The Online directories where Every Small Business must be present

Collage of Global Online directories where every small business must be present

In addition to other marketing tools, registering in online business directories should be part of your marketing strategy, because it can increase your company’s or business’ visibility and promote your brand.

For the owners of a local business, especially for the new markets, attracting customers can be the first dilemma. There are many local business directories available now and adding a listing to these online directories is quite simple.

Global vs. Local Business Directories

The business directories which are serving globally are not as many as the local ones and can be excellent business tools for marketing.

Submitting the info for your business in many and various online business directories increase the chance to get discovered easily and reach more customers. Each and every listing directory that you submit to is a good chance to be found online, so it’s essential to make sure you’re listed in as many directories as possible.

Advertising your business to area-specific has undoubtedly many advantages. For local businessmen, it is an opportunity for brand building and enhancing trade to the next level. However-listing your business in a directory with a global exposure has its benefits too.

We have compiled a nice list of the most popular Global Business directories available on the internet these days. There you can register your local business for free, and advertise it.

We hope these useful websites and apps will be useful for you.

Global Business Directories for Local Business

Online directories for big and small business

GOOGLE: Google My Business

Registering for a business listing on Google is easy.

Your business listings will appear in Google Maps, and your customers can leave their reviews on your Google+ page. This is a great place to register your company or business for Free and to get exposed to a really huge audience.

By adding complete information about your business, you tell the best story about your business. You can also add photos of your business and/or services, hours of operation, services offered and list the various ways the customers can reach your business.


BING: Bing Places for Business

By joining the millions of businesses who have added their business to Bing you get listing options for small businesses with a storefront, for single and multiple-location businesses and many other options which are also free.

In Bing Places for Business, you can add your logo, photos, menu, deals, and additional valuable information. As a business owner, you can add/claim your business listing plus respond to customer reviews.

YAHOO: Yahoo! or Aabaco Small Business

Previously known as Yahoo Small Business, this business directory has been rebranded as Aabaco Small Business from Yahoo. The new here is that Verizon acquired Yahoo’s operating business.

The advantages of using this online directory are the provided options for having your website and sell products online, plus the same as with Google My Business and Bing Places – to promote and do marketing locally.

FOURSQUARE: Foursquare for Business

Over a million businesses use Foursquare for a reason.

Foursquare helps brands to locate, message and measure their own consumers. By signing up, you will get access to create and manage your listings and attract more customers.

If your customers or clients have listed your brand, company or business already, then you can claim it.

Foursquare provides two different options to create a listing, or listings for your business by using Foursquare Swarm or Foursquare City Guide applications.

The process of registering is quite simple for both applications and doesn’t require any specialized knowledge because is user-friendly. People use Foursquare to check into locations they’ve visited by using the app on their mobile devices.

Once they’ve checked into a specific place, the info can be shared with their friends in Foursquare, Twitter followers or Facebook friends.

Foursquare is one of the robust online platforms and respectively one of the best places to get your business listed with its over twenty million users and many useful features for users and business representatives.

FACEBOOK: Facebook for Business

You can set up a free Facebook Business Page literally in a few minutes even from your mobile device. With its outstanding popularity the social network Facebook, it’s one of the best places for both local and global business marketing with various free and paid options.

LINKED IN: LinkedIn Company Pages

Every business, big or small must be present on the largest social network for brands and professionals. You can showcase your business and find your target audience on LinkedIn by creating a Page for your Company or Business.

This will help you to raise brand awareness, promote it, and educate the potential customers on your products and services.

One of the benefits of using LinkedIn, the same as with other business directories are the followers, who can be your brand advocates. The more followers you have, the easier it becomes to get viral reach and engagement with your clients.


YELP: Yelp for Business Owners

Yelp is a social platform for customer reviews of businesses in many countries. As one of the most popular social networking sites Yelp can be a right place for promoting your company or local business if it is not there yet.

Yelp is a global business directory and review site
Yelp is a global business directory and online social platform for customer reviews [Shutterstock]
In addition to your primary business information, you can also add photos, coupons, a short history of your business, measure the visitor activity on your page and more.

On Yelp as a business owner, you’ll have the possibility to respond to your customers’ reviews and to use suites of free or paid tools to help you attract more customers.


MAPQUEST: MapQuest Business

Owned by AOL, MapQuest is the second in the online mapping market after Google Maps.

MapQuest Business Listing can really strengthen the presence of your business or company on the Web and help your potential clients or customers find you most efficiently.

The basic MapQuest Listings are limited to displaying only basic business information.

To manage your own listing and add enhanced content like photos, hours of operation, and more, you will need to use a premium listings package through MapQuest’s partner, Yext.


TRIP ADVISOR: List a Business on Trip Advisor

As one of the well-known social sites and the largest community for travelers in the world TripAdvisor can be ideal for promoting your company or local business. Trip Advisor is one of the online directories where your brand should be present if it is not there yet.

Travel services, travel products, restaurants, accommodations or attractions can only be listed on Trip Advisor for free.

Having your business listed on Trip Advisor will increase your brand exposure to a large, qualified audience and will give you access to many free marketing tools. If it’s already registered by some traveler – you can claim your business.


Final Words

In addition to business advertisements and online campaigns, listing your business in an online business directory is a great way to gain exposure.

The higher the exposure, the higher the visibility of your brand will be. It’s an efficient and affordable way to advertise your company or business.

Unlike other media for brand promotion, online business directories provide brands with multiple service options. For example better search engine rank and authentic client reviews.

At the same time, the online directories assist businesses to have effective communication with customers or clients.

And last, but not the least.

The online directories allow brands to reach a wide range of target audience for a relatively short period of time, which is one of the greatest benefits for any kind of business.

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