oriented to people professionally involved with editing and publishing. I needed some time to get used working with it.

Ref-N-Write has a more user-friendly interface and its significantly cheaper.

Still, both tools allow 15 days for a free trial test. Another benefit of these two is you only pay once and you have a Lifetime subscription. The latter is missing as an option with some of the other software tools presented here, which in my opinion is a drawback.


Final Thoughts

There are dozens of software products available for text proofreading. Here I shared my humble opinion based on personal experience with the most advanced grammar tools on the market.

I realized, for the time being, Grammarly is still the leader in this niche. This is because it provides the best balance between pricing, functionality, and performance.


A Footnote :

If you are interested to get more information and check the results from comprehensive tests of grammar checking software, which includes AutoCrit, After the Deadline, ClearEdits, Correct English, Editor, Ginger,GrammarBase, GrammarCheck.net, Grammar Check Anywhere, Grammar Expert Plus, Grammarian Pro (for the Mac), Grammarly, Grammar Slammer, PaperRater, Pro Writing Aid, SpellCheckPlus, StyleWriter, and WhiteSmoke you can have a look at the article Comparing Grammar Checkers.


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